Workers' conditions and struggles

Date Publications Title
2021-12-05 Documents Striking Kellogg's Workers: Don't Settle for Crumbs!
2021-11-25 Documents USA: "Striketober", An Unprecedented Wave of Strikes
2021-11-12 Aurora (en) Working Class Revolution is the Only Solution
2021-11-10 Documents Report from the Kellogg's Workers Strike
2021-10-31 Documents The Struggle of the Iranian Oil Workers Goes On
2021-10-25 1919 Covid Capitalism is Still Killing Workers Across the World
2021-10-22 1919 Agricultural Migrant Workers During Pandemic Capitalism
2021-10-21 Documents The Generalized Crisis Requires a Generalized Struggle
2021-10-17 Documents The Italian General Strike
2021-10-13 Documents Striking Kellogg's Workers: Take Control of the Struggle!
2021-10-08 Documents Anti-Lockdown Protests and Working-Class Activity in Australia
2021-10-04 Documents The GKN Struggle and the October "General Strike" In Italy
2021-09-10 Documents Iran: Oil Workers Reject Trade Unions
2021-08-18 Documents Iran: On Oil and Troubled Water
2021-08-17 Aurora (en) End of Lockdown, No End to Workers Paying for It
2021-08-10 Documents Iranian Oil Workers Strike Update
2021-07-28 Documents Iranian Oil and Petrochemical Workers' Strikes Go On
2021-07-12 Documents Let's Get Political!
2021-06-25 Documents Sparks' Power in Tyne & Wear: Wildcat Action Wins Back Jobs
2021-06-24 Documents A Victim of the Bosses, A Victim of Capitalism
2021-06-17 Documents Italy: Class Solidarity with the FedEx and Texprint Workers
2021-06-10 Documents Homes to Those Who Live in Them!
2021-05-14 Aurora (en) The Working Class Response
2021-05-04 Documents The Bosses' Assault is the Bosses' Recovery!
2021-04-26 Documents Solidarity with Firefighters, Paramedics, and Hospital Workers!
2021-04-23 Documents Solidarity and Self-Organisation are the Weapons of the Working Class
2021-03-16 Documents Italy: The Capitalist Attacks Are Already Beginning
2021-03-08 Documents 8 Historical Working Women Moments for 8 March
2021-03-03 Documents "We the Workers": China Behind the Scenes
2021-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Mythology About the Middle Class and the Class Struggle
2021-02-05 Documents A Sign of Things to Come
2021-02-03 Documents NYC Produce Workers' Strike: Capitalism's Treatment of its "Essential Workers"
2020-12-31 1919 New Year, Same Crisis
2020-11-30 Aurora (en) Coronavirus - Axe Falls on the Working Class
2020-11-24 Documents A Quick Glimpse at the Current State of the Pandemic in Oceania
2020-10-28 Documents Capitalism and its States against the Working Class, once again on the Front Line just as in the World Wars
2020-08-24 Documents Belarus: Between Imperialist Feuds and Class Movements
2020-08-17 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: A New Wave of Struggle
2020-08-15 Documents Strikes in Belarus Escalate as Lukashenko's Power Wavers
2020-08-12 Revolutionary Perspectives "Class Power on Zero-Hours": Learning the Hard Way?
2020-08-06 Aurora (en) Why the Working Class is Key
2020-08-04 Aurora (en) Pandemic Politics in the UK
2020-07-12 Documents For Migrant Labourers An Amnesty with Capitalism Is a Mockery
2020-06-12 Documents The Virus is Capitalism, the Revolutionary Proletariat is the Cure
2020-05-25 Documents 50 Years of Equal Exploitation?
