Exploitation and accumulation

Date Publications Title
2024-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part IV)
2023-02-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part II)
2022-08-31 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part I)
2020-09-17 Documents Cafiero and Marx: "Capital" in a Nutshell?
2020-08-13 Documents Some Clarifications on Roberts' Idea of the Falling Rate of Profit
2020-04-25 Documents International Workers' Memorial Day: We Don't Want To Die For Your Profits!
2020-03-03 Documents Supplementary Thoughts on The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Ongoing Great Money Trick
2020-01-24 Documents Between Robots and Cryptocurrency
2020-01-15 Prometeo In Absorbing Science and Technology, Capital is Digging its Own Grave
2019-11-01 Documents Precarity and the 'Gig Economy'
2019-08-22 Revolutionary Perspectives Review of Money and Totality by Fred Moseley
2019-08-07 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Illusion of a Productive Economy
2019-07-25 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Booming Financial Sector
2019-07-10 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Value of Capitalist Services
2019-07-02 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Case of the UK
2018-10-01 Documents The Struggle of the Metro Workers of Granada
2018-09-03 Documents New US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism
2018-05-15 Documents The Horror, the Horror of World Imperialism
2017-04-22 Documents The ANC’s South Africa: Kleptocracy and Exploitation
2017-03-10 Aurora (en) Trump: The Problem is Still Capitalism
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Situation of the Working Class Today
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Composition in the Crisis
2016-10-21 Aurora (en) The Gig Economy: Capitalism’s New Normal
2016-06-28 Documents France: A New Attack on the Working Class
2016-04-29 Aurora (en) The Minimum Wage Con-Trick
2016-02-17 Documents Let’s Put an End to the Madness, Irrationality and Violence of Capitalism Before it Destroys Us
2016-01-11 Documents Italy: Solidarity with the Workers of Bormioli di Fidenza
2015-10-02 Battaglia Comunista We are Against Capitalism
2015-08-10 Internationalist Notes United Auto Workers in Concessions Talks with the Big Three
2015-08-04 Revolutionary Perspectives On the Supposed International Economic Recovery
2015-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Telefónica Strikes in Spain
2015-07-10 Revolutionary Perspectives Osborne’s Smoke and Mirrors Budget
2014-06-18 Documents South African Platinum Miners’ Strike
2014-05-17 Documents Turkish Miners: Soma Workers Murdered for Profits
2014-05-05 Aurora (en) More Austerity? It’s Capitalism, Stupid!
2014-03-16 Documents Class War in South Africa
2014-03-13 Documents Egypt’s Workers’ Ongoing Struggle
2014-03-11 Battaglia Comunista The Historical and Transitory Character of Wage Labour
2014-02-16 Aurora (en) Their "Plan for our Recovery": Over Our Dead Bodies
2014-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Amazon – A Modern Capitalist Microcosm
2014-02-12 Documents Canada Post: Victory comes through the extension of our struggle
2014-02-11 Revolutionary Perspectives ‘Recovery’: Whose Recovery?
2014-01-28 Documents The Scandal of Sanctions against Claimants is all Part of the “Plan for Recovery”
2014-01-14 Battaglia Comunista European Proposals on Youth Unemployment
2013-11-02 Documents Grangemouth: A Chronicle of our Time
2013-10-25 Aurora (en) Good News For Capital - For the Working Class: The Mixture As Before
2013-04-28 Documents Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Workers Lives are Expendable for Capital
2012-05-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Workfare: A Scroungers Charter
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives The Fall in the Average Rate of Profit - the Crisis and its Consequences
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