Date Publications Title
2021-09-18 Revolutionary Perspectives China-Iran Accords, the Silk Road and Some Other Imperialist Manoeuvres
2021-09-10 Documents Iran: Oil Workers Reject Trade Unions
2021-08-24 Documents Afghanistan: The USA and its Allies Retreat
2021-08-18 Documents Iran: On Oil and Troubled Water
2021-08-10 Documents Iranian Oil Workers Strike Update
2021-07-28 Documents Iranian Oil and Petrochemical Workers' Strikes Go On
2021-05-20 Documents Neither Israel, Nor Palestine: No War but the Class War
2021-05-18 Documents Iran: The Working Class and the Election
2021-03-03 Documents "We the Workers": China Behind the Scenes
2021-02-26 Documents Student Protests in Turkey: A Communist Critique
2021-02-22 Documents Revolts in Myanmar
2020-11-09 Documents Turkey's Imperialist Aggression Threatens to Set More than the Mediterranean Alight
2020-10-15 Documents Nagorno-Karabakh War: For Workers the Real Enemy Lies at Home
2020-08-20 Documents The Lebanon Disaster: A Metaphor for Modern Capitalism
2020-08-17 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: A New Wave of Struggle
2020-06-14 Documents The Global Pandemic and Imperialist Competition
2020-02-27 Aurora (en) US/Iran Rivalry: What No War But the Class War Really Means
2020-01-04 Documents The US Attack on Baghdad
2019-10-12 Documents The Turkish Invasion of Syria
2019-10-01 Documents Capitalism under the Red Banner: Seventy Years of the People's Republic of China
2019-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Struggle in China
2019-07-29 Documents OPEC, Iran, and the Libyan Civil War
2019-07-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Drums of War in the Gulf
2019-06-17 Battaglia Comunista The Attack on Two Oil Tankers in the Gulf of Oman
2019-05-30 Documents Iran and the USA on the Warpath?
2018-12-29 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: This Time it is Different
2018-11-30 Documents Iran: Workers' Strikes and Protests Continue
2018-11-19 Documents The Crisis and the Rise of Workers’ Militancy in Iran
2018-10-21 Documents The Imperialist Manoeuvring Behind the Khashoggi Affair
2018-08-30 Documents Trotskyism and the War in Syria
2018-08-02 Documents Yemen’s “Forgotten War” Re-ignited
2018-06-24 Documents Palestinian Workers Continue to Die for a Capitalist State
2018-05-10 Documents Iran: Class War against Imperialist Pretensions
2018-04-16 Documents Syria: The Real Significance of the US Bombardment
2018-02-16 Documents Syria: The Long War that Never Ends
2018-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives China: Long Held US Fears Becoming Reality?
2018-01-16 Documents Iranian Protests against Austerity
2017-12-16 Documents Trump and Jerusalem
2017-11-04 Documents China Openly Declares its Imperialist Ambitions
2017-08-19 Documents Syria – The Final Chapter?
2017-06-30 Revolutionary Perspectives The USA, Qatar and ‘New’ Imperialist Alignments
2017-04-08 Documents It’s War
2017-01-06 Documents Imperialist Hypocrisy over Aleppo
2016-10-04 Prometeo The Turkish Imperialist U-turn in Syria
2016-07-18 Documents Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-07-17 Documents Coup in Turkey - People Power?
2016-07-02 Documents The Istanbul and Dhaka Attacks
2016-06-06 Documents Iran: The Day They Flogged “God”
2016-03-29 Documents The Class Composition of the Islamic State
2016-02-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Interests and Ideology in the Struggle for the Middle East
2015-11-27 Documents Turkey Downs a Russian Warplane
2015-10-13 Documents Putin’s Latest Move in Syria
2015-08-31 Prometeo Turkey, ISIS, Gas and the Shifting Imperialist Balance
2015-08-06 Revolutionary Perspectives 1915 to 2015 - A Century of Genocide
2015-05-19 Documents Auto struggles in Turkey: "We don't want any unions. We have set up workers councils"
2015-05-18 Documents Saudi Arabia, Religion in the Service of Imperialism
2015-04-28 Documents The Armenian Genocide 1915
2015-04-04 Documents Yemen’s Proxy War: From Failing State to a Failing System
2015-02-03 Battaglia Comunista MARGINAL NOTES ON THE PARIS EVENTS
2014-10-31 Documents The Bloodbath in Syria: Class War or Ethnic War?