2020-05-20 Documents War, Famine and Disease
2020-05-08 Documents Austerity for the Essential: The Struggle of Personal Support Workers
2020-05-05 Aurora (en) "All in this Together"? A Sick Joke
2020-05-03 Documents Capitalism and Covid: Paycheques and Rents
2020-04-30 Documents Covid-19 Exposes the Irrationality of Capitalism
2020-04-29 Aurora (en) May Day 2020: Against the Virus that is Capitalism
2020-04-28 Documents Scrubs: The Story from the Bottom Up
2020-04-25 Documents International Workers' Memorial Day: We Don't Want To Die For Your Profits!
2020-04-22 Documents What Does the Communist Left Do?
2020-04-21 Documents The Pandemic and the Crisis
2020-04-07 Documents The Virus is Capitalism
2020-04-01 Documents Coronavirus is Not the Same for All
2020-03-31 Documents Poll Tax Riots: 30 Years On
2020-03-23 Documents Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus: An Incomplete Chronicle of Events (16-21 March)
2020-03-14 Documents Italy: "We're not Lambs to the Slaughter!" Class Struggle in the Time of Coronavirus
2020-03-11 Documents Demonstration and Strike of Peroni Workers at Tor Sapienza (Rome)
2020-03-02 Aurora (en) Strikes Against Pension Reform in France
2020-01-29 Documents American Dream meets the Chinese Dream: A Nightmare on Fuyao Avenue
2020-01-11 Revolutionary Perspectives USA: Overview of Auto Workers' Strike
2019-12-13 Aurora (en) Workers are Paying for the Bosses' Crisis
2019-12-02 Documents The Self-Organised Struggle of Liverpool Couriers Highlights the Difficulties of Organising in the 'Gig Economy'
2019-11-25 Documents France: Following the SNCF Mechanics' Struggle, The Fight in the Hospitals Shows the Way
2019-11-18 Documents Sorry We Missed You: Wage Slavery in the Spotlight
2019-11-01 Documents Precarity and the 'Gig Economy'
2019-08-31 Documents Capitalism's New Economy: The Working Class
2019-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Struggle in China
2019-06-06 Documents Teesside Construction Workers Challenge the State
2019-05-30 Documents Iran and the USA on the Warpath?
2019-05-17 Documents Solidarność: Trade Unionism or Self-Organisation?
2019-05-15 Aurora (en) Twenty Years of the National Minimum Wage
2019-05-08 Documents Workers' Conditions in UK Warehouses
2019-04-10 Documents Bloody Capitalism: Mean Wages Constantly Cut in Iowa's Meatpacking Industry
2019-03-22 Aurora (en) Brexit or Not: Workers Have Their Own Battles to Fight
2019-03-07 Documents The Origins and Capture of International Working Women's Day
2019-02-24 Documents International Solidarity with the Wildcat Strikes of the Mexican Maquiladoras
2019-01-31 Documents Mexico's Turmoil Continues: The Maquiladora Strikes
2019-01-24 Documents Mexico: Between Barbarism and Class Struggle
2019-01-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Fight Capitalism – Not its Symptoms
2018-12-29 Documents Workers' Strikes in Iran: This Time it is Different
2018-11-30 Documents Russia: The number of strikes is growing
2018-11-30 Documents Iran: Workers' Strikes and Protests Continue
2018-11-19 Documents The Crisis and the Rise of Workers’ Militancy in Iran
2018-10-07 Documents Against Pension “Reform" in Russia
2018-10-01 Documents The Struggle of the Metro Workers of Granada
2018-09-13 Aurora (en) The Working Class Holds the Key to a New World
2018-09-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Are We Going Back to the 1930s?
2018-09-03 Documents New US Prison Strike Takes us to the Dark Heart of Capitalism
2018-08-27 Aurora (en) Out of this capitalist impasse: A New World Has to Take Shape
2018-08-23 Documents Syriza 2018: a Blast from the Past
2018-08-13 Documents Italy: Is Salvini’s League a Nazi Party?
2018-07-16 Documents Italy: The “Government of Change” is still anti-Working Class
2018-06-01 Internationalist Notes USA: The Role of the Union in the Teachers Strikes
2018-05-17 Documents What’s going on in Argentina?
