Celso Beltrami

Date Publications Title
2018-08-13 Documents Italy: Is Salvini’s League a Nazi Party?
2018-06-17 Documents Protectionism and “globalisation” have the same mother: the crisis of capital
2018-01-03 Documents Trump’s Tax “Reform” – The Robbery of the Century
2017-02-22 Documents Trump: I have a dream, more pollution and poverty for all (or nearly all)
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Composition in the Crisis
2016-12-07 Documents Is the Working Class Right Wing?
2016-07-24 Documents Letter from Mexico on Teachers Fight against Privatisation of Schools
2016-06-06 Documents Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2015-01-05 Battaglia Comunista Will SYRIZA save us from the clutches of “European” capitalism?
2014-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2013-11-15 Battaglia Comunista Italy: Hunger, sweat and tears whilst waiting for the (supposed) recovery
2011-12-31 Documents Solidarity with the Kazakh Working Class!
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Wild Beast is Stalking Europe
2009-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Cost of the Crisis So Far
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives The Revenge of Russian Imperialism?
2005-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Reformists new and old spread their illusions - The Recuperated Factories in Argentina
2003-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives On Class Composition and Recomposition in the Globalisation of Capital (Part I)
2003-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Porto Alegre
1997-03-01 Internationalist Communist The Monster is Capitalism
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