Date Publications Title
2024-07-17 Revolutionary Perspectives In Memory of Olivier
2024-07-08 Documents France: At the Elections, Capitalism Always Wins!
2024-07-07 Documents The Healthcare Strike in Sweden: Unions NEVER Fight for Real!
2024-06-23 Documents Popular Front in France: A Deception in 1936, A Deception in 2024
2024-06-21 Documents Voting Changes Nothing, Not Voting is Not Enough: For the Resumption of the Class Struggle!
2024-05-10 Documents Rwanda Plan: Capitalism Offers No Asylum
2024-05-01 Revolutionary Perspectives To the Internationalists Attending the Prague Week of Action
2024-04-27 Aurora (en) The Problem is the System, Not Who Runs It!
2024-04-25 Aurora (en) Looking Back at Class War in the 1970s: Fifty Years Since the Strike at Imperial Typewriters
2024-03-18 Documents CWO Public Meetings on Internationalism: A Balance Sheet
2024-03-12 Documents Forty Years Since the Outbreak of the UK Miners' Strike: A Defining Moment in the Capitalist Assault on the Working Class
2024-02-29 Documents Yes, Fight and Strike Against War: But Against All Capitalist Factions!
2024-02-18 Documents Not Just Against the AfD!
2024-02-05 Aurora (en) We Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
2023-11-19 Aurora (en) Lessons from the Strike Wave
2023-11-18 Aurora (en) Cost of Living Crisis = Capitalist Crisis
2023-10-10 Documents Presentation and Reports from the Public Meetings in Paris and Saint-Nazaire
2023-10-09 Documents Welcome to the Revolutionary Internationalist Group as French Affiliate of the Internationalist Communist Tendency
2023-08-28 Aurora (en) The Real Fight is Yet to Come
2023-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The State We Are In
2023-07-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Wagner Group Revolt and Future Course of the War
2023-07-06 Documents On the Recent Riots in France and the Proletarianisation of the Banlieues
2023-06-21 Documents Another Massacre in the Mediterranean
2023-06-18 Documents "Nunc est bibendum?" On the Death and State Funeral of Silvio Berlusconi
2023-05-19 Documents The Present Wave of Strikes and the Way Forward for the Working Class
2023-05-08 Documents Education: Funding Crisis or Structural Crisis?
2023-05-06 Documents Base Unionism: Political Struggle or Struggle Against Politicians?
2023-04-28 Documents Sweden: The Wildcat Strike on the Commuter Trains Shows the Way Forward
2023-04-25 Documents Pension Reform in France
2023-04-24 Documents Gondolkodó Antikvárium: Solidarity Call for Aid
2023-04-23 Documents The Invisible Slaughter: Study on Work-Related Deaths in France
2023-04-14 Documents The Death of Sheila Seleoane: Another Capitalist Housing Scandal
2023-04-11 Documents Warsaw Ghetto and the Real Cost of Imperialist War
2023-04-06 Documents Two Comments on Recent Bus Strikes in the UK
2023-03-28 Documents Statement Concerning S., Comrade who is in a Life-Threatening Condition Following the Sainte-Soline Protest
2023-03-20 Documents Inflation, Pensions, War Spiral: Only Open Mass Struggle Can Stop the Descent into Hell Promised by Capitalism
2023-03-12 Aurora (en) Capitalism Cannot Be Made Fair
2023-03-03 Aurora (en) Unite the Strikes
2023-02-10 Documents Inequality is a Symptom - Capitalism is the Disease - Revolution is the Cure
2023-02-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Cost-of-Living: The Other War on Workers
2023-02-02 Documents Report on NWBCW Paris
2023-01-24 Documents Our Lives Are Not Safe in Their Hands
2023-01-18 Documents The Migration Crisis Stems From the Crisis of Capitalism
2023-01-13 Documents Guy Sabatier, an Internationalist
2023-01-11 Documents Notes on the UK Strike Wave
2023-01-01 Documents Notes on the Political Situation in Germany
2022-12-29 Documents Migrants and Italy: The Show Must Go On
2022-12-17 Documents Notes on the Union Demonstration of 3 December in Rome
2022-11-26 Documents On the 2 December Strike in Italy: Especially In Times of War "Normal" Strikes Are Not Enough
2022-11-17 Aurora (en) Capitalist Crisis: Survival of the Richest
2022-10-29 Mutiny / Mutinerie Business as per Emergency Bill: Strike at Achema Plant in Lithuania
2022-10-06 Documents Italian Elections Bring Far Right to Power
2022-09-28 Documents Demonstrations Against the Mobilisation - Great! Getting Rid of Capitalism that Demands our Blood - Even Better!