2018-05-15 Documents The Horror, the Horror of World Imperialism
2018-05-13 Aurora (en) New Class Composition, New Struggles
2018-05-10 Documents Iran: Class War against Imperialist Pretensions
2018-04-14 Documents Universal Basic Income
2018-04-01 Documents Education Strikes from West Virginia and Kenya to the UK
2018-03-11 Internationalist Notes West Virginia School Employees Strike Sold Out?
2018-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Autonomism – “Many Flowers Little Fruit”
2018-02-10 Documents Solidarity with the GDN Logistics workers
2018-01-30 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism’s Crisis of Stagnation and Austerity
2018-01-16 Documents Iranian Protests against Austerity
2018-01-12 Documents Does Venezuela have a Future?
2017-11-23 Documents For a Class Analysis of the Housing Question
2017-10-31 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants – Not Finished Yet?
2017-10-20 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants – Conned by the Labour Movement
2017-10-19 Documents Neither Chavismo Nor Anti-Chavismo: For the Autonomous Struggle of the Working Class
2017-07-28 Documents Durham Teaching Assistants Fight On – Against Labour and their Unions
2017-06-21 Documents Grenfell Tower: A Tragedy Foretold
2017-06-02 Aurora (en) Don’t Vote - Prepare the Resistance
2017-05-22 Aurora (en) Fight for an End to Capitalism - The Only Way to a Better Life
2017-05-13 Documents The General Election – More Ruling Class Mystification
2017-04-28 Documents Against Exploitation, Crisis and War - No War But the Class War!
2017-04-22 Documents The ANC’s South Africa: Kleptocracy and Exploitation
2017-04-06 Documents USA: Unions Welcome the New Boss
2017-03-21 Documents Two Comments on Recent Events around SiCobas in Italy
2017-03-10 Aurora (en) Trump: The Problem is Still Capitalism
2017-03-02 Documents February 1917 – Anatomy of a Revolution
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Situation of the Working Class Today
2017-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Composition in the Crisis
2017-01-21 Documents Mexico’s Turmoil
2016-12-02 Documents From 1923 to Today: The Fight against Racist and Nationalist Attempts to Divide the Working Class
2016-11-13 Documents Lest We Forget, 1916 And All That: What has it got to do with us?
2016-11-11 Documents Italy: We fight against the growth in poverty and insecurity!
2016-10-21 Aurora (en) The Gig Economy: Capitalism’s New Normal
2016-07-24 Documents Letter from Mexico on Teachers Fight against Privatisation of Schools
2016-07-08 Internationalist Notes USA: Prison Struggles Spread Nationwide
2016-06-28 Documents France: A New Attack on the Working Class
2016-06-06 Documents Iran: The Day They Flogged “God”
2016-06-06 Documents Strikes in France - A Brief Introduction
2016-06-06 Bilan et Perspectives France: What does the “Up All Night” Movement Signify?
2016-06-01 Documents The Strikes in France May 2016
2016-05-13 Documents Ecuador: Against the Attacks of Capital and the State
2016-04-30 Aurora (en) Against Exploitation, Crisis and War
2016-04-29 Aurora (en) The Minimum Wage Con-Trick
2016-04-19 Documents UK Capital – New Steps, New Drama, New Pain for the Working Class
2016-03-18 Aurora (en) Migrants: Welcome to the Class Struggle
2016-03-10 Aurora (en) Junior Hospital Doctors Take Up the Class Struggle
2016-02-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Theses on the Role of Communists in the Economic Struggle of the Working Class
2016-02-17 Documents Let’s Put an End to the Madness, Irrationality and Violence of Capitalism Before it Destroys Us
2016-02-14 Documents Detroit Teachers Sickout
2016-01-30 Documents Italy Update: Solidarity with the Warehouse Workers For the Overthrow of Capitalism
2016-01-29 Documents The Housing Bill: Slamming the Door on Tenants
2016-01-11 Documents Italy: Solidarity with the Workers of Bormioli di Fidenza
2015-12-09 Documents Poland: The 18th Brumaire of Jarosław Kaczyński
2015-10-17 Aurora (en) Anti-strike Bill: The War Against the Working Class Intensifies
2015-10-11 Documents UK Housing: A System That's Rabidly Insane
2015-10-08 Documents Greece: For the 20 September Election
2015-10-07 Documents Notes on the Question of the Transition to Communism
2015-08-15 Documents Internationalist Comrades’ Statement on the 5th July Referendum
2015-08-10 Internationalist Notes United Auto Workers in Concessions Talks with the Big Three
2015-08-02 Documents Of Migrants and Mariners: What’s Really Going On in Calais?
