To Throw a Wrench in the Bosses' Plans, We Need to Take Control of the Struggle!


(IWG flyer for distribution during the auto-workers’ strike.) · Utilizing deceit and dirty tricks, the individuals that are supposed to defend the auto-workers’ interests are the first to betray them… · The “stand up strike” is not new. It is simply a new name for the “rotation” strikes that are practiced in Europe and at odd times in the USA.

"War Ecology" Will Not Save the Planet


(IWG flyer for distribution at the anniversary 'Fridays For Future' protests.) · It is no secret; undoubtedly, the ecological situation is catastrophic for the majority of the population. Equally true is that, in the hands of the bourgeoisie, it is repurposed as an ideological smokescreen. Today, on the date of the climate marches, it is vital we recognize the false friends among us.

Considerations on the New State Capitalism


The Italian Prime Minister Meloni keeps on asserting that "it is companies and workers who create wealth, not the state.“ If the so-called "restrained fascists" who are now in government were consistent with their own history this statement would come as a surprise, since their forefather Benito’s response to the crisis of 1929 was to create one of the biggest state capitalist apparatuses in the...

Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part III)


(Part I ( – Part II ( – Part III ( · Introduction · Regular readers of Revolutionary Perspectives will know that we have been republishing, with minor additions, the article “The Economic Foundations of Capitalist Decadence”. Originally published in 1974 this was one of the founding documents of the Revolutionary Perspectives group which became part of the Communist Workers’ Organisation in 1975.

Class Unity: Our Answer to Divide and Rule


The working class consists of all those who are forced to sell their labour-power in order to survive. Whether currently in or out of work, whether engaged in mental or manual labour, we are the class that owns no capital yet through our labour we produce the goods and provide the services that make up the economic life of the world. Today we make up the majority of the world’s population.

Capitalism Reaches its Boiling Point


COP 28 is only a few months away and without a shadow of a doubt it will produce nothing but hollow promises and vague slogans of change, continuing the historical failure of previous conferences. · 6 July 2023 saw the global average surface temperature reaching 17.08°C, making it the hottest July day ever recorded.

The Drive to World War


June marked the beginning of the spring counteroffensive in Ukraine. The preliminary results are in: at most a few dozen square kilometres of strategically insignificant territory have been exchanged for perhaps tens of thousands of human lives. With each passing day, the entire operation resembles the senseless slaughter of the First World War ever more closely.

The Real Fight is Yet to Come


Over the last year, the working class in the UK has been engaged in the largest strike wave in decades. There have been struggles on the railways, in hospitals, in schools and universities, at various bus companies around the country, as well as on oil rigs and refineries, among firefighters, workers in Amazon warehouses, and other sectors.

Niger's Coup D'état: Yet Another Chapter in Intensifying Imperialist Rivalries


The Sahel · On July 26, 2023 a military junta presided by Abdourahamane Tchiani, former commander of the presidential guards, overthrew the "democratic" regime of president Mohamed Bazoum. The National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland was proclaimed on state television channel Télé Sahel by the air force Colonel Amadou Abdramane alongside nine more military officers.

Balloting on Tentative Agreement at UPS: Workers' Mobilizations in the USA are Subordinated to the Exigencies of Crisis and Rearmament


It has been a long time since the unions jettisoned the mass assembly, preferring to militate in the murky waters of the secret ballot. Via the latter, 340,000 workers will accept or reject the tentative agreement between August 3 and August 22. IBT local unions have endorsed it by a vote of 161-1. Our comments regarding the details of the agreement will be circumscribed, but it is apparent “the...

Amadeo Bordiga's Prison Manifesto

Introduction · Even in our so-called ‘Communist Left’ circles, it is a little-known fact that Amadeo Bordiga spent most of 1923 (3 February – 26 October) in a Rome prison cell where, as well as preparing his own defence and that of his thirty or so fellow-accused, he drafted a political manifesto on the crisis facing the barely two year old Communist Party of Italy (PCd’I), a manifesto he...

1848: The Working Class Bursts Onto the Scene of History

"Peace to the huts! War on the palaces!" (Georg Büchner, The Hessian Courier, 1834) · The revolutions of 1848 belong to a now bygone era. Yet, the events of 175 years ago have inevitably shaped the modern world. For our rulers, they leave behind a contradictory legacy. For workers, they represent the dawn of a new movement.


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