Date Publications Title
2024-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part IV)
2023-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part III)
2023-02-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part II)
2022-11-17 Aurora (en) Capitalist Crisis: Survival of the Richest
2022-08-31 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part I)
2022-08-17 Aurora (en) The Unaffordable Price of Capitalism
2022-08-14 Revolutionary Perspectives The Cost-of-Living Crisis is a Capitalist Crisis
2021-12-30 Documents Happy Holidays from the Capitalists: Economic Misery and Disease in our Stockings
2021-09-30 Battaglia Comunista The Inexorable Crisis of Capitalism Spreads Misery and War
2021-09-21 Documents Climate-Production-Capital
2021-09-13 Documents The End of Bretton Woods: A Contemporary Analysis
2021-08-31 Revolutionary Perspectives Only the World's Workers Can Save Us from a Capitalist Cataclysm
2021-08-15 Revolutionary Perspectives 1971-2021: 50 Years Since the USA Reneged on Bretton Woods
2021-04-29 Aurora (en) May Day 2021: The Only Future for Humanity is Communist Revolution
2021-04-22 Documents Brexit: The Ruling Class Shoots Itself in the Foot
2021-03-10 Aurora (en) There isn't a Vaccine against Capitalism
2021-02-08 Revolutionary Perspectives Communist Work in a Covid Crisis: A Framework
2020-11-30 Aurora (en) Coronavirus - Axe Falls on the Working Class
2020-10-30 Documents MMT: A Bankrupt Theory for a Bankrupt Capitalism
2020-10-23 Documents France isn't a Special Case in the General Crisis of Capitalism
2020-09-15 Documents A Class Compass in the Covid Crisis
2020-09-04 Documents The Revolutionary Contribution of Paul Mattick
2020-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives The Disappointed of 1968: Seeking Refuge in Utopia
2020-08-14 Revolutionary Perspectives Covid Crisis or Capitalist Crisis
2020-08-13 Documents Some Clarifications on Roberts' Idea of the Falling Rate of Profit
2020-08-03 Aurora (en) A Crisis of Capitalist "Civilisation"
2020-05-20 Documents War, Famine and Disease
2020-05-06 Documents Reflections on the Coronavirus and Economic Crises
2020-05-03 Documents Capitalism and Covid: Paycheques and Rents
2020-04-30 Documents Covid-19 Exposes the Irrationality of Capitalism
2020-04-29 Aurora (en) May Day 2020: Against the Virus that is Capitalism
2020-04-21 Documents The Pandemic and the Crisis
2020-04-17 Documents The Pandemic and the Worsening Crisis: Some Reflections on the Consequences and Perspectives
2020-04-16 Documents "All in it Together" or Class against Class
2020-04-10 Documents Reflections on Coronavirus and the Economic Crisis
2020-04-07 Documents The Virus is Capitalism
2020-03-29 Documents Capitalism Grappling with Coronavirus
2020-03-25 Documents What's the System? Review of an Angry Workers Pamphlet
2020-03-24 Documents Humanity's Health or Capitalism's Profit?
2020-03-23 Documents Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus: An Incomplete Chronicle of Events (16-21 March)
2020-03-21 Documents The Four Horsemen of Capitalist Decay
2020-03-14 Documents Italy: "We're not Lambs to the Slaughter!" Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus
2020-03-09 Battaglia Comunista Initial Thoughts on Coronavirus and its Fallout
2020-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives The Current Crisis and the Tasks of Communists
2020-01-17 Documents Today is Grey but the Future Looks Black
2019-12-19 Documents Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression
2019-12-17 Documents Fear and Loathing: Electoral Politics in a Capitalist Crisis
2019-12-13 Aurora (en) Workers are Paying for the Bosses' Crisis
2019-12-04 Aurora (en) Brexit: Ruling Class Crisis
2019-11-20 Documents Perspectives for the Coming Period
2019-11-09 Documents The Fall of the Berlin Wall and “The End of History”
2019-11-08 Documents The Shadow of September 2008 Continues to Lengthen
2019-10-30 Documents Global Protests: The Relentless Capitalist Crisis Demands the Overthrow of the System
2019-09-19 Aurora (en) Only the Working Class Can Save the Planet
2019-09-17 Documents "Learned Considerations" on the Future of Capitalism "after" the End of the Current Crisis
2019-08-20 Documents British Bosses' Political Crisis
2019-08-12 Documents “Capitalism is Dead” (George Monbiot) but Only the World Working Class Can Bury It
2019-05-10 Documents Civil War in Venezuela: An Economic and Human Catastrophe
2019-04-26 Aurora (en) Crisis, War and Environmental Catastrophe: There is No Alternative to the Social Revolution!
