Latin America

Date Publications Title
2024-03-26 Documents Haiti: Gang Crisis, An Aspect of the Deepening Capitalist Crisis
2024-03-17 Documents Argentina: From Populist Offensive to Renewal of Workers’ Struggles?
2022-11-25 Documents On the Brazilian Elections
2022-07-17 Documents The Social Tensions in Ecuador
2022-01-20 Documents On the Chilean Elections
2021-11-14 1919 Cuba: The Real Fight Against State Repression Begins with Workers' Self-Organization
2021-08-12 Documents After the Cuban Protests: Discussion with Proletarios Cabreados
2021-07-23 Documents Cuba is the Latest Episode in the Death Agony of (State) Capitalism
2021-07-18 Documents Sugarcane Stalinism
2021-07-01 Documents Elections in the Time of Covid: Peru and the "Marxist Road to Socialism"
2019-12-19 Documents Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression
2019-08-26 Documents Imperialism and the Amazon
2019-05-10 Documents Civil War in Venezuela: An Economic and Human Catastrophe
2019-02-24 Documents International Solidarity with the Wildcat Strikes of the Mexican Maquiladoras
2019-02-10 Documents Humanitarian Aid... for War
2019-02-04 Documents The Venezuelan Crisis
2019-01-31 Documents Mexico's Turmoil Continues: The Maquiladora Strikes
2019-01-28 Documents Against All Capitalist Factions! For Proletarian Independence!
2019-01-24 Documents Mexico: Between Barbarism and Class Struggle
2018-12-06 Documents Caravan Migrants Trapped on the Frontiers of Capitalism
2018-10-09 Documents Bolsonaro and the Crisis in Brazil
2018-07-07 Documents AMLO or the "anti-imperialism" of the Mexican bourgeoisie
2018-05-17 Documents What’s going on in Argentina?
2018-01-12 Documents Does Venezuela have a Future?
2017-10-19 Documents Neither Chavismo Nor Anti-Chavismo: For the Autonomous Struggle of the Working Class
2017-06-08 Documents Venezuela: The Dead-End of the "Bolivarian Road to Socialism"
2017-01-21 Documents Mexico’s Turmoil
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-11-27 Documents Fidel Castro’s Death Leaves the Path of History Unchanged
2016-07-24 Documents Letter from Mexico on Teachers Fight against Privatisation of Schools
2016-05-13 Documents Ecuador: Against the Attacks of Capital and the State
2014-12-04 Documents The Guayaquil General Strike 1922
2014-11-17 Documents México - The nth Illustration of the Marxist Theory of the Capitalist State
2014-11-03 Documents Morales re-election as President of Bolivia – What anti-imperialism? What socialism?
2014-02-26 Documents Venezuela: Recent Events Since the Death of Chavez and the Election of Maduro
2013-12-01 Documents Cuba: Another Revolution?
2013-06-26 Documents Brazil: Even the BRICs are Showing Signs of Crisis and Social Fragmentation
2013-03-18 Documents Hugo Chávez: Neither Socialist Nor Anti-Imperialist
2012-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Falklands War = War Against Workers
2011-09-18 Documents Tenacious Student Battles Inflame Chile
2010-10-23 Aurora (en) Chilean Miners: The Real Story
2010-03-10 Documents The situation in Chile after the earthquake
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Haiti: A Disaster of Capitalism
2009-07-01 Documents Honduras
2008-09-19 Documents Latin America - The End of an Era?
2007-12-04 Documents Deaths at work
2007-11-28 Documents Mexican miners
2007-04-20 Internationalist Notes Latin America: Between Populism and Imperialism
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Is “The Falklands’ Factor” Still With Us?
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Falklands Balance Sheet
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Latin America: Between Populism and Imperialism (Part II)
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Latin America - Between Populism and Imperialism (Part I)
2002-05-01 Documents Venezuela: Chávez and the Con of the “Bolivarian Revolution” survive, for now
2002-02-01 Documents A Lesson from Argentina
2000-10-01 Internationalist Communist Public Sector Strike or Sapping of the Workers’ Movement
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