Core and peripheral countries

Date Publications Title
2019-12-19 Documents Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression
2019-10-05 Documents Zimbabwe: Still a Capitalist Hell
2019-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Struggle in China
2018-05-17 Documents What’s going on in Argentina?
2018-05-15 Documents The Horror, the Horror of World Imperialism
2017-12-05 Documents Zimbabwe – Crawling Between Imperialist Masters
2017-08-19 Documents Syria – The Final Chapter?
2017-08-14 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Syria and Shifting Imperialist Positions
2017-04-22 Documents The ANC’s South Africa: Kleptocracy and Exploitation
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-04-16 Battaglia Comunista The Libyan Tragedy is not Over
2016-03-29 Documents The Class Composition of the Islamic State
2016-03-18 Aurora (en) Migrants: Welcome to the Class Struggle
2015-10-21 Aurora (en) Capitalist Crisis Brings Human Tragedies
2015-10-13 Documents Putin’s Latest Move in Syria
2015-08-02 Documents Of Migrants and Mariners: What’s Really Going On in Calais?
2015-04-24 Documents Tragedy at Sea or the Barbarism of Profit?
2014-12-10 Documents The Price of Oil Collapses Whilst Imperialist Competition Rises
2014-11-26 Documents TTIP: Trade Wars and Imperialist Manipulation
2014-11-03 Documents Morales re-election as President of Bolivia – What anti-imperialism? What socialism?
2014-05-27 Documents The Imperialist Legacy of Boko Haram
2014-02-26 Documents Venezuela: Recent Events Since the Death of Chavez and the Election of Maduro
2014-01-31 Documents Welcome to Greece!
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2013-12-14 Documents Iran: The Ruling Class Unites Around Rouhani’s Nuclear Diplomacy
2013-12-10 Documents Mandela – A Hero for Capitalism
2013-10-09 Battaglia Comunista Lampedusa Disaster
2013-04-28 Documents Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Workers Lives are Expendable for Capital
2013-03-07 Documents The Events in Port Said
2012-06-29 Documents The Egyptian "Spring" Between Reaction and Conservatism
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