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Gramsci between Marxism and Idealism

Written by Onorato Damen

"The present volume is the product of Damen’s considerations on Gramsci’s shortcomings as an analytical and practical Marxist which he evidently wrote over a period of years. The structure is loose because he died before he completed it and the draft chapters were only discovered posthumously and eventually published in 1982."

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Bordiga Beyond the Myth

Written by Onorato Damen

"The originality and importance of this volume – in a expanded edition including new documents and editorial notes, from the two previous editions: 1971 and 1977 – mainly lies in the documents that throw permanent light on the distinctive development and perspectives of the “Italian Left” over decades (among the most tragic in modern history) in the history of international communism."

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PDF icon Bordiga Beyond the Myth (2018)2.9 MB

Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation

The issue of “consciousness” is one of the most important for the working class and for revolutionaries. Our approach is unashamedly historical and attempts to draw out the real experience of the working class in its struggles of the last two centuries.

For Communism

An Introduction to the Politics of the Internationalist Communist Tendency

PDF icon For Communism (2019)1.19 MB

The ltalian Left and the Formation of the Communist Party of ltaly

We are making available to readers a pdf version of a text on the origins of the Communist Party of Italy which was founded against all the prevarication and manoeuvres of the so-called centrists of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) in 1921. The Communist Party of Italy (PCd'I) was the only Communist Party founded by the Communist Left which adhered to the original revolutionary and internationalist principles of the October Revolution throughout the years of counter-revolution that followed. This document should be read as the first part of our history of the Italian Left. The second part, showing how the "bolshevisation" of the Communist Parties of the Third International led to the overthrow of the Left, can be found in our pamphlet "The Platform of the Committee of Intesa".


Party, Class and Soviets in the October Revolution (Second Edition, November 2007)

In this short history we cannot do full justice to the vitality of the Russian proletariat of 1917. What we have tried to show is that in its historically-discovered form of government, the soviets, it gave a lasting gain for the working class everywhere and how, despite its inevitable subjective errors (much magnified by our class enemy), the Bolshevik Party became a genuinely revolutionary instrument of the Russian proletariat.

Trotsky and Trotskyism

How Trotsky, who made such an enormous contribution to revolutionary practice, ended up giving his name to a movement which returned to the counter-revolutionary errors of Social Democracy.

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