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Revolutionary Perspectives #19

Winter/Spring 2022 (Series 4)

The Challenges of 2022
The Historic Failure of COP26
Global Warming: IPCC Report AR6 – Writing a Death Warrant?
Vaccines, Lockdowns and Covid Passes: The Pandemic Goes On But So Does the Class Struggle
Behind the Amazon Curtain
Ukraine and Taiwan: Flashpoints in an Uncertain Imperialist World
Capitalism and Its Discontents: The Many Faces of Leftism

Aurora #2021-10-25

October 2021

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Russia: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, 1905-1924 - A View from the Communist Left

Written by Jock Dominie. £12

The Russian Revolution remains a landmark event in history. For the bourgeois historians, the October Revolution is thought to be a tragedy that set back the achievements of the “democratic” February Revolution, and allowed the Bolsheviks to wreak havoc on their citizens and the world. For the Stalinists, the events of 1917 paved the way for the birth of the USSR, which they point to as a prototypical example of “socialism in one country”. In reality, the February and October Revolutions were both part of the same proletarian revolution.

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Aurora #2021-08-15

August 2021

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Aurora #2021-05-01

May 2021

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Aurora #2021-03-01

March 2021

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1919 #1

February 2021


  • Closing Intransigence
  • Notes on the impacts of the pandemic on workers
  • Vaccine nationalism
  • Reopen or close schools: A lose-lose situation for the working class
  • New year, same crisis
  • Malignant ulcers of capitalism: The proletarian struggle for reproductive freedom (Part 1)
  • Left nationalism and support for imperialist war in the United States
  • Against police reform: For the abolition of capitalism
  • “Democracy under assault”: Democracy for whom?

Aurora #2020-11-19

November 2020

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Aurora #2020-08-01

August 2020

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Aurora #2020-02-14

Spring 2020

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Aurora #2019-11-17

Winter 2019

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Aurora #2019-09-01

Autumn 2019

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Gramsci between Marxism and Idealism

Written by Onorato Damen. £7.50

The present volume is the product of Damen’s considerations on Gramsci’s shortcomings as an analytical and practical Marxist which he evidently wrote over a period of years. The structure is loose because he died before he completed it and the draft chapters were only discovered posthumously and eventually published in 1982.

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Aurora #2019-03-01

Spring 2019

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