Contracts and wages

Date Publications Title
2024-05-03 Internationalist Notes Unions Don’t Give You the Time of Day!
2020-03-11 Documents Demonstration and Strike of Peroni Workers at Tor Sapienza (Rome)
2020-01-29 Documents American Dream meets the Chinese Dream: A Nightmare on Fuyao Avenue
2020-01-11 Revolutionary Perspectives USA: Overview of Auto Workers' Strike
2019-12-02 Documents The Self-Organised Struggle of Liverpool Couriers Highlights the Difficulties of Organising in the 'Gig Economy'
2019-11-18 Documents Sorry We Missed You: Wage Slavery in the Spotlight
2019-08-31 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Working Class
2018-11-30 Documents Russia: The number of strikes is growing
2018-10-01 Documents The Struggle of the Metro Workers of Granada
2018-09-03 Documents New US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism
2018-04-01 Documents Education Strikes from West Virginia and Kenya to the UK
2018-03-11 Internationalist Notes West Virginia School Employees Strike Sold Out?
2017-10-20 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants – Conned by the Labour Movement
2017-07-28 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants Fight On – Against Labour and their Unions
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Situation of the Working Class Today
2016-10-21 Aurora (en) The Gig Economy: Capitalism’s New Normal
2016-06-06 Documents Iran: The Day They Flogged “God”
2016-06-06 Documents Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2016-06-01 Documents The Strikes in France May 2016
2016-05-13 Documents Ecuador: Against the Attacks of Capital and the State
2016-04-29 Aurora (en) The Minimum Wage Con-Trick
2016-02-14 Documents Detroit Teachers Sickout
2016-01-11 Documents Italy: Solidarity with the Workers of Bormioli di Fidenza
2015-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Telefónica Strikes in Spain
2015-07-04 Documents Workfare - Slavery Without the Wages
2015-06-24 Documents A German-style Strike, Don’t Hold Your Breath ...
2015-06-21 Aurora (en) Fighting Back in the Global Class War
2015-06-07 Documents Spanish Telecom Workers on All-Out Strike
2014-11-12 Battaglia Comunista The Titan Works and the Struggles of “Labour”
2014-10-15 Aurora (en) We’ve done one day strikes and token demonstrations What Now?
2014-05-08 L'Internationale What Common Front?
2014-05-06 Documents The Wages System - Heart of Global Capitalism’s Contradictions
2014-02-12 Documents Canada Post: Victory comes through the extension of our struggle
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Wild Beast is Stalking Europe
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalist Equality Means Low Pay for All
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