A Comment on the Repercussions of the Greek-European Union Eurogroup Accord

The moment of truth!

We would just like to make one comment on the context in which the negotiations of the new Syriza government with its partners, the nationalist right ANEL (Independent Greeks) unfolded. The non-negotiable part is that Greece has been and will remain a debt colony, regardless of whether the 'troika' is relabelled as 'the institutions', the 'Memorandum' has become 'the Agreement' and 'lenders' are now ‘partners'. According to the statement of the agreement

"The Greek authorities renew their unequivocal commitment to honor their financial obligations to all creditors in full and on time (...) The Greek authorities have undertaken to refrain from cancellation of the measures and unilateral changes to policies and structural reforms that could affect the financial goals, economic recovery and financial stability, as assessed by the institutions ... ".

Nothing significant has been resolved. The new government has not only abandoned its electoral positions, but has even shifted from its post-election positions. Not only did it not request the reduction of an unsustainable debt or a moderation of the ferocious conditions for debt repayment – which cannot be repaid anyway – but instead said it respects its obligations to all its creditors.

The four-month extension is not a victory at all. It is essentially postponing the answer that the new government must give to the representatives of international financial capital regarding how it will manage and repay the debt. Whether it will achieve some basic concessions for large sections of the seriously affected economically Greek population remains to be seen. In any case, it certainly cannot provide a cure for the disease itself, especially in the international environment of a globalised and insane neo-liberal capitalism. Any alternative within capitalism can only be in favour the interests of the ruling class.

Internationalist Comrades, Athens, 23 February 2015

The above document has been translated from the French original the comrades wrote it in. This should be read in conjunction with their previous comment on the election at leftcom.org. A longer document in Greek is in preparation and will be translated in due course.

Saturday, February 28, 2015