National Liberation Movements

Date Publications Title
2024-01-24 Documents A Brief Critique of "Part-Time Internationalism"
2023-10-12 Documents The Descent from Fantasy to Reality in the "Arab-Israeli Conflict"
2023-10-11 Documents The Latest Butchery in the Middle East is Part of the March to Generalised War
2021-09-30 Battaglia Comunista The Inexorable Crisis of Capitalism Spreads Misery and War
2021-07-18 Documents Sugarcane Stalinism
2021-05-20 Documents Neither Israel, Nor Palestine: No War but the Class War
2021-03-05 Documents Rosa Luxemburg and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement in Poland
2020-10-17 Documents 1943: An Independent Communist Party in Occupied Poland?
2019-10-12 Documents The Turkish Invasion of Syria
2019-10-05 Documents Zimbabwe: Still a Capitalist Hell
2019-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Struggle in China
2019-05-22 Documents ANC: The Chosen Party for South African Capitalism
2018-06-24 Documents Palestinian Workers Continue to Die for a Capitalist State
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-11-27 Documents Fidel Castro’s Death Leaves the Path of History Unchanged
2016-03-23 Documents Ireland: The 1916 Easter Rising 100 Years On
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The National Question Today and the Poisonous Legacy of the Counter-Revolution
2009-07-20 Documents Inter-ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang: A Proletarian Tragedy
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Georgia on His Mind: Lenin’s Final Fight against “Great-Russian Chauvinism”
2006-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Latin America - Between Populism and Imperialism (Part I)
2005-11-15 Internationalist Notes Capitalist order in East Timor
2005-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The IRA "Stand-down" - Final Proof that "National Liberation Struggles" are Imperialist Proxy Wars
2003-02-01 Aurora (en) Palestine-Israel - Neither One State nor Two but Workers’ Internationalism
2002-11-01 Internationalist Notes Against Israel, Against Palestine - For Class Struggle
2002-08-01 Internationalist Communist War Over Kashmir - A Threat To Us All
2001-11-01 Internationalist Notes National Liberation and Nationalism
2000-10-01 Internationalist Notes Abdullah Öcalan - The Life Work of a “Liberator”...
2000-10-01 Internationalist Notes Vietnam - The Last Remnants of “Real Socialism”
1999-11-01 Pamphlets The Line of Conduct of the Revolutionary Party
1996-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives IRA Bombings and British Government Manoeuvres: Gangsters Against the Working Class
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