Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Date Publications Title
2023-06-21 Documents Another Massacre in the Mediterranean
2020-09-10 Documents On the Anniversary of the US Bombing of Bosnia
2019-04-03 Documents The Bombing of Belgrade: Twenty Years On
2018-08-23 Documents Syriza 2018: a Blast from the Past
2017-03-26 Documents Under a False Flag
2015-10-27 Documents Greek Conscripts: "We Won't Take Part In Fighting Migrants"
2015-10-08 Documents Greece: For the 20 September Election
2015-08-15 Documents Internationalist Comrades’ Statement on the 5th July Referendum
2015-07-21 Documents Greece - Notes Following the July 5 Referendum
2015-07-10 Documents Greece - Solidarity with the Workers not the Capitalist Government!
2015-07-05 Documents On the Greek Referendum
2015-05-23 Documents May 1915: Italian Entry into World War One and Internationalist Opposition
2015-04-04 Documents Greek Anarchist Hunger Strikers
2015-03-16 Documents Greek Internationalists on the SYRIZA Climbdown
2015-02-28 Documents A Comment on the Repercussions of the Greek-European Union Eurogroup Accord
2015-02-04 Documents International Statement on the Greek Elections
2015-01-05 Battaglia Comunista Will SYRIZA save us from the clutches of “European” capitalism?
2014-02-23 Documents Bosnian Revolt: Nationalism, "Democracy" and Class
2014-01-31 Documents Welcome to Greece!
2013-10-09 Documents The Real Dilemma is not "Parliamentarism OR Fascism" But "Socialism OR Barbarism"
2013-05-21 Documents Ten Theses on the Communist Project Today
2013-05-21 Documents Some Basic Programmatic Theses
2012-11-04 Documents A New Political Voice in Greece
2012-10-07 Documents Military Coup in Greece?
2012-04-19 Documents Open Letter To Our Fellow Workers in Germany
2012-03-06 Documents Solidarity with the Greek Proletariat
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Social Protests in Romania
2012-02-23 Documents Update: More Manoeuvres by the Greek Stalinists
2012-02-21 Documents A Stalinist welcome to a Nazi intervention into a workers strike in Greece
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Greek General Strike - The Stalinists line up with the State
2011-09-14 Documents The plight of workers in Romania
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Global Crisis Will Have to be Fought Globally
2010-05-17 Documents Greece: A Valuable Struggle
2010-04-20 Aurora (en) Greece: The Shape of Things to Come
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Against a Global Capitalist Crisis, the Struggle has to be International
2009-01-28 Documents An Anarchist-Communist Worker’s Letter from Athens
2008-12-20 Documents Voices from the Struggle in Greece
2008-12-14 Documents Greece: From Anger to Resistance!
2008-04-01 Documents Anti-workers’ attacks in Greece
2000-01-01 Internationalist Communist War and Revolutionary Politics
1999-05-01 Aurora (en) Yugoslavia
1999-03-01 Documents Kosovo: Capitalism means Imperialism, Imperialism means War
1999-03-01 Internationalist Communist NATO Bombings of Yugoslavia: War Against the Working Class
1998-07-30 Documents Kosovo: A Hunting Ground for Nationalism and Imperialism
1997-03-01 Internationalist Communist Italian Imperialism and the Crisis in Albania
1996-01-01 Documents On Peace and War in Bosnia
1995-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives After the Balkan War: The Imperialist "Peace"
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