Navigating the Basics

Our website is admittedly a bit old-fashioned. For those coming across the Communist Left for the first time, navigating the thousands of articles and entries in order to distinguish the essential from the non-essential can be a daunting task. The following serves as a guide of where to start and will be updated as and when necessary. Follow the hyperlinks to access different sections of the website.

Our political roots go back to the internationalists who founded the Communist Party of Italy (PCd'I) in 1921, but were expelled from that party by the degenerating Communist International, and managed to regroup outside of it. Today the Internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT) exists as a specific and identifiable tendency toward the future revolutionary party.

Programmatic Documents

For Communism – this pamphlet is an introduction to the politics of our tendency, and is the first text we recommend to new contacts.

Platform – the ICT is made up of members and organisations which adhere to a common platform. It outlines our method and our political framework.

If you agree with the bulk of these two documents, it is safe to say you are on a similar political wavelength to us.


Each ICT affiliate produces its own broadsheets and bulletins for interventions amongst the working class, as well as more theoretical journals and magazines.

There are a number of books and pamphlets that we have also produced, many of which you can access online for free. To see what is currently in stock and what is out of print, check our catalogue.


You may come across us at protests, demonstrations, pickets and various events. Our public meetings are generally advertised here and/or on our social media. If you agree with what we are saying, contact us. A communist organisation worth the name cannot be built just behind a computer!


The ICT has affiliate organisations and sympathisers across the world:

Social Media

For the social media accounts of our English language affialiates, see:

Help us build the Internationalist Communist Tendency!

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