Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair

The CWO will holding a meeting in the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair on May 20 2017. The details and topic will be announced later.

CWO Durham Meeting

The Communist Workers’ Organisation (North East Section) holds regular meetings in Durham open to all who are interested in defending the independence of working class action. These are usually on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in

Alington House

4 North Bailey — Durham — DH1 3NP

The next meeting will be on:

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Main topic: Elections against the working class (details to follow).

IWG online public meeting

Follow the link below to an online public meeting of the IWG held in the USA, Thurs April 6, (7pm/1900hrs -6 UMT). The topic is the reorganization of the IWG in the US as well as a political introduction for any sympathizers where they can ask as direct questions. Anyone who is interested may PM me on reddit for connection info.


CWO London Public Meeting

"How can workers fight exploitation today and prepare for the new society of tomorrow?"

MDF Sheffield Meeting
  • MDF meeting Sheffield Sat Feb 25th.

Topic: ''The Robots are coming - Look Busy: Automation, Work, Class and Communism"*

The next Midlands Discussion Forum meeting is scheduled for Saturday 25 February 2017 between 2 and 6 pm upstairs at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield S12BS, just a short walk from the central Railway and Bus stations. All welcome.

London CWO Meeting in the Anarchist Bookfair

Saturday October 29 2016

at 12.00 noon

CWO Meeting on

After Brexit, Populism, Corbynism etc …

Political crisis in the capitalist class, way forward for the working class?

The global capitalist system has reached an economic impasse. This is reflected in a sense of political uncertainty in ruling class political circles everywhere. Where does this leave the working class and how do we respond to the overlapping crises?

Bordiga Beyond the Myth is now available

Bordiga Beyond the Myth by Onorato Damen is now available in English translation (it already exists in Italian, French and Spanish). It contains 168 pages and includes 114 footnotes to guide English readers plus 4 appendices, one of which is the first full translation in English of Bordiga's famous letter to Karl Korsch. The price of £7.25 includes postage and packaging in the UK.

Midlands Discussion Forum Sheffield Meeting

Midlands Discussion Forum presents an afternoon of discussion on ‘The Left and the Working Class – ideology and practice in both opposition and power – a critical perspective’

There will be a introduction looking at how left relates to both the working class and bourgeois ideology both in theory and practice with plenty of time for discussion.

In Sheffield on the 6th of February from 2pm till 6pm upstairs at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown St, Sheffield, S1 2BS. Which is 5 minutes walk away from both the train and bus station.

Sheffield Public Meeting (with the Free Communist)

The CWO (Yorkshire) section will be holding a discussion forum in the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair with the Free Communist (and possibly others). We don't yet have all the details as the organisers obviously have to coordinate a lot of different requests but the working title is

So many varieties of nationalism. Why we oppose them all.

The bookfair is on 16 May 2015 and you can find out more from www.sheffieldbookfair.org.uk

London Public Meeting

Public Meeting on Islamism and Imperialism: The Rise of the Islamic State

Saturday April 18th 2015

at 2.00 p.m (note not 1.00 as erroneously stated earlier)

245A Lucas Arms

Grays Inn Road



nearest underground Kings Cross


Class Struggle Recognises no Borders: We Win Internationally or We Lose Patriotically

It’s Time to Open a New Season of Proletarian Struggle
Serious Event at the Parma ICT Office

Translated into English by the comrades of FICL who we warmly thank

During the night of Wednesday 16 to Thursday 17 May, unknown persons got into our office in borgo San Giuseppe 5, Parma, and have taken tens of volumes from the Dimitri Papaioannoy library. The following Friday morning one comrade passing the office found the mailbox pulled off and thrown in front of the door.

Their crisis and ours
Wisconsin: Workers Protests Get Stuck in the Electoral Swamp

Class War in Wisconsin

Workers' conditions and struggles

Against Exploitation, Crisis and War - No War But the Class War!

The ANC’s South Africa: Kleptocracy and Exploitation

USA: Unions Welcome the New Boss

As seen above, leaders from the building trades unions posed for pictures with the new President. The operating belief among these union leaders is that they will profit, as petty-capitalists, from hypothetical future national infrastructure projects. The leadership of the AFL-CIO came out in support of the new regime's trade warfare policies. The unions have dug up their own “Buy American” slogan that they coined in the 1970s. As a national chauvinist and patriotic slogan it fits in nicely with the “America First” line of the new lords of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Two Comments on Recent Events around SiCobas in Italy

Trump: The Problem is Still Capitalism

The Rise of the Authoritarian Right

The avalanche of protests at the accession of Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States is unprecedented in modern times. He is a reactionary, racist, sexist bully who peddles hatred and loathing. He responds to every criticism by attacking the messenger, a “technique” he learned from his one-time lawyer, and counsellor to the “Mob”, Roy Cohn. He has already called parts of the US state, its judiciary, its secret services, and the mainstream media, “enemies of the people” for questioning his decisions.