2022-09-27 Internationalist Notes War in Ukraine: No War but the Class War!
2022-09-10 Documents A Report on Socio-Economic Unrest in Ukraine
2022-09-06 Aurora (en) The Ukraine War is a War Against Workers Everywhere
2022-08-31 Documents North Sea Oil and Gas Fields: The Struggle Continues!
2022-08-29 Aurora (en) Workers Respond to the Bosses' Class War
2022-08-21 Aurora (en) Cost of Living Goes Through the Roof
2022-08-19 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Ukraine Opens the Way to Global Imperialist Conflict
2022-08-15 Documents Wildcat Strikes in the UK: Getting Ready for a Hot Autumn
2022-08-12 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Rome
2022-07-26 Documents New Prime Minister? Or New System?
2022-07-20 Documents Class Solidarity with the Arrested Workers in Piacenza
2022-06-13 Documents About "Anarchists" who Forget the Principles
2022-06-11 Documents Portugal: The "Socialists" Got a Majority but the Capitalists Won the Elections!
2022-06-08 Aurora (en) Ukraine War - A Pivot to World War
2022-06-07 Aurora (en) The Cost-of-Living Crisis - They Party, We Pay!
2022-05-15 Documents Ukraine/Russia: War and Sanctions are Hitting Hard, But Not the Oligarchs (On Either Side)
2022-05-02 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Liverpool
2022-04-28 Documents Russia Cuts the Gas Supply to Poland and Bulgaria: Another Step Towards Generalised War
2022-04-03 Documents No to Capitalism's Wars
2022-03-21 Documents Some Considerations on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-17 Documents War in Ukraine: The Internationalist Position
2022-03-05 Documents No War but the Class War: Statements from the Haft Tappeh Workers (Iran)
2022-02-27 Documents War in Ukraine: Imperialist Rivalry in a Global Economic Crisis
2022-02-25 Documents Ukraine: Neither NATO nor Putin! No War but the Class War!
2022-02-19 Revolutionary Perspectives Vaccines, Lockdowns and Covid Passes: The Pandemic Goes On But So Does the Class Struggle
2022-02-15 Documents Italy: The Lions of Piacenza Have Been Caged
2022-02-13 Documents Internationalists Fight Against the Movements Towards War of "Their" Governments with Class Struggle
2022-02-11 Aurora (en) Against Conspiracy Theories, For a Working Class Response to the Pandemic!
2022-02-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Ukraine and Taiwan: Flashpoints in an Uncertain Imperialist World
2022-02-04 Aurora (en) "Year of the Squeeze": The Working Class Pays for the Crisis
2022-01-30 Documents Italy: Capitalist Dilemma over Citizens' Income
2021-12-06 Documents Against Capitalism, As Always!
2021-10-26 Documents After the German Elections
2021-10-18 Documents On the Events in Rome on 9 October
2021-10-17 Documents The Italian General Strike
2021-10-04 Documents The GKN Struggle and the October "General Strike" In Italy
2021-08-26 Aurora (en) Police Powers Bill: Preparing for Class War
2021-08-19 Aurora (en) "Let the Bodies Pile Up in their Thousands"
2021-08-17 Aurora (en) End of Lockdown, No End to Workers Paying for It
2021-07-12 Documents Let's Get Political!