2014-10-30 Documents IS – Imperialist Barbarism Continues
2014-10-30 Documents In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War
2014-10-15 Prometeo Iraq, The New Caliphate, IS and the Wider Imperialist Manoeuvres
2014-08-10 Documents Iraq and the New Caliphate of the Islamic State (ISIS)
2014-08-08 Documents In Palestine and Israel: The Only War Worth Fighting is the Class War
2014-07-14 Documents The Ongoing Barbarism of Two Nationalisms: Hamas and Israel exploit their mutual weaknesses to revive their national agendas within the increasingly critical Middle East region
2014-05-17 Documents Turkish Miners: Soma Workers Murdered for Profits
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2013-12-14 Documents Iran: The Ruling Class Unites Around Rouhani’s Nuclear Diplomacy
2013-12-05 Documents Imperialist Tensions Shift to the Far East
2013-11-15 Documents Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc in the Philippines: as usual the poorest pay the highest price
2013-09-12 Documents Syria: Another Unending Imperialist Agony
2013-08-31 Prometeo The Continuing Crisis in Egypt, More Power Games While the Masses Are Dying Of Hunger And Poverty
2013-07-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Street Protests and Class Power: Reflections on Current Events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
2013-06-15 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Protest movement in Turkey: The Only Perspective is Class Struggle!
2013-06-06 Documents Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-06-05 Documents From Saving a Park to 500,000 Workers on Strike: Background to the events in Turkey
2013-05-27 Prometeo Syria: The Story of A Civil War Foretold
2013-04-28 Documents Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Workers Lives are Expendable for Capital
2013-04-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Rivalry in the Pacific
2012-11-24 Documents Another Crisis in the Middle East
2012-10-12 Documents The Crisis in Iran
2012-05-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Syria: Caught in the Vice of Imperialism
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Murder and Manoeuvre in the Middle East
2011-12-31 Documents Solidarity with the Kazakh Working Class!
2011-08-18 Documents Crisis in the Iranian Ruling Class
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) In UK and elsewhere, global resistance has to be based on working class struggle
2011-06-13 Documents Syria: So Many Deaths, So Many Illusions to be Shattered
2011-05-29 Documents The Strange Death of Osama Bin Laden
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Austerity in Iran - The Working Class Face the Biggest Attacks Yet
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan
2011-03-17 Documents From Hiroshima to Fukushima
2011-02-25 Documents Appeal for Korean Internationalists
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bangladesh: Workers Struggle for a Living Wage
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Global Crisis Will Have to be Fought Globally
2010-06-25 Documents Gaza: Why so Much Violence?
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Chinese Workers Show Their Class
2010-04-13 Documents Kyrgyzstan - at the Heart of Russian-US Rivalry
2010-03-30 Documents Dubai: Mirage of the Land of Plenty
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Against a Global Capitalist Crisis, the Struggle has to be International
2010-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Afghanistan - Graveyard of Imperialist Ambition
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Revisionism
2009-10-15 Aurora (en) To End War We Have to End the System That Causes It
2009-09-15 Documents Elections in Afghanistan
2009-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives South Korea: Ssangyong Occupation Ends In Defeat
2009-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives On the Iranian Election - The Working Class Must Fight for its Own Agenda
2009-07-20 Documents Inter-ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang: A Proletarian Tragedy
2009-07-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Af-Pak War - Civil War in Pakistan
2009-06-26 Documents Iran at the crossroads - workers cannot support any faction of the ruling class
2009-06-23 Documents The 10th Iranian Presidential Elections 2009
2009-06-20 Documents Neither Ahmadinejad nor Moussavi - Long Live Class Struggle!
