Internationalist Communist

Internationalist Communist #13


Towards the Revival of the Proletariat: The Recomposition of the Working Class After Restructuring
Capitalism: The Final Frontier? Competition and Restructuring in the Aerospace Industry
Review: Antonio Gramsci, Pre-Prison Writings
The Material Basis of Imperialist War: A Brief Reply to the ICC

Internationalist Communist #12


Where is the Working Class? An Analysis of Class Composition in the Course of the Crisis in Italy
Fascism and Anti-Fascism: The Real Lessons of the Nazi Seizure of Power in 1933
Trotskyism and the Communist Left
A Brief History of the Fractions of the International Communist Left (from Octobre)
The Events in Spain - A Trotskyist Lesson (from Octobre)

Internationalist Communist #11


Yugoslavia: From Titoism to Barbarism
Behind the Butchery in Bosnia
Social Democracy, the First World War and the Working Class in Britain
Trotskyism and Counter-Revolution: Letter from Walter Daum (LRP)
Statement on Lal Pataka

Communist Review #10


The End of the Cold War: Towards a New Imperialist Line-Up
Collapse of the USSR: Discussion on State Capitalism and Imperialism
Correspondence with Comrades in Asia
Marxism and the National Question
Letter from Hong Kong
The Life and Death of Trotskyism (Review)

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Communist Review #9


IBRP Statement on the Gulf Crisis
Europe 1992 - A Supranational Capital?
German Reunification
Neo-Bordigism is Not the Answer - A Response to the Platform of the IRK
Platform of the IRK

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Communist Review #8


Crisis of Communism or Crisis of Capitalism?
The Economic Crisis and the Working Class: Thatcherism and the British Experience
From Mystifications to Massacres: 40 Years of the Chinese People's Republic
Bourgeois Barbarity in China: Another Face of Capitalist Decadence

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Communist Review #7


The COBAS in Italy: An Analysis of an Experience
Marxism and the Agrarian Question
Correspondence with Comunismo (The Tasks of Communists in Capitalism's Periphery)
Austerity Policies in Austria

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Communist Review #6


Gorbachev's Russia: The Reconstruction of State Capitalism
Russian Women Exploited on the Shop Floor
The New Technologies of Capitalist Exploitation
Gramsci: Myth and Reality (Part II)
Obituary on Gramsci from Prometeo, 1937

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Communist Review #5


Henryk Grossman's "The Permanent Crisis" by Paul Mattick
Gramsci: Myth and Reality (Part I)
The ICC and the "Historic Course" - A Mistaken Method

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Communist Review #4


Imperialism in the Middle East
IBRP Statement on Libya
The Work of the International Bureau in India
'Revolutionary Proletarian Platform': A Statement of Confusion and Prevarication on National and International Issues
Letter to RPP
Where Has Lal Pataka Come From and Where is it Going?
Addenda to Draft Theses on the Tasks of Communists in Capitalism's Periphery

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Communist Review #3


Communique from Mexico
Draft Theses on the Tasks of Communists in Capitalism's Periphery
Correspondence with Communists in India

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Communist Review #2


Perspectives of the Bureau
Theses on the British Miners Strike
Bordigism and the Italian Left
A New Era for 'Communist Program'
Theses of the Alptraum Communist Collective - Mexico

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Communist Review #1


Where We Have Come From and Where We Are Going
Platform and Statutes of the Bureau
On the Formation of the Communist Party of Iran
Crisis and Imperialism

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