2021-07-09 Documents A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part II): The Platform and its Disciples
2021-07-05 Documents A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part I): The Makhnovshchina
2021-06-25 Documents Sparks' Power in Tyne & Wear: Wildcat Action Wins Back Jobs
2021-06-24 Documents A Victim of the Bosses, A Victim of Capitalism
2021-06-17 Documents Italy: Class Solidarity with the FedEx and Texprint Workers
2021-06-10 Documents Homes to Those Who Live in Them!
2021-05-14 Aurora (en) The Working Class Response
2021-04-23 Documents Solidarity and Self-Organisation are the Weapons of the Working Class
2021-04-22 Documents Brexit: The Ruling Class Shoots Itself in the Foot
2021-04-19 Documents Class Struggle and Gender Trouble
2021-04-10 Documents Kill the Bill? Change the System!
2021-04-07 Documents UK Asylum Policy: No Sanctuary from Capitalism
2021-03-29 Documents Béla Kun on the Imminent Fall of the Habsburg Empire
2021-03-16 Documents Italy: The Capitalist Attacks Are Already Beginning
2021-03-12 Aurora (en) The Nationalist Poison Behind Brexit
2021-03-05 Documents Rosa Luxemburg and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement in Poland
2021-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Mythology About the Middle Class and the Class Struggle
2021-02-10 Documents The Tours Congress and the Birth of the French Communist Party
2021-02-05 Documents A Sign of Things to Come
2021-01-13 Documents Wealth Tax: Expropriation of the Rich or Capitalist Smokescreen?
2020-11-30 Aurora (en) Coronavirus - Axe Falls on the Working Class
2020-11-20 Documents Denmark's Mink Farms Demonstrate that Covid-19 is the Child of Capitalism
2020-10-28 Documents Capitalism and its States against the Working Class, once again on the Front Line just as in the World Wars
2020-10-26 Documents Poland: The Assault on Reproductive Rights Continues
2020-10-24 Documents 1944: War or Revolution
2020-10-23 Documents France isn't a Special Case in the General Crisis of Capitalism
2020-10-17 Documents 1943: An Independent Communist Party in Occupied Poland?
2020-10-05 Documents Gramscism or Marxism?
2020-09-24 Documents On the Forty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the CWO
2020-09-10 Documents On the Anniversary of the US Bombing of Bosnia
2020-08-29 Documents Domski on the Polish-Soviet War (1920)
2020-08-24 Documents Belarus: Between Imperialist Feuds and Class Movements
2020-08-18 Revolutionary Perspectives The Battle of Warsaw and the Defeat of the Revolutionary Wave in Europe
2020-08-15 Documents Strikes in Belarus Escalate as Lukashenko's Power Wavers
2020-08-11 Documents Winds of Change in Belarus: Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy Offer Anything for the Working Class
2020-08-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Murder of George Floyd: The End of Racism Starts with the Death of Capitalism
2020-08-04 Aurora (en) Pandemic Politics in the UK
2020-07-28 Documents The Murders of Fausto Atti and Mario Acquaviva
2020-07-25 Documents Remembering the Early Comrades of the Internationalist Communist Party
2020-07-22 Documents On the Role of Revolutionaries in the Wider Class Struggle
2020-07-16 Documents Poland: Populism Strikes Back
2020-07-12 Documents For Migrant Labourers An Amnesty with Capitalism Is a Mockery
2020-06-30 Documents In Memory of Mateusz
2020-06-12 Documents The Virus is Capitalism, the Revolutionary Proletariat is the Cure
2020-05-25 Documents 50 Years of Equal Exploitation?
2020-05-16 Documents Domestic Violence: The Hidden Pandemic
2020-05-10 Aurora (en) State Control is not Socialism
2020-05-07 Documents April 1945: Perspectives and Directives of the Internationalist Communist Party
2020-05-05 Aurora (en) "All in this Together"? A Sick Joke
2020-04-28 Documents Scrubs: The Story from the Bottom Up
2020-04-25 Documents International Workers' Memorial Day: We Don't Want To Die For Your Profits!
2020-04-12 Documents The Left, Still Clinging onto Gramsci
2020-04-04 Documents The Infantile Disorder of Leftism... and the Senile Weakness of Rightism
2020-04-02 Documents A New Imperialist Threat to the Russian Revolution?