2009-06-18 Documents Iran at the Crossroads
2009-04-21 Documents China 1925-1927
2009-04-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Thirty Years of Islamic Iran - A Warning from History
2009-01-22 Documents The Imperialist Massacre in Gaza
2009-01-03 Documents Gaza - The Imperialist Massacre Goes on
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Recession in China - Workers Start to Fight Back
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Mumbai Massacre - Imperialist Manoeuvres Mean More Terror for the Masses
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Review: Publications from Left Communists in Turkey
2008-09-20 Documents Workers' conditions and struggles
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Beijing Olympics - “Powder on the False Face”
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Georgia - Not Just Another International Crisis
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives War in Georgia: Who Will Control the Oil and Gas of the Caspian Basin?
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives South Ossetia: Fulcrum of Imperialism’s “Great Game”
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Georgia on His Mind: Lenin’s Final Fight against “Great-Russian Chauvinism”
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Iran’s Imperialist Brinkmanship Can’t Hide More Misery for the Working Class
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Tensions Against Iran are Growing
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Chinese Imperialism - A New Force in Africa
2008-04-06 Documents With the Tibetan and Chinese Workers
2008-03-01 Aurora (en) Only the World Working Class Can Halt Imperialist War
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives US Imperialism’s Hundred Years War?
2007-12-01 Documents Victory at Türk Telekom
2007-12-01 Aurora (en) Bush and Ahmedinejad are Both our Enemies
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Turkey, Pakistan and Iran: Squaring the Circle of US Imperialism
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Iraq - US Imperialism in Disarray
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives China: Hundreds of Protests a Day Against the Super-exploitation by Capital
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Recent Turkish Parliamentary Election
2007-06-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Iran: Imperialist Aspirations Mask Economic Decline
2007-06-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Centre of steelmaking shifts to Asia
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Lebanon: The Next War Won’t Be Just a Civil War
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Palestine: More Imperialist Misery
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Iraq: The Debacle of US Imperialism
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Bangladesh - Garment Workers Struggle against Vicious Exploitation
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Correspondence with the Enternasyonalist Komunist Sol (Turkey) on the Nature of Imperialism
2006-10-01 Internationalist Notes Shifting Spheres - The Redivision of Imperialist Power in East Timor
2006-10-01 Internationalist Notes The Two Levels of the Lebanese Crisis
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Afghanistan - Still the Crucible of Imperialist Struggle
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Widening Conflict in the Middle East
2006-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Palestine: No End to Barbarism in Sight
2006-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Gas at the Centre of Imperialist Manoeuvring
2006-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives India Between Thirst for Energy and Superpower Aspirations
2006-03-01 Aurora (en) Iraqi Occupation - Neither Islam nor the West Have Anything to Offer
2006-03-01 Aurora (en) Islamic Repression in Iran - Tehran Bus Workers' Gaoled
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Hamas Victory - The Reasons for Victory and the Perspective for Palestinians
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Hamas victory in Palestine - Setback for US Imperialism - No Gain for Palestinian Workers
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalist Repression in the Islamic Republic - Tehran Transport Workers Gaoled
2005-11-15 Internationalist Notes Capitalist order in East Timor
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) This War is a Class War!
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) Iraq Oil, Blood and Class
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) Palestine-Israel - Neither One State nor Two but Workers’ Internationalism
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) Our Basic Positions
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) How to Fight for Peace
2002-11-01 Internationalist Notes Against Israel, Against Palestine - For Class Struggle
2002-10-01 Documents Iraq Oil, Blood and Class
2002-08-01 Internationalist Communist War Over Kashmir - A Threat To Us All
2002-05-01 Aurora (en) Palestine, Israel
2001-09-20 Documents The War in Preparation is an Imperialist War
2000-10-01 Internationalist Communist Peyke Anternasionalisti - Communists, the Working Class and the Election Issue
2000-10-01 Internationalist Notes Abdullah Öcalan - The Life Work of a “Liberator”...
2000-10-01 Internationalist Notes Vietnam - The Last Remnants of “Real Socialism”
1996-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Real Issue about Arms for Iraq
1995-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives After Rabin: Imperialism Still Dictates the "Peace Process"
1995-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Islamic Fundamentalism - A Capitalist Ideology
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