Workers Have No Homeland: Internationalist Solidarity with Migrant Workers

Leaflet distributed by NWBCW Turkey.

Migrants forced to migrate due to war, used as cheap labor and subjected to racist attacks. On the one hand, migrants are exploited by working for low wages and in unsafe conditions, and on the other, they are targeted by taking advantage of their vulnerabilities. In this way the capitalist class is trying to divide us, the working class, and divert us from our real struggle. Immigrants are not our enemies, they are an important part of the working class. Our real enemy is capitalism, which slaughters, displaces and exploits innocent people for its own profit.

Capitalism is unable to find a solution to its crisis and the cost of the crisis is borne by the working class in the form of inflation, low wages and unemployment. In this dangerous phase of capitalism, which began with the crisis in Ukraine, even basic needs cannot be guaranteed. With the war between two of the world's largest wheat producers, the G7 has warned of a food crisis. India, which Turkey (dependent on Russia for energy and food) and many other countries turned to, has also banned wheat exports following the Ukraine crisis.

One of the targets blamed by capitalism for causing all this and failing to provide solutions is migrants. Capitalism, which resorts to wars as a solution to falling profit rates with the increase in the organic composition of capital, massacres innocent people and exposes those who are forced to migrate to unsafe conditions and low wages as well as racist attacks. Capitalism tries to divide the working class and prevent us from seeing the real causes and solutions to the crisis by putting people who are more affected by the crisis than all of us, against us. While it offers us anti-immigrant sentiment as a solution, it continues to wage wars. With the generalized wars and the deepening climate crisis, the number of migrant workers will continue to increase. We must organize and stand in solidarity with migrant workers against racism and the capitalism that fuels this racism. We must not take part in this warmongering, we must defend the class struggle against war. The working class has no homeland!

The invasion of Ukraine has caused the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. The chaos of migration has led to problems such as human trafficking, racism against non-European migrants and the inability of trans women to leave the country. Likewise, Syrians and Afghans fleeing the capitalist-inspired war have been caught in the middle of human trafficking. Currently, Syrian and Afghan women are widely sold for money in Turkey. On the other hand, the majority of migrant children do not go to school but work as cheap labor in precarious and dangerous conditions that threaten their health. For the vast majority of migrants, life is just about survival, as it is for the entire working class. In the midst of this reality, the mainstream opposition parties are fueling racism, while the so-called "left" seeks to take sides with the imperialists! The only thing that both the right wing and the left wing of capital expect from the working class is that we work until we die and produce surplus value for the capitalists' profit.

By playing the card of nationalism, capital is trying to prevent the working class from acting together and fueling racism, knowing that war is approaching. However, for the working class, war means either death or more exploitation. All these wars are wars against the working class. To target migrants as a response to all these wars is to defend the interests of the capitalists. In order for the working class to put a stop to the destruction created by capitalism, it must organize internationally and choose class from the choices of nation or class presented to us in the most dangerous phase of capitalism. Only the organized struggle of the working class can end all these wars and the destruction that results from them and create a classless society without private property. We have a world to save before it is too late.

If you agree with the above, contact NWBCW Turkey and join the internationalist struggle against war.

NWBCW Turkey
Sunday, June 12, 2022