2020-04-01 Documents Coronavirus is Not the Same for All
2020-03-31 Documents Poll Tax Riots: 30 Years On
2020-03-24 Documents Humanity's Health or Capitalism's Profit?
2020-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Political Platform of the Internationalist Communist Party (1952)
2020-03-14 Documents Italy: "We're not Lambs to the Slaughter!" Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus
2020-03-11 Documents Demonstration and Strike of Peroni Workers at Tor Sapienza (Rome)
2020-03-02 Aurora (en) Strikes Against Pension Reform in France
2020-02-20 Aurora (en) Brexit or Remain: Workers Pay Either Way
2020-01-27 Revolutionary Perspectives Communism not Corbynism
2020-01-12 Battaglia Comunista Italy: On the Sardines Movement
2019-12-17 Documents Fear and Loathing: Electoral Politics in a Capitalist Crisis
2019-12-13 Aurora (en) Workers are Paying for the Bosses' Crisis
2019-12-06 Documents Miasnikov's 'Draft Platform' for the Communist Workers' International (1930)
2019-12-04 Aurora (en) Brexit: Ruling Class Crisis
2019-12-02 Documents The Self-Organised Struggle of Liverpool Couriers Highlights the Difficulties of Organising in the 'Gig Economy'
2019-11-29 Documents Every Vote for Labour is a Vote for Capitalism
2019-11-27 Aurora (en) Don't Play the Capitalist Game! Don't Vote!
2019-11-25 Documents France: Following the SNCF Mechanics' Struggle, The Fight in the Hospitals Shows the Way
2019-11-18 Documents Sorry We Missed You: Wage Slavery in the Spotlight
2019-11-09 Documents The Fall of the Berlin Wall and “The End of History”
2019-10-25 Documents Losing Momentum: Corbynism in the Rear-View Mirror
2019-10-21 Documents Stukov on the Military Capability of Soviet Russia in 1918
2019-10-14 Documents Forty Years Since the Death of Onorato Damen
2019-10-13 Documents Once More on the Brexit Diversion
2019-09-14 Documents On the Establishment of the Group “Emancipación”
2019-08-31 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Working Class
2019-08-20 Documents British Bosses' Political Crisis
2019-08-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Gramsci: Between Marxism and Idealism
2019-08-07 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Illusion of a Productive Economy
2019-08-02 Documents Reflections on the Student Movement in the UK
2019-06-14 Documents Italy: The Failure of the “Populist” Coalition
2019-06-06 Documents Teesside Construction Workers Challenge the State
2019-05-27 Documents Brexit or Remain: A Choice of Tripe at the End of May
2019-05-20 Documents 1980-1: Class Struggle in Poland
2019-05-17 Documents Solidarność: Trade Unionism or Self-Organisation?
2019-05-15 Aurora (en) Twenty Years of the National Minimum Wage
2019-05-13 Documents Lomov's Economic Notes
2019-05-08 Documents Workers' Conditions in UK Warehouses
2019-05-07 Documents May Day Repression in Turin
2019-04-18 Documents Béla Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic
2019-04-03 Documents The Bombing of Belgrade: Twenty Years On
2019-03-29 Aurora (en) The Crisis in Care For the Elderly
2019-03-22 Aurora (en) Brexit or Not: Workers Have Their Own Battles to Fight
2019-03-04 Documents Honda, General Motors: Global Crisis and the Car Industry
2019-01-30 Revolutionary Perspectives Alliance for Workers' Liberty: Part of Capitalism's Left Wing
2019-01-18 Documents Some Further Thoughts on the Yellow Vests Movement
2019-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Hundred Years Since the Murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht
2019-01-10 Documents Peoples Assembly Election Carnival: Leftist "Yellow Vests" show their true colours
2018-12-15 Documents Bosses' Political Faction Fights – Not Our Problem!
