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Evidence of the crisis threatening the entire planet is increasingly stark. Desertification, flooding, hurricanes and cyclones, uncontrolled forest fires all destroy the very basis of life for the "women and men of no property" - the worldwide working class. This, of course, is massively increased by the spreading "wars without end". Whole communities are forced to migrate while the bosses' states raise barriers and walls.

London Public Meeting


From Iran to Mexico, a rising tide of strike actions across the globe shows that class resistance to the horrors of capitalism is still the "spectre that haunts" the capitalist class.

At the same time we are also encouraged by the appearance of new militants attracted to the ideas of Internationalist Communism — the only alternative to the abyss towards which capitalism is dragging the entire planet.

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As capitalism’s economic crisis deepens our rulers are determined to make the working class pay for it by increasing exploitation and reducing wages and living conditions.

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As capitalism’s economic crisis deepens our rulers are determined to make the working class pay for it by increasing exploitation and reducing wages and living conditions.

London CWO Meeting

Lessons of the German Revolution

Public Meeting/Discussion organised by the Communist Workers’ Organisation

On November 9 1918 the soldiers, sailors and workers of Kiel and Wilhelmshaven rose in revolt at the continuation of a war which had brought nothing but death, disease and food shortages. Within hours the Kaiser was overthrown and workers’ councils sprang up all over Germany in imitation of those that had taken power in Russia only a year earlier.

Manchester Meeting 'Trade Wars to Military Wars'

The meeting will take place on Saturday the 29th Sept from 1pm to 5pm at the Friends Meeting House (room F18) 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS, which is just behind the central library near Manchester Town Hall.

There will be a short introduction that provides an overview of 20th century wars and their underlying economic and social conditions as these changed from the 19th into the 20th century with a reference to the Marxian analysis of the 'formal and real domination of capital', with plenty of time for discussion.

Organised by the Midlands Discussion Forum

Newcastle upon Tyne Public Meeting

Are we returning to the 1930s?

Public Meeting/Discussion

organised by the Communist Workers’ Organisation

Sheffield Public Meeting



As capitalism’s economic crisis deepens our rulers are determined to make the working class pay for it by increasing exploitation and reducing wages and living conditions.


Welcome to Klasbatalo as Canadian Affiliate of the Internationalist Communist Tendency

May Day Repression in Turin

In Turin the repression began in the early morning, with the charges of the first No Tav [1] demonstrators present. Standing firm but with reduced ranks, it ended with two of the injured being sent to the hospital. Many No Tav demonstrators, for the occasion, also wore a T-shirt depicting Aldrovandi [2], probably not appreciated by those who have embarked on a career in bourgeois state security.

No War But The Class War (NWBCW)

Internationalist communists oppose every war that the capitalist class and their governments create to defend their own selfish interests. This position is nothing new but is the legacy from previous generations who saw that "War or Revolution" is a choice that has to be made clearly and consistently.

Class Struggle Recognises no Borders: We Win Internationally or We Lose Patriotically

It’s Time to Open a New Season of Proletarian Struggle
Serious Event at the Parma ICT Office

Translated into English by the comrades of FICL who we warmly thank

During the night of Wednesday 16 to Thursday 17 May, unknown persons got into our office in borgo San Giuseppe 5, Parma, and have taken tens of volumes from the Dimitri Papaioannoy library. The following Friday morning one comrade passing the office found the mailbox pulled off and thrown in front of the door.

Their crisis and ours
Wisconsin: Workers Protests Get Stuck in the Electoral Swamp

Class War in Wisconsin

Workers' conditions and struggles

Capitalism's New Economy: The Working Class

Class Struggle in China

Teesside Construction Workers Challenge the State

On Thursday 30 May construction workers at the Tees Renewable Energy Plant, owned by MGT Power, walked out in a wildcat action over safety conditions at the site. When workers act on their own class terrain they begin to challenge the capitalist structure as a whole.

Iran and the USA on the Warpath?

When the leaders speak of peace

The common folk know

That war is coming

When the leaders curse war

The mobilisation order is already written out.

Bertolt Brecht in German War Primer (1937)

Solidarność: Trade Unionism or Self-Organisation?

Political and economic crises led to the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. The downturn in the post-war accumulation cycle, the Cold War, the USSR’s disastrous intervention in Afghanistan, as well as the popular revolts in Central and Eastern Europe all played a role. But it is the class struggles of 1980s Poland to which we turn our eye here.

Twenty Years of the National Minimum Wage

Workers' Conditions in UK Warehouses

Bloody Capitalism: Mean Wages Constantly Cut in Iowa's Meatpacking Industry

Letter from the USA: An ICT comrade in the Mid West counters the Financial Times' capitalist perspective

Recently the Financial Times [1] published an article titled Abattoir economics: Trump's immigration policy tests Iowa. As is normal in the capitalist press, there is a lack of historical context alongside the claim that the economy is so great that there just aren't "enough workers" out there. So, they tell us, the four major corporate meat processing entities that own most of the slaughterhouses simply can't get workers to do the job.

Brexit or Not: Workers Have Their Own Battles to Fight

The Brexit pantomime threatens to fracture the traditional political set-up of the British ruling class. Meanwhile the whole issue is diverting attention from the dire situation experienced by the working class. Theresa May has announced that austerity is over but the massive spending cuts that have been implemented over the last decade are not going to be reversed.

It's a Bosses’ Crisis — but Workers Suffer

The Origins and Capture of International Working Women's Day

The Origins of IWWD

International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) was initially spawned from within the workers’ movement, with the aim of drawing in more working women [1] to the fight for the protection of female labour. These workers’ demands included insurance for mother and child, and political rights for working women. [2]

The first unofficial “Women’s Day” took place in the U.S.A. on 28 February, 1909. Socialist women organised large demonstrations and meetings around the country.



At least 70,000 workers from 45 factories—including tens of thousands of auto parts and assembly workers at companies that supply GM, Ford and Fiat-Chrysler—have launched a wildcat strike in the US-Mexico border town of Matamoros.

The strike is a rebellion against both the “maquiladora” manufacturing corporations and the pro-company trade unions. Over 1 million workers endure low wages and sweatshop conditions at the 3,000 “maquiladora” factories that line the Mexican side of the border and account for 65 percent of Mexican exports. It looks like it has the potential to escalate.


  1. 1.19

China has detained student organisers and factory workers in at least three cities as a crackdown against labour protests spreads across the country. Security forces stormed student and worker dormitories in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen on Friday night, according to student activists, taking away five university students, three workers in Guangdong province, as well as several employees at a Shenzhen-based labour rights organisation.

For more from the Financial Times article see: ft.com


It has now spread to other cities.




For a fuller investigation see Sarah O Connor here:



Thousands of teachers on strike in both states following the strike in West Virginia

In Kentucky its the pensions issue again but in Oklahoma the continual cuts in the state budget due to tax cuts has forced schools to shut an extra day a week and some schools find they cannot buy textbooks despite sacking teaching assistants and teachers en masse. edition.cnn.com



More than 200 workers at the flagship rail construction project have downed tools today in solidarity with more colleagues who have been sacked and locked out.