2023: Israel-Gaza War

Date Publications Title
2024-06-13 Documents Revolutionary Defeatism Today: Some Questions Answered
2024-05-01 Documents To the Internationalists Attending the Prague Week of Action
2024-04-30 Documents May Day 2024: Down with Nationalism and War - Workers Have No Country!
2024-04-03 Documents Workers Have No Country: Fight War with Class Unity and Class Struggle!
2024-03-27 Documents The Houthi Dynasty, like Hamas, is in the Hands of Imperialism
2024-03-18 Documents CWO Public Meetings on Internationalism: A Balance Sheet
2024-03-04 Pamphlets Imperialist Barbarism in Palestine: Publications on the War in Palestine, 2023-2024, by the Internationalist Communist Tendency
2024-02-29 Documents Yes, Fight and Strike Against War: But Against All Capitalist Factions!
2024-01-30 Aurora (en) Only the Working Class Can Prevent World War Three
2024-01-27 Revolutionary Perspectives Gaza and Beyond: The Bitter Fruits of Capitalism, Nationalism and Imperialism Threaten All Humanity
2024-01-24 Documents A Brief Critique of "Part-Time Internationalism"
2024-01-05 Documents Afterlives of the Anti-Fascist War in the Senescence of a Decadent Social Order
2023-11-13 Aurora (en) Workers Have No Country: No to Nationalism, Yes to Class Unity!
2023-10-30 Documents Imperialist Hypocrisy in the East and West
2023-10-23 Documents The Tasks of Revolutionaries in the Face of Capitalism's Drive to War
2023-10-21 Documents Falsification of History and the Warsaw Ghetto
2023-10-18 Documents There Is No State Solution: Only Class War
2023-10-12 Documents The Descent from Fantasy to Reality in the "Arab-Israeli Conflict"
2023-10-11 Documents The Latest Butchery in the Middle East is Part of the March to Generalised War
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