Russia and Eastern Europe

Belarus, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine

Date Publications Title
2023-07-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Wagner Group Revolt and Future Course of the War
2023-04-24 Documents Gondolkodó Antikvárium: Solidarity Call for Aid
2023-04-11 Documents Warsaw Ghetto and the Real Cost of Imperialist War
2022-10-29 Mutiny / Mutinerie Business as per Emergency Bill: Strike at Achema Plant in Lithuania
2022-09-28 Documents Demonstrations Against the Mobilisation - Great! Getting Rid of Capitalism that Demands our Blood - Even Better!
2022-09-27 Internationalist Notes War in Ukraine: No War but the Class War!
2022-09-10 Documents A Report on Socio-Economic Unrest in Ukraine
2022-09-06 Aurora (en) The Ukraine War is a War Against Workers Everywhere
2022-08-19 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Ukraine Opens the Way to Global Imperialist Conflict
2022-06-13 Documents About "Anarchists" who Forget the Principles
2022-06-08 Aurora (en) Ukraine War - A Pivot to World War
2022-05-15 Documents Ukraine/Russia: War and Sanctions are Hitting Hard, But Not the Oligarchs (On Either Side)
2022-04-28 Documents Russia Cuts the Gas Supply to Poland and Bulgaria: Another Step Towards Generalised War
2022-04-03 Documents No to Capitalism's Wars
2022-03-21 Documents Some Considerations on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-17 Documents War in Ukraine: The Internationalist Position
2022-03-05 Documents No War but the Class War: Statements from the Haft Tappeh Workers (Iran)
2022-02-27 Documents War in Ukraine: Imperialist Rivalry in a Global Economic Crisis
2022-02-25 Documents Ukraine: Neither NATO nor Putin! No War but the Class War!
2022-02-13 Documents Internationalists Fight Against the Movements Towards War of "Their" Governments with Class Struggle
2022-02-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Ukraine and Taiwan: Flashpoints in an Uncertain Imperialist World
2021-07-09 Documents A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part II): The Platform and its Disciples
2021-07-05 Documents A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part I): The Makhnovshchina
2021-03-05 Documents Rosa Luxemburg and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement in Poland
2020-10-26 Documents Poland: The Assault on Reproductive Rights Continues
2020-10-17 Documents 1943: An Independent Communist Party in Occupied Poland?
2020-08-29 Documents Domski on the Polish-Soviet War (1920)
2020-08-24 Documents Belarus: Between Imperialist Feuds and Class Movements
2020-08-18 Revolutionary Perspectives The Battle of Warsaw and the Defeat of the Revolutionary Wave in Europe
2020-08-15 Documents Strikes in Belarus Escalate as Lukashenko's Power Wavers
2020-08-11 Documents Winds of Change in Belarus: Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy Offer Anything for the Working Class
2020-07-22 Documents On the Role of Revolutionaries in the Wider Class Struggle
2020-07-16 Documents Poland: Populism Strikes Back
2020-06-30 Documents In Memory of Mateusz
2020-04-04 Documents The Infantile Disorder of Leftism... and the Senile Weakness of Rightism
2020-04-02 Documents A New Imperialist Threat to the Russian Revolution?
2019-12-06 Documents Miasnikov's 'Draft Platform' for the Communist Workers' International (1930)
2019-10-21 Documents Stukov on the Military Capability of Soviet Russia in 1918
2019-05-20 Documents 1980-1: Class Struggle in Poland
2019-05-17 Documents Solidarność: Trade Unionism or Self-Organisation?
2019-05-13 Documents Lomov's Economic Notes
2018-11-30 Documents Russia: The number of strikes is growing
2018-11-08 Documents Poland: One Hundred Years of Bourgeois Dictatorship
2018-10-29 Documents Radek on the "Defeat" of Brest-Litovsk
2018-10-07 Documents Against Pension “Reform" in Russia
2018-04-06 Documents Tragic Events in Russia
2017-12-30 Documents Bukharin on the "Socialist" Opposition to Soviet Power
2017-12-14 Documents From the Heart of Darkness: Anatomy of a March in Poland
2017-11-29 Documents The Russian Revolution 100 Years On
2017-10-06 Aurora (en) The Significance of the Russian Revolution for Today
2017-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives N. Ossinsky’s Critique of State Capitalism in Russia
2017-07-16 Documents Grzech and Domski at the Fourth Congress of the Communist International (1922)
2017-04-02 Documents Radek on the International Situation in Spring 1918
2017-03-07 Aurora (en) Celebrating International Women’s Day 100 Years On
2017-03-02 Documents February 1917 – Anatomy of a Revolution
2017-02-17 Revolutionary Perspectives An Epitaph for the October Revolution?
2016-12-28 Documents Who were the Grzechists?
2015-12-19 Documents A Brief History of the Communist Workers’ Party of Poland
2015-12-09 Documents Poland: The 18th Brumaire of Jarosław Kaczyński
2015-10-31 Documents Elections in Poland: Don't Mourn, Organise!
2015-05-23 Documents Idealism and Socialism: The Life of Alexander Bogdanov
2015-02-22 Battaglia Comunista Ukraine: Torn Apart by Imperialist Conflict
2014-09-17 Documents 75 Years Since the Soviet Invasion of Poland: The Nightmare of Imperialist History
2014-06-09 Prometeo Ukraine’s Crisis – Local Players and Imperialist Games
2014-03-21 Documents War Games — Ukraine as the Focus of Imperialist Conflict
2014-03-04 Documents The Problem of Nationalism and the GKM (Group of Communist Maximalists), Russia/Ukraine
2014-02-27 Aurora (en) Remembering the First World War: Ruling Class Battle for Hearts and Minds
2014-02-03 Documents Ukraine - A Nationalist Dead End
2013-01-23 Documents Press release: Solidarity with Two Activists Arrested in Moscow
2012-11-16 Documents Correspondence from Russia
2012-08-25 Revolutionary Perspectives No Pussy Footing with Putin’s Regime
2012-05-13 Documents Putin's Plutocratic Rule Continues
2011-12-27 Documents The Russia We Love and Defend
2011-02-21 Documents Political Slime and Crisis in Italy
2009-04-20 Documents The ARS on the Kherson Revolt
2009-04-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The Clash for Gas - Europeans Shivered while Ukraine and Russia Haggled
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Ninety Years On: The Lessons of the Russian Revolution for Today
2007-11-01 Internationalist Notes October Revolution - Ninety Years On
2007-10-28 Documents Ninety Years Since the October Revolution
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Russian Imperialism on the March
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Reflections on the Samara Summit between the European Union and Russia
2007-02-16 Revolutionary Perspectives The Revenge of Russian Imperialism?
2006-11-01 Pamphlets The Year 1956
2006-11-01 Pamphlets 1956: Class Revolts in Poland and Hungary
2006-11-01 Pamphlets The Russian Economy: An Acid Test for the Revolutionary Vanguard
2006-11-01 Pamphlets The Workers' Revolt against State Capitalism's Oppressive Policies Continues
2006-11-01 Pamphlets The Russian State
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives For Polish Workers the Path to Socialism is One of Armed Insurrection
2006-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Gas at the Centre of Imperialist Manoeuvring
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Gas wars - Russia Struggles to Halt US Encirclement
2003-09-09 Documents “Radical Communists of the Ukraine”
2003-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part VIII): The Decline of the Russian Revolution and the Cult of the Party
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist 1921: Beginning of the Counter-Revolution?
2000-10-01 Internationalist Communist Statement on the War in Chechnya
2000-10-01 Internationalist Communist News of Radical Communists of Ukraine
2000-01-01 Documents On the Chechen war
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