Communist Left Inspired

Date Publications Title
2022-11-25 Documents On the Brazilian Elections
2021-08-12 Documents After the Cuban Protests: Discussion with Proletarios Cabreados
2020-08-29 Documents Domski on the Polish-Soviet War (1920)
2020-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives The Disappointed of 1968: Seeking Refuge in Utopia
2020-08-12 Revolutionary Perspectives "Class Power on Zero-Hours": Learning the Hard Way?
2020-04-04 Documents The Infantile Disorder of Leftism... and the Senile Weakness of Rightism
2019-09-14 Documents On the Establishment of the Group “Emancipación”
2018-11-08 Documents Poland: One Hundred Years of Bourgeois Dictatorship
2018-07-10 Documents Welcome to “Emancipación” (Spain)
2017-07-16 Documents Grzech and Domski at the Fourth Congress of the Communist International (1922)
2016-12-28 Documents Who were the Grzechists?
2015-12-19 Documents A Brief History of the Communist Workers’ Party of Poland
2015-12-15 Documents In Memory of “Rowntree”
2015-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Communist Society - Value, Labour and Time: A reply to Gilles Dauvé
2014-10-07 Documents Communisation
2014-10-07 Revolutionary Perspectives The Period of Transition and its Dissenters
2013-07-05 Documents Remembering the Workers’ Rising in East Germany 1953
2013-05-21 Documents Ten Theses on the Communist Project Today
2013-05-21 Documents Some Basic Programmatic Theses
2012-11-16 Documents Correspondence from Russia
2012-11-04 Documents A New Political Voice in Greece
2012-04-19 Documents Open Letter To Our Fellow Workers in Germany
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Review: Publications from Left Communists in Turkey
2000-01-01 Internationalist Communist Sylvia Pankhurst: The Real Meaning of the Revolutionary Years
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