Health and social assistance

Date Publications Title
2020-04-01 Documents Coronavirus is Not the Same for All
2020-03-29 Documents Capitalism Grappling with Coronavirus
2020-03-24 Documents Humanity's Health or Capitalism's Profit?
2020-03-23 Documents Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus: An Incomplete Chronicle of Events (16-21 March)
2020-03-14 Documents Italy: "We're not Lambs to the Slaughter!" Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus
2020-03-09 Battaglia Comunista Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus and its Fallout
2019-11-25 Documents France: Following the SNCF Mechanics' Struggle, The Fight in the Hospitals Shows the Way
2019-03-29 Aurora (en) The Crisis in Care For the Elderly
2018-01-03 Documents Trump’s Tax “Reform” – The Robbery of the Century
2017-11-06 Documents Universal Credit – Universal Torment – Once More an Attack on the Conditions of the Whole Working Class
2017-03-13 Aurora (en) NHS: On The Critical List
2016-03-10 Aurora (en) Junior Hospital Doctors Take Up the Class Struggle
2015-09-10 Documents Is it the DWP or Capitalism that Kills?
2015-03-19 Documents Universal Credit – the Universal Disaster Coming Our Way?
2015-03-07 Documents Benefit Sanctions – A Cudgel to Beat the Sick and Powerless
2015-02-24 Aurora (en) Social Care in “Calamitous Decline”: There is no solution under capitalism
2014-01-28 Documents The Scandal of Sanctions against Claimants is all Part of the “Plan for Recovery”
2011-07-20 Documents The Aged, Mentally Impaired, and Children: Who Cares?
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives NHS ‘Overhaul’: Front Line in the Firing Line
2011-03-26 Aurora (en) Britain’s New Poor Law 2011
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Death at Work: Capitalism is Bad for Your Health
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