Date Publications Title
2022-09-15 Documents Juche: Stalinism and Maoism with Feudal Characteristics
2021-08-12 Documents After the Cuban Protests: Discussion with Proletarios Cabreados
2021-07-23 Documents Cuba is the Latest Episode in the Death Agony of (State) Capitalism
2021-07-18 Documents Sugarcane Stalinism
2020-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Political Platform of the Internationalist Communist Party (1952)
2020-02-05 Documents The Internationalist Communist Party
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-11-27 Documents Fidel Castro’s Death Leaves the Path of History Unchanged
2016-07-16 Documents Hungary 1956: A Workers’ Uprising Against the Party Dictatorship
2015-06-04 Documents Vercesi, the Italian Fraction Abroad and the Internationalist Communist Party
2013-12-01 Documents Cuba: Another Revolution?
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Damen and Bordiga: On the Union Question
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives East Germany 1953-83: Repression and Recession
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Remembering East Germany 1953
2013-07-05 Documents Remembering the Workers’ Rising in East Germany 1953
2013-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bordiga: Beyond the Myth: Five Letters and An Outline of Disagreement
2006-11-01 Pamphlets The Year 1956
2006-11-01 Pamphlets CWO Introduction to the Translations of Texts from Battaglia Comunista
2006-11-01 Pamphlets 1956: Class Revolts in Poland and Hungary
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives 50th Anniversary of Hungarian Workers’ Uprising
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives For Polish Workers the Path to Socialism is One of Armed Insurrection
2006-10-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Hungary 56 - The Myths and the Reality
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