Social unrest

Date Publications Title
2024-03-26 Documents Haiti: Gang Crisis, An Aspect of the Deepening Capitalist Crisis
2024-02-22 Documents The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution
2023-07-06 Documents On the Recent Riots in France and the Proletarianisation of the Banlieues
2022-11-02 Documents Iran: Imperialist Rivalries and the Protest Movement of "Woman, Life, Freedom"
2022-10-11 Documents Iran: On the Hijab as Labour Discipline, and the Slogan of "Woman, Life, Freedom"
2022-07-17 Documents The Social Tensions in Ecuador
2022-06-26 Documents The Social Tensions in Sri Lanka
2022-01-08 Documents Kazakhstan: The Working Class Attempts to Find its Voice?
2021-11-14 1919 Cuba: The Real Fight Against State Repression Begins with Workers' Self-Organization
2021-08-18 Documents Iran: On Oil and Troubled Water
2021-08-16 Documents South African Riots: The Social Crisis Erupts
2021-02-22 Documents Revolts in Myanmar
2021-01-27 Documents No Future Without a Fight
2020-10-26 Documents Poland: The Assault on Reproductive Rights Continues
2020-09-01 1919 Against Police Reform - For the Abolition of Capitalism
2020-08-24 Documents Belarus: Between Imperialist Feuds and Class Movements
2020-08-20 Documents The Lebanon Disaster: A Metaphor for Modern Capitalism
2020-08-17 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: A New Wave of Struggle
2020-08-15 Documents Strikes in Belarus Escalate as Lukashenko's Power Wavers
2020-08-11 Documents Winds of Change in Belarus: Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy Offer Anything for the Working Class
2020-08-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Murder of George Floyd: The End of Racism Starts with the Death of Capitalism
2020-08-05 Aurora (en) Unrest in the USA: A Perfect Storm
2020-05-30 Documents On Minneapolis: Police Brutality & Class Struggle
2020-03-31 Documents Poll Tax Riots: 30 Years On
2020-03-23 Documents Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus: An Incomplete Chronicle of Events (16-21 March)
2020-03-14 Documents Italy: "We're not Lambs to the Slaughter!" Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus
2019-12-19 Documents Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression
2019-11-20 Documents Perspectives for the Coming Period
2019-10-30 Documents Global Protests: The Relentless Capitalist Crisis Demands the Overthrow of the System
2019-06-19 Documents Sudan: The Dictator Goes but the Regime Lives On
2019-01-18 Documents Some Further Thoughts on the Yellow Vests Movement
2019-01-08 Documents The Crisis of the Sudanese Regime
2018-12-29 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: This Time it is Different
2018-12-11 Documents 1918 — 1968 — 2018
2018-12-07 Documents The Yellow Vests Movement: the Crisis is Deepening
2018-12-07 Documents Paris is on Fire
2018-11-30 Documents Iran: Workers' Strikes and Protests Continue
2018-11-19 Documents The Crisis and the Rise of Workers’ Militancy in Iran
2018-05-10 Documents Iran: Class War against Imperialist Pretensions
2018-04-06 Documents Tragic Events in Russia
2017-08-28 Internationalist Notes Setup in Charlottesville
2017-08-23 Germinal Hamburg G20 Summit – Beyond Broken Glass and Protest
2017-06-08 Documents Venezuela: The Dead-End of the "Bolivarian Road to Socialism"
2016-06-28 Documents France: A New Attack on the Working Class
2016-06-06 Documents Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2016-06-06 Bilan et Perspectives France: What does the “Up All Night” Movement Signify?
2016-06-01 Documents The Strikes in France May 2016
2015-03-27 L'Internationale Springtime in Québec
2014-12-04 Documents The Guayaquil General Strike 1922
2014-11-17 Documents México - The nth Illustration of the Marxist Theory of the Capitalist State
2014-08-24 Internationalist Notes Cop-ocalypse in Ferguson
2014-03-16 Documents Class War in South Africa
2014-03-13 Documents Egypt’s Workers’ Ongoing Struggle
2014-02-23 Documents Bosnian Revolt: Nationalism, "Democracy" and Class
2014-02-03 Documents Ukraine - A Nationalist Dead End
2014-01-06 Documents Class Warfare in Cambodia
2013-08-06 Revolutionary Perspectives An Exchange with Supporters of the Occupy Movement
2013-07-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Street Protests and Class Power: Reflections on Current Events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
2013-06-26 Documents Brazil: Even the BRICs are Showing Signs of Crisis and Social Fragmentation
2013-06-15 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Protest movement in Turkey: The Only Perspective is Class Struggle!
2013-06-06 Documents Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-06-05 Documents From Saving a Park to 500,000 Workers on Strike: Background to the Events in Turkey
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Social Protests in Romania
1995-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives France... The State Attacks Workers
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