2019-03-26 Aurora (en) No War But The Class War (NWBCW)
2019-03-18 Documents An Initial Response to the Comrades of the IGCL
2019-03-04 Documents Honda, General Motors: Global Crisis and the Car Industry
2019-02-04 Documents The Venezuelan Crisis
2019-01-28 Documents Against All Capitalist Factions! For Proletarian Independence!
2019-01-22 Revolutionary Perspectives A Decade Since the Financial Crash
2019-01-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Fight Capitalism – Not its Symptoms
2018-10-07 Documents Against Pension “Reform" in Russia
2018-09-17 Revolutionary Perspectives US Power and the New Course Towards War
2018-09-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Are We Going Back to the 1930s?
2018-08-27 Aurora (en) Out of this capitalist impasse: A New World Has to Take Shape
2018-08-23 Documents Syriza 2018: a Blast from the Past
2018-08-17 Aurora (en) No War But the Class War
2018-07-11 Documents Brexit – Ruling Class Strategic Chaos Unleashes Parliamentary Pantomime
2018-07-07 Documents AMLO or the "anti-imperialism" of the Mexican bourgeoisie
2018-06-01 Internationalist Notes USA: The Role of the Union in the Teachers Strikes
2018-05-30 Documents Against Imperialist Massacres: No War but the Class War!
2018-05-17 Documents What’s going on in Argentina?
2018-05-10 Documents Iran: Class War against Imperialist Pretensions
2018-04-25 Documents Against Nationalism and War!
2018-04-06 Documents Tragic Events in Russia
2018-02-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Brexit 2018: The Ruling Class Nightmare Continues
2018-02-02 Documents Carillion’s Failure and the Private Finance Initiative
2018-01-30 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism’s Crisis of Stagnation and Austerity
2018-01-21 Documents Bitcoin: Make Way for Cryptomoney!
2018-01-16 Documents Iranian Protests against Austerity
2018-01-12 Documents Does Venezuela have a Future?
2018-01-03 Documents Trump’s Tax “Reform” – The Robbery of the Century
2017-12-24 Documents Catalonian Election: Another Example of a Capitalist Impasse
2017-11-06 Documents Universal Credit – Universal Torment – Once More an Attack on the Conditions of the Whole Working Class
2017-11-02 Documents From Catalonia/Spain: Against All Nationalisms
2017-10-23 Documents On the Catalan “Revolution”
2017-10-19 Documents Neither Chavismo Nor Anti-Chavismo: For the Autonomous Struggle of the Working Class
2017-09-25 Aurora (en) Ten Years Since the Financial Crash: What Price Education?
2017-07-26 Revolutionary Perspectives A Crisis of the Entire System
2017-06-30 Revolutionary Perspectives The USA, Qatar and ‘New’ Imperialist Alignments
2017-06-08 Documents Venezuela: The Dead-End of the "Bolivarian Road to Socialism"
2017-05-22 Aurora (en) Fight for an End to Capitalism - The Only Way to a Better Life
2017-04-28 Documents Against Exploitation, Crisis and War - No War But the Class War!
2017-04-15 Documents With Europe, Against Europe? For Class Struggle and Organisation!
