Democracy and dictatorship

Date Publications Title
2022-09-12 Documents The Meaning of Workers' Councils in the 21st Century
2021-02-22 Documents Revolts in Myanmar
2021-01-11 Documents Storming of the Capitol: The Working Class Has its Own Battles to Fight
2020-10-02 Documents Their Democracy and Ours
2020-05-18 Documents We Are Against All Institutional Parties
2019-12-17 Documents Fear and Loathing: Electoral Politics in a Capitalist Crisis
2019-11-27 Aurora (en) Don't Play the Capitalist Game! Don't Vote!
2019-09-28 Aurora (en) Workers' Democracy is the Only Real Democracy
2019-09-06 Internationalist Notes Abstention: A Class Response to Capitalist Elections
2018-10-09 Documents Bolsonaro and the Crisis in Brazil
2018-06-11 Documents Sánchez Becomes Prime Minister of Spain
2017-10-23 Documents On the Catalan “Revolution”
2017-09-21 Documents Germany: The 2017 Election Spectacle: Nationalism and False Alternatives
2017-06-02 Aurora (en) Don’t Vote - Prepare the Resistance
2017-05-13 Documents The General Election – More Ruling Class Mystification
2017-03-02 Documents February 1917 – Anatomy of a Revolution
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-11-28 Internationalist Notes US Elections – Never Gamble on the Sanity of the Ruling Class
2016-11-27 Documents Fidel Castro’s Death Leaves the Path of History Unchanged
2016-08-09 Revolutionary Perspectives The Labour Party Crisis is a Crisis of the Capitalist Class
2016-07-29 Revolutionary Perspectives Sanders’ Electoral Campaign in the US
2016-07-18 Documents Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-07-17 Documents Coup in Turkey - People Power?
2016-03-11 Internationalist Notes Sanders, Trump & the US Election
2015-11-20 Documents Democratisation – a Game They Say We Can All Play!
2015-10-15 Documents USA: Fixing the Electoral Machine
2015-10-11 Documents JC – Labour’s Second Coming?
2015-01-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo Murders
2014-04-30 Internationalist Notes The Arcane World of Capitalist Electoral Politics in the U.S.
2014-02-23 Documents Bosnian Revolt: Nationalism, "Democracy" and Class
2013-12-14 Documents Iran: The Ruling Class Unites Around Rouhani’s Nuclear Diplomacy
2013-12-10 Documents Mandela – A Hero for Capitalism
2013-10-09 Documents The Real Dilemma is not "Parliamentarism OR Fascism" But "Socialism OR Barbarism"
2013-09-16 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Germany’s Election Spectacle 2013: We have no choice but the class struggle!
2013-08-31 Prometeo The Continuing Crisis in Egypt, More Power Games While the Masses Are Dying Of Hunger And Poverty
2013-07-04 Documents Egypt’s Crisis Goes On: Power Struggles at the Top Whilst Those at the Bottom Die of Hunger and Poverty
2013-06-15 Sozialismus oder Barbarei Protest movement in Turkey: The Only Perspective is Class Struggle!
2013-06-06 Documents Some Considerations on the Demonstrations in Turkey
2013-06-05 Documents From Saving a Park to 500,000 Workers on Strike: Background to the Events in Turkey
2013-02-06 Battaglia Comunista The Vote is only a Trick
2012-05-13 Documents Putin's Plutocratic Rule Continues
2010-03-31 Documents Abstentionism
2009-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Power – The Fundamental Question of the State in Capitalist Society
2009-05-16 Documents Fascism and the British National Party
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