2022: Russo-Ukrainian War

Date Publications Title
2024-06-13 Documents Revolutionary Defeatism Today: Some Questions Answered
2024-05-01 Documents To the Internationalists Attending the Prague Week of Action
2024-04-30 Documents May Day 2024: Down with Nationalism and War - Workers Have No Country!
2024-03-18 Documents CWO Public Meetings on Internationalism: A Balance Sheet
2024-03-10 Mutiny / Mutinerie Against Pacifism, For Revolutionary Defeatism!
2024-01-30 Aurora (en) Only the Working Class Can Prevent World War Three
2024-01-24 Documents A Brief Critique of "Part-Time Internationalism"
2023-11-09 Internationalist Notes USA: Renewal of Workers' Initiative is Real
2023-10-30 Documents Imperialist Hypocrisy in the East and West
2023-10-23 Documents The Tasks of Revolutionaries in the Face of Capitalism's Drive to War
2023-08-30 Aurora (en) The Drive to World War
2023-07-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Wagner Group Revolt and Future Course of the War
2023-07-05 Revolutionary Perspectives The No War but the Class War Initiative
2023-05-24 Documents Appeal for the Creation of a NWBCW Committee in San Francisco, USA
2023-05-22 Aurora (en) Imperialist War or Class War
2023-04-30 Documents May Day 2023: There is no "Right Side" in an Imperialist War, No War but the Class War!
2023-04-04 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Chicago
2023-03-27 Mutiny / Mutinerie Trenches of the Tundra
2023-03-17 Aurora (en) Ukraine War: No to Imperialist War, Yes to Class War!
2023-03-14 Internationalist Notes US Ramps Up Anti-Chinese Aggression Amidst Maneuvers Over Ukraine
2023-02-24 Documents One Year Since the Invasion of Ukraine: On the Road to World War Three?
2023-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Ukraine, the Working Class and the Future International
2023-02-02 Documents Report on NWBCW Paris
2023-01-01 Documents Notes on the Political Situation in Germany
2022-12-07 Documents Report on NWBCW Montreal
2022-11-26 Documents On the 2 December Strike in Italy: Especially In Times of War "Normal" Strikes Are Not Enough
2022-11-24 Aurora (en) War in Ukraine: The Other Attack on the Working Class
2022-10-29 Mutiny / Mutinerie Business as per Emergency Bill: Strike at Achema Plant in Lithuania
2022-10-28 Mutiny / Mutinerie Tighten Your Belts and Forward March!
2022-10-22 Documents Russia's Annexations in Ukraine are Another Step Towards Global Imperialist War
2022-10-19 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Montreal
2022-10-08 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Toronto
2022-09-28 Documents Demonstrations Against the Mobilisation - Great! Getting Rid of Capitalism that Demands our Blood - Even Better!
2022-09-27 Internationalist Notes War in Ukraine: No War but the Class War!
2022-09-10 Documents A Report on Socio-Economic Unrest in Ukraine
2022-09-09 Documents Sweden and Finland Entering NATO
2022-09-06 Aurora (en) The Ukraine War is a War Against Workers Everywhere
2022-08-19 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Ukraine Opens the Way to Global Imperialist Conflict
2022-08-12 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Rome
2022-07-22 Documents NWBCW and the "Real International Bureau" of 1915
2022-07-07 1919 Uncle Sam's "Socialists" and the War in Ukraine
2022-06-13 Documents About "Anarchists" who Forget the Principles
2022-06-10 Documents The Ambivalence in Russian-Chinese "Friendship"
2022-06-08 Aurora (en) Ukraine War - A Pivot to World War
2022-06-07 Aurora (en) The Cost-of-Living Crisis - They Party, We Pay!
2022-05-24 Documents No War but the Class War Meeting in Glasgow
2022-05-15 Documents Ukraine/Russia: War and Sanctions are Hitting Hard, But Not the Oligarchs (On Either Side)
2022-05-03 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Turkey
2022-05-02 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Liverpool
2022-04-29 Documents May Day 2022: Three Deadly Crises, One Cause - Destroy Capitalism!
2022-04-28 Documents Russia Cuts the Gas Supply to Poland and Bulgaria: Another Step Towards Generalised War
2022-04-23 Documents Internationalism and the War in Ukraine
2022-04-17 Documents The New World Disorder, Wars And Pacifism
2022-04-14 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from Internationalist Communist Perspective (South Korea)
2022-04-06 Documents No War but the Class War - A Call for Action
2022-04-03 Documents No to Capitalism's Wars
2022-03-21 Documents Some Considerations on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-17 Documents War in Ukraine: The Internationalist Position
2022-03-08 Documents International Working Women's Day Led the Fight Against Russia's War 105 Years Ago
2022-03-05 Documents No War but the Class War: Statements from the Haft Tappeh Workers (Iran)
2022-02-27 Documents War in Ukraine: Imperialist Rivalry in a Global Economic Crisis
2022-02-25 Documents Ukraine: Neither NATO nor Putin! No War but the Class War!
2022-02-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Ukraine and Taiwan: Flashpoints in an Uncertain Imperialist World
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