2017-04-08 Documents It’s War
2017-02-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Behind the Crisis: Marx’s Dialectic of Value and Knowledge, Guglielmo Carchedi
2017-02-03 Revolutionary Perspectives Russia, China and the USA’s New World Disorder
2017-01-21 Documents Mexico’s Turmoil
2016-11-28 Internationalist Notes US Elections – Never Gamble on the Sanity of the Ruling Class
2016-10-31 Documents Is Capitalism Past its Sell-by Date? Review of Michael Roberts "The Long Depression"
2016-10-27 Documents On Deutsche Bank, its financial crimes and the unending crisis
2016-10-21 Aurora (en) The Gig Economy: Capitalism’s New Normal
2016-08-23 Revolutionary Perspectives There is No Capitalist Solution to a Deepening Economic Crisis
2016-08-13 Documents Hinkley Point – Ruling Class in Disarray after Brexit Vote
2016-08-04 Revolutionary Perspectives Brexit Vote Only Highlights Global Capitalism’s Impasse
2016-07-18 Documents Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-06-28 Documents France: A New Attack on the Working Class
2016-06-27 Documents Brexit Vote – Another Sign of Global Capitalism’s Deepening Crisis
2016-06-06 Documents Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2016-06-01 Documents The Strikes in France May 2016
2016-05-16 Documents Swimming Against the Stream, the Challenge for Revolutionaries
2016-05-13 Documents Ecuador: Against the Attacks of Capital and the State
2016-04-30 Aurora (en) Against Exploitation, Crisis and War
2016-04-19 Documents UK Capital – New Steps, New Drama, New Pain for the Working Class
2016-03-21 Documents Finance, Money and … Helicopters
2016-02-17 Documents Let’s Put an End to the Madness, Irrationality and Violence of Capitalism Before it Destroys Us
2016-02-04 Revolutionary Perspectives The Vanishing Recovery of Global Capitalism
2015-11-27 Documents Turkey Downs a Russian Warplane
2015-10-27 Documents Greek Conscripts: "We Won't Take Part In Fighting Migrants"
2015-10-21 Aurora (en) Capitalist Crisis Brings Human Tragedies
2015-08-15 Documents Internationalist Comrades’ Statement on the 5th July Referendum
2015-08-04 Revolutionary Perspectives On the Supposed International Economic Recovery
2015-07-27 Revolutionary Perspectives Greece and the World: Austerity and Capitalist Crisis Go On
2015-07-21 Documents Greece - Notes Following the July 5 Referendum
2015-07-10 Documents Greece - Solidarity with the Workers not the Capitalist Government!
2015-07-05 Documents On the Greek Referendum
2015-06-21 Aurora (en) Fighting Back in the Global Class War
2015-06-19 Aurora (en) Get Rid of Capitalism Not Just the Tories
2015-03-16 Documents Greek Internationalists on the SYRIZA Climbdown
2015-03-07 Documents Benefit Sanctions – A Cudgel to Beat the Sick and Powerless
2015-02-28 Documents A Comment on the Repercussions of the Greek-European Union Eurogroup Accord
2015-02-28 Documents The Problem is Bigger than PEGIDA: The Real Issue is Capitalism
2015-02-24 Aurora (en) Social Care in “Calamitous Decline”: There is no solution under capitalism
2015-02-22 Battaglia Comunista Ukraine: Torn Apart by Imperialist Conflict
2015-02-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Oil and the Shifting Sands of Imperialism
2015-02-04 Documents International Statement on the Greek Elections
2015-02-03 Aurora (en) The Housing Crisis is Part of Capitalism's Crisis
2015-02-03 Aurora (en) The Rise and Rise of the World's Homeless: Capitalism's Empty Promises
2015-01-28 Documents Austerity in Sheffield - Labour Council rips into Council Housing
2015-01-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Crisis is Not Going Away
2015-01-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Charlie Hebdo Massacre
2015-01-05 Battaglia Comunista Will SYRIZA save us from the clutches of “European” capitalism?
2014-12-10 Documents The Price of Oil Collapses Whilst Imperialist Competition Rises
2014-11-17 Documents México - The nth Illustration of the Marxist Theory of the Capitalist State
2014-10-15 Aurora (en) We’ve done one day strikes and token demonstrations What Now?
2014-09-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Economic Crisis, War and Revolution
2014-07-10 Aurora (en) “Inclusive Capitalism”? The Bosses Really are Worried!
