Socialism and communism

Date Publications Title
2020-05-09 Documents Marxism and Sexuality
2020-03-25 Documents What's the System? Review of an Angry Workers Pamphlet
2020-03-21 Documents Introduction to Discussions on Socialism
2019-03-26 Aurora (en) No War But The Class War (NWBCW)
2019-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Bukharin's Review of Lenin's The State and Revolution
2019-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Introduction to Bukharin's Anarchy and Scientific Communism
2019-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Hundred Years Since the Murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht
2019-01-14 Documents The Sorry Spectacle of “Marxists” in Defence of Chinese “Collective Capitalism”
2019-01-10 Documents Peoples Assembly Election Carnival: Leftist "Yellow Vests" show their true colours
2018-09-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Are we now in a period of transition from capitalism to socialism? H. Ticktin’s concept of decline and transition
2018-09-13 Aurora (en) The Working Class Holds the Key to a New World
2018-08-17 Aurora (en) No War But the Class War
2018-07-14 Documents Welcome to Intransigence
2018-06-15 Documents Human Nature and Communism
2018-05-04 Aurora (en) 200 Years On: Marx Still Haunts Capitalism
2017-12-30 Documents Bukharin on the "Socialist" Opposition to Soviet Power
2017-11-29 Documents The Russian Revolution 100 Years On
2017-10-06 Aurora (en) The Significance of the Russian Revolution for Today
2017-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives N. Ossinsky’s Critique of State Capitalism in Russia
2017-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Corbynism – Leftists Illusions about Labour
2017-06-29 Documents Arthur Goldstein (KAPD): No to National-Communism!
2017-03-07 Aurora (en) Celebrating International Women’s Day 100 Years On
2017-03-02 Documents February 1917 – Anatomy of a Revolution
2017-02-08 Revolutionary Perspectives The Labour Party: No use to British Capitalism: Never any use to the Working Class
2016-12-09 Documents A Memoir of Onorato Damen
2016-10-11 Documents Yes - We need Socialism! No - Corbynism Isn't It
2016-08-09 Revolutionary Perspectives The Labour Party Crisis is a Crisis of the Capitalist Class
2016-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Post-Capitalism via the Internet (According to Paul Mason) – Dream or Reality?
2015-10-23 Aurora (en) New Leader – Same Labour
2015-10-07 Documents Notes on the Question of the Transition to Communism
2015-09-20 Documents The Revolutionary Process between Capitalism and Communism
2015-05-23 Documents Idealism and Socialism: The Life of Alexander Bogdanov
2015-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Communist Society - Value, Labour and Time: A reply to Gilles Dauvé
2015-02-09 Documents August 1914 – When Social Democracy Went to War
2015-01-27 Prometeo Towards Socialism - Notes on the Transitional Phase (Part II)
2015-01-21 Documents Lenin's Legacy
2014-12-24 Prometeo Towards Socialism - Notes on the Transitional Phase (Part I)
2014-10-07 Revolutionary Perspectives The Period of Transition and its Dissenters
2014-10-02 Revolutionary Perspectives Social Democracy, the First World War and the Working Class in Britain
2014-06-05 L'Internationale Anarchism in the Rear-View Mirror
2013-11-09 Documents Marxism and Anarchism
2013-10-24 Pamphlets For Communism
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Remembering East Germany 1953
2013-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bordiga: Beyond the Myth: Five Letters and An Outline of Disagreement
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) There is a Real Alternative
2006-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Human Future: Capitalism or Communism?
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist 1921: Beginning of the Counter-Revolution?
1996-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives From Capitalism to Communism: A Popular Outline of the Period of Transition
1994-01-01 Pamphlets Socialism or Barbarism
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