Date Publications Title
2024-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part IV)
2019-11-08 Documents The Shadow of September 2008 Continues to Lengthen
2019-09-17 Documents "Learned Considerations" on the Future of Capitalism "after" the End of the Current Crisis
2019-08-07 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Illusion of a Productive Economy
2019-07-25 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Booming Financial Sector
2019-07-10 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Value of Capitalist Services
2019-07-02 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Case of the UK
2019-01-14 Documents The Sorry Spectacle of “Marxists” in Defence of Chinese “Collective Capitalism”
2018-09-17 Revolutionary Perspectives US Power and the New Course Towards War
2018-08-27 Aurora (en) Out of this capitalist impasse: A New World Has to Take Shape
2018-06-17 Documents Protectionism and “globalisation” have the same mother: the crisis of capital
2018-05-13 Aurora (en) New Class Composition, New Struggles
2018-03-29 Documents Why is Gibraltar a focus of European Conflict?
2018-03-19 Documents The working class doesn’t need borders in Ireland – or anywhere else
2018-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives China: Long Held US Fears Becoming Reality?
2017-08-23 Germinal Hamburg G20 Summit – Beyond Broken Glass and Protest
2017-04-15 Documents With Europe, Against Europe? For Class Struggle and Organisation!
2017-02-22 Documents Trump: I have a dream, more pollution and poverty for all (or nearly all)
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Composition in the Crisis
2016-08-13 Documents Hinkley Point – Ruling Class in Disarray after Brexit Vote
2014-11-26 Documents TTIP: Trade Wars and Imperialist Manipulation
2014-11-12 Battaglia Comunista The Titan Works and the Struggles of “Labour”
2014-07-10 Aurora (en) “Inclusive Capitalism”? The Bosses Really are Worried!
2014-05-27 Documents The Imperialist Legacy of Boko Haram
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2013-11-02 Documents Grangemouth: A Chronicle of our Time
2013-04-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Eurozone Crawls Towards Federation
1997-03-01 Internationalist Communist The Two-Dimensional State: Globalisation of the Economy and the State
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