2014-07-10 Aurora (en) Public Sector Workers Strike: Time to Go Beyond Rituals
2014-06-09 Prometeo Ukraine’s Crisis – Local Players and Imperialist Games
2014-05-05 Aurora (en) More Austerity? It’s Capitalism, Stupid!
2014-05-01 Aurora (en) Capitalism Means War: The Only Alternative is Class War
2014-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2014-03-21 Documents War Games — Ukraine as the Focus of Imperialist Conflict
2014-02-26 Documents Venezuela: Recent Events Since the Death of Chavez and the Election of Maduro
2014-02-16 Aurora (en) Their "Plan for our Recovery": Over Our Dead Bodies
2014-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Housing is a Basic Need Not a Commodity
2014-02-11 Revolutionary Perspectives ‘Recovery’: Whose Recovery?
2014-02-03 Documents Ukraine - A Nationalist Dead End
2013-11-15 Battaglia Comunista Italy: Hunger, sweat and tears whilst waiting for the (supposed) recovery
2013-11-02 Documents Grangemouth: A Chronicle of our Time
2013-10-25 Aurora (en) Good News For Capital - For the Working Class: The Mixture As Before
2013-09-14 Documents Lehman Brothers 5 Years On: The Emperor Still Has No Clothes
2013-09-12 Documents Syria: Another Unending Imperialist Agony
2013-08-17 Documents The Egyptian Proletariat Between the Hammer and the Anvil of the Bourgeoisie
2013-08-03 Revolutionary Perspectives The Difficult Path to an International Workers’ Fight-back
2013-07-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Street Protests and Class Power: Reflections on Current Events in Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
2013-07-05 Documents Remembering the Workers’ Rising in East Germany 1953
2013-06-26 Documents Brazil: Even the BRICs are Showing Signs of Crisis and Social Fragmentation
2013-05-30 Documents Stockholm is Burning
2013-04-17 Documents Thatcher is Dead but the System that Spawned Her Has to be Buried
2013-04-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Eurozone Crawls Towards Federation
2013-04-01 Internationalist Notes USA: A PR Campaign for Austerity—A More “Flexible” System of Layoffs in the Offing for Workers
2013-02-26 Aurora (en) The Problem is the Global Capitalist Crisis
2013-02-23 Aurora (en) Is the Worm Turning?
2013-01-26 Aurora (en) Bedroom Tax: Another Vicious Attack on the Working Class
2012-12-14 Documents The Pathetic Path of Italian Politics
2012-11-16 Documents Correspondence from Russia
2012-11-06 Battaglia Comunista What is the Alternative?
2012-10-29 Aurora (en) A Future that Works is One Without Capitalism
2012-10-26 Documents Capitalist Crisis, Causes and Consequences – A brief overview.
2012-10-12 Documents The Crisis in Iran
2012-09-24 Revolutionary Perspectives The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall, the Crisis and its ‘Detractors’
2012-09-13 Documents Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
2012-08-30 Documents The Brick
2012-06-11 Revolutionary Perspectives Report on the Manchester Meeting of the CWO
2012-05-21 Internationalist Notes Update on Wisconsin: Elections and Austerity
2012-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The Eurozone Crisis: There is an Alternative but it is not on Any Electoral List
2012-04-19 Documents Open Letter To Our Fellow Workers in Germany
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives The Fall in the Average Rate of Profit - the Crisis and its Consequences
2009-09-16 Documents Does the tendency for average profit rates to fall exist?
2009-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Cost of the Crisis So Far
2009-07-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism is a State-sponsored Ponzi Scheme
2009-04-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Time to Turn "the Spectre" into Reality
2009-02-20 Documents The Problem is Global Capitalism!
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Is Capitalism Finished? Report on a CWO Open Meeting
2008-12-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Is Capitalism Finished?
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Re-Reading Marx in the Light of the Sub-Prime Crisis
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalist Financial Crisis: The Worst is Still to Come
2007-11-13 Documents The Sub-prime Crisis Shakes the World Economy
2007-11-01 Internationalist Notes Housing and Market Turmoil in the US
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Dynamic of Capitalism and Its Crisis - A Reply to the ICC - Part One
2007-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Accumulation of Contradictions or The Economic Consequences of Rosa Luxemburg
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