Internationalist Communist


N. 19

  • Editorial
  • Prague S26 - Only the World Working Class can Put a Stop to Capitalist "Globalisation"
  • US Boom - Triumph of the Paper Economy
  • Towards the New International
  • Working Class and the War in Chechnya
  • From Ukraine News of Radical Communists of Ukraine
  • From Colombia-Public Sector Strike or Sapping of the Workers' Movement
  • Peyke AnternasionalistiCommunists, the Working Class and the Election Issue

N. 18

  • Editorial
  • Control over the Oil Market
  • IBRP Statement on the WTO
  • War and Revolutionary Politics
  • IBRP Statement on War
  • ICC: Idealism or Marxism
  • Sylvia Pankhurst: the meaning of the revolutionary years

N. 17

  • Editorial
  • NATO bombings of Yugoslavia - war against the working class
  • Disharmony over the Euro
  • Materialism and Idealism - A reply to the ICC
  • The ICC Criticises the Proletarian Struggle Groups (GLP)
  • Why the IBRP Will Not Be Attending the ICC Congress
  • Peyke Anternasionalisti' Aims and Positions
  • Peyke Anternasionalisti and the Critical Current Inside the Workers Movement
  • Correspondence with the South Russian Bureau of the Marxist Labour Party
  • The Lost Marxism of Critical Trotskyists
  • New Internationalist Communist Publication

N. 16

  • Editorial
  • Globalisation and Imperialism
  • The current State of Capitalism
  • Communist Work and the Trades Unions Today
  • Theses on Communist Tactics for the Periphery of Capitalism

N. 15

  • Editorial
  • The Two-Dimensional State: Globalisation of the Economy and the State
  • The monster is Capitalism
  • Albania: Financial Swindle that Reflects the Capitalist Crisis
  • The Political Roots of the ICC's Organisational Malaise

N. 14

  • Imperiallist Peace Means More War in Bosnia
  • Reflection on the strike in France
  • Capitalism's Global Crisis
  • Bordiga Last Fight in the Communist International 1926
  • Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes

N. 13

  • Towards the Revival of the Proletariat
  • Restructuring in Aerospace
  • Antonio Gramsci: Prison Writings
  • The Material Basis of imperialist War

N. 12

  • Class Composition in Italy during the capitalist crisis
  • Fascism and Anti-fascism: Lessons of the Nazi Seizure of Power
  • Extracts from Octobre, 1938: Brief History of Italian Left Fraction; Trotskyists and Events in Spain

N. 11

  • Yugoslavia: Titoism to Barbarism
  • The Butchery in Bosnia
  • Britain: Social Democracy and the working Class
  • Trotskyism and the Counterrevolution

N. 10

  • End of the Cold War
  • Collapse of the USSR
  • Marxism and the national question
  • Life and Death of Trotskyism

N. 9

  • Bureau Statement on tne GuIf Crisis
  • EEC 1992-A Supranational Capital?
  • German Reunification

N. 8

  • Crisis of Communism or Crisis of capitalism?
  • The Economic crisis Britain
  • Capitalism barbarism in China

N. 7

  • The Cobas in Italy
  • Marxism and the Agrarian Question
  • Austerity Policies in Austra

N. 6

  • Gorbachev's Russia
  • Capitalist New technologies

N. 5

  • Gramsci Myth and Reality
  • The Permanent Crisis
  • The Historic Course

N. 4

  • Imperialism in the Middle East
  • The International Bureau in India

N. 3

  • Communiqué on Mexican Earthquake
  • Communists and Capitalist Periphery

N. 2 (out of print)

  • Perspectives
  • Theses on the British Miners Strike
  • Bordigism and the Italian Left

N. 1 (out of print)

  • On the Formation of the Communist Party of Iran
  • Crisis and Imperialism
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