February 1917 – Anatomy of a Revolution

History as a whole and the history of revolutions in particular is always richer in content, more varied, more multiform in character, more lively and ingenious than is imagined by even the best parties... Lenin_[1]_

First, the chronology …

The Situation of the Working Class Today

Economic conditions had in the first place transformed the mass of the people into workers. The domination of capital created the common situation and common interests of this class. Thus this mass is already a class in relation to capital, but not yet a class for itself. In the struggle, of which we have only indicated a few phases this mass unites and forms itself into a class for itself. The interests which it defends become class interests. But the struggle between classes is a political struggle. _(Marx, The Poverty of Philosophy, 1847)_

Class Composition in the Crisis

Hobson’s ‘prophecy’

Mexico’s Turmoil

"A lot of people think it's only the gasoline prices, but the price of gas is just the straw that broke the camel's back.” - anonymous protestor.

From 1923 to Today: The Fight against Racist and Nationalist Attempts to Divide the Working Class



In February, a strike of workers metrostroiteley Construction Management "INGEOKOM". "INGEOKOM" paid one-tenth of the amount promised by the workers - and the strike resumed in March. March also ended only in partial payments. Moreover, on March 30, many workers were dismissed in connection with the expiry of the term of the employment contract. And, of course, without any payments. Collective visits to the President's Reception Office and to the Investigative Committee also did not yield any results on the workers' stolen wages.

In order to quickly finish the story with the recalcitrant workers who do not want to work for free, the leadership of the SMU "INGEOKOM" has begun to take even more decisive measures.

On April 18, about 30% of the debt was paid to workers (not all), after which the workers were announced about an upcoming eviction from the hostel. The management of INGEOKOM, wants to steal with impunity and leave workers without housing.



On Monday March 27, protests took place against the "Plato" system in different parts of Russia. The drivers of the trucks stopped the delivery of consumer goods and parked them in parallel along the roads (partially blocking them) whilst the drivers attended rallies. Truck drivers from more than fifty regions of Russia are taking part in this all-Russian strike. The action is also supported by truckers of the Republic of Belarus, who are also ready to stop transportation across Russia during the strike.

"Plato" is the Russian system of taxing trucks which exceed the maximum permissible weight of 12 tons. From the moment the system was put into operation on November 15, 2015 money has been collected from haulage firms via bills for compensation for damage caused to the federal highways.


In Moscow, metro builders on Tuesday once again went on strike because of non-payment of wages of SMU "Ingeokom", said on the air of the radio station Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) activist Alexander Zimbovsky.

"More than 100 people are on strike, they refused to work because of a small salary. The Labor Code allows it - in case of non-payment of wages for more than two weeks, workers can suspend work, but this is not a few weeks, but several months already, "the activist said.

He recalled that the workers of the SME "Ingeokom" had already carried out a strike because of non-payment of wages in February 2017, then the company's management promised to pay off the salary arrears, but to date has paid only part of the amount.


"All 96 victims were unlawfully killed" For those who need a reminder this is what a comrade wrote 4 years ago



After all the manoeuvres of Tsipras and his supposedly anti-austerity left party pensions which have already been cut are to be cut by another 15-30% to meet the terms of the Third Memorandum with the Troika of the EU, IMF and ECB. All this to obtain money that will only go straight back to Greek creditors and will do nothing to fix the Greek economy. No wonder the pensioners took to the streets in protest but perhaps no surprise that the police, in defence of the Syriza regime, should attack them with cudgels.

  1. 1.16



And these guys were arrested the day before the Paris bombing. Teresa May says new anti-Terrorist measures will be used against "activists" (unspecified) and the French police have already used the state of emergency to block climate change protests and "preentively" arrest over 200 environmentalist activists.



Nov 25. Workers in Rome’s regional bus company have now been on wildcat strike for 3 days. The reason. They have not been paid in 2 months. The strike has caused massive disruption for thousands who use the service to get in and out of the city. It seems that the Roma Tpl bus company which operates 30% of Rome’s buses is refusing to pay the workers because the Rome Town Council has corruptly (it is alleged) held back subsidies to the firm. The firm though is still paying dividends to shareholders and the wages of managers. The workers also realised that the firm would still get its subsidy if any buses operated on the line so they took to mass picketing to prevent any buses leaving the depots. The Rome City Council is now saying it will pay up but as the money won’t reach workers immediately the strike goes on.



Yesterday morning (November 15, the first day of the anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising) a group of 50-60 ‘anarchist’ thugs, armed with sledge hammers, iron sticks, brass knuckles, marbles, stones and molotov cocktails attacked members of tens of ‘leftist ‘organizations (Antarsya, Trotskyists, Maoist, as well as anarcho-syndicalists) who stood with their tables outside the Polytechnic at the center of Athens. The attack was completely unprovoked and without the slightest pretext, accompanied by a shower of sexist abuse and threats. Seven members of these leftist groups were taken to the hospital. Women members were hit in the legs and body with brass knuckles.

According to an anonymous text issued in Athens Indymedia, the ‘anarchist’ team made a mistake as they thought that they are members of the Greek Communist Youth!!!

No anarchist group has condemned this disgusting attack till now.

There is a chronic feud between anarchists and the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

Recently, members of the Communist Party of Greece evicted an anarchist squat for hosting refugees in Lesvos.