2018-12-07 Documents The Yellow Vests Movement: the Crisis is Deepening
2018-12-07 Documents Paris is on Fire
2018-12-03 Documents Against Racism, Against Capitalism
2018-11-30 Documents Russia: The number of strikes is growing
2018-11-27 Documents Inequality and poverty – the latest UN report on UK poverty illustrates the need for the end of class society
2018-11-23 Documents The Significance of the German Revolution
2018-11-09 Documents A Hundred Years On: Lessons of the German Revolution
2018-11-08 Documents Poland: One Hundred Years of Bourgeois Dictatorship
2018-10-29 Documents Radek on the "Defeat" of Brest-Litovsk
2018-10-24 Documents Legal Aid Cuts: One Law for the Rich and an Increasingly Worse One for Everyone Else
2018-10-17 Documents Against Racism and Authoritarianism: the Problem is Capitalism!
2018-10-15 Documents Ireland and Brexit – Workers Need a Hard Border Against Bosses' Politics!
2018-10-14 Documents Italy’s “Government of Change”: History as Farce
2018-10-07 Documents Against Pension “Reform" in Russia
2018-10-01 Documents The Struggle of the Metro Workers of Granada
2018-08-23 Documents Syriza 2018: a Blast from the Past
2018-08-13 Documents Italy: Is Salvini’s League a Nazi Party?
2018-07-16 Documents Italy: The “Government of Change” is still anti-Working Class
2018-07-11 Documents Brexit – Ruling Class Strategic Chaos Unleashes Parliamentary Pantomime
2018-07-10 Documents Welcome to “Emancipación” (Spain)
2018-06-11 Documents Sánchez Becomes Prime Minister of Spain
2018-05-09 Documents Windrush Scandal Reveals the Inherent Brutality of Capitalism
2018-04-06 Documents Tragic Events in Russia
2018-04-01 Documents Education Strikes from West Virginia and Kenya to the UK
2018-03-29 Documents Why is Gibraltar a focus of European Conflict?
2018-03-19 Documents The working class doesn’t need borders in Ireland – or anywhere else
2018-03-15 Documents Italian Elections: there’s nothing more depressing in a desert of ideas and perspectives
2018-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Autonomism – “Many Flowers Little Fruit”
2018-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives China: Long Held US Fears Becoming Reality?
2018-02-10 Documents Solidarity with the GDN Logistics workers
2018-02-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Brexit 2018: The Ruling Class Nightmare Continues
2018-02-02 Documents Carillion’s Failure and the Private Finance Initiative
2017-12-30 Documents Bukharin on the "Socialist" Opposition to Soviet Power
2017-12-24 Documents Catalonian Election: Another Example of a Capitalist Impasse
2017-12-14 Documents From the Heart of Darkness: Anatomy of a March in Poland
2017-11-29 Documents The Russian Revolution 100 Years On
2017-11-22 Documents Against Patriotism
2017-11-09 Documents The Imperialist Hypocrisy Behind 11/11
2017-11-06 Documents Universal Credit – Universal Torment – Once More an Attack on the Conditions of the Whole Working Class
2017-11-02 Documents From Catalonia/Spain: Against All Nationalisms
2017-10-31 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants – Not Finished Yet?
2017-10-23 Documents On the Catalan “Revolution”
2017-10-20 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants – Conned by the Labour Movement
2017-10-07 Documents Catalonia: Competing Nationalisms against the Working Class
2017-10-06 Aurora (en) The Significance of the Russian Revolution for Today
2017-10-01 Documents Against the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) — but Not Just Against Them!
2017-09-25 Aurora (en) Ten Years Since the Financial Crash: What Price Education?
2017-09-21 Documents Germany: The 2017 Election Spectacle: Nationalism and False Alternatives
2017-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives N. Ossinsky’s Critique of State Capitalism in Russia
2017-08-23 Germinal Hamburg G20 Summit – Beyond Broken Glass and Protest
2017-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Corbynism – Leftists Illusions about Labour
2017-07-28 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants Fight On – Against Labour and their Unions
2017-07-16 Documents Grzech and Domski at the Fourth Congress of the Communist International (1922)
2017-06-29 Documents Arthur Goldstein (KAPD): No to National-Communism!


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