2015-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Telefónica Strikes in Spain
2015-07-27 Revolutionary Perspectives Greece and the World: Austerity and Capitalist Crisis Go On
2015-07-10 Revolutionary Perspectives Osborne’s Smoke and Mirrors Budget
2015-07-10 Documents Greece - Solidarity with the Workers not the Capitalist Government!
2015-06-28 Aurora (en) Class War on the Homes Front
2015-06-24 Documents A German-style Strike, Don’t Hold Your Breath ...
2015-06-21 Aurora (en) Fighting Back in the Global Class War
2015-06-07 Documents Spanish Telecom Workers on All-Out Strike
2015-05-19 Documents Auto struggles in Turkey: "We don't want any unions. We have set up workers councils"
2015-03-27 L'Internationale Springtime in Québec
2015-03-07 Documents Benefit Sanctions – A Cudgel to Beat the Sick and Powerless
2015-02-23 Internationalist Notes University of Wisconsin-Madison Cuts: We're not all in this together!
2015-02-04 Documents International Statement on the Greek Elections
2015-01-06 Documents City Link: A Story of Our Time
2014-12-04 Documents The Guayaquil General Strike 1922
2014-11-12 Battaglia Comunista The Titan Works and the Struggles of “Labour”
2014-10-15 Aurora (en) We’ve done one day strikes and token demonstrations What Now?
2014-07-10 Aurora (en) Public Sector Workers Strike: Time to Go Beyond Rituals
2014-06-18 Documents South African Platinum Miners’ Strike
2014-05-17 Documents Turkish Miners: Soma Workers Murdered for Profits
2014-05-08 L'Internationale What Common Front?
2014-05-06 Documents The Wages System - Heart of Global Capitalism’s Contradictions
2014-05-05 Aurora (en) More Austerity? It’s Capitalism, Stupid!
2014-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2014-02-16 Aurora (en) Their "Plan for our Recovery": Over Our Dead Bodies
2014-02-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Amazon – A Modern Capitalist Microcosm
2014-02-11 Revolutionary Perspectives ‘Recovery’: Whose Recovery?
2013-11-15 Battaglia Comunista Italy: Hunger, sweat and tears whilst waiting for the (supposed) recovery
2013-11-02 Documents Grangemouth: A Chronicle of our Time
2013-10-27 L'Internationale Why Do We Lose All the Time?
2013-10-09 Battaglia Comunista Lampedusa Disaster
2013-08-18 Documents Immigration Clampdown – Don’t Let Them Divide Us
2013-08-03 Revolutionary Perspectives The Difficult Path to an International Workers’ Fight-back
2013-07-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Remembering East Germany 1953
2013-06-22 Notes Internationalistes Quebec Construction Strike: Let’s Stop the Employers for Good
2013-05-30 Documents Stockholm is Burning
2013-04-30 Aurora (en) Here in Britain
2013-04-30 Aurora (en) Against the “Class War” of the Rich:Time to Fight!
2013-04-28 Documents Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Workers Lives are Expendable for Capital
2013-04-01 Internationalist Notes USA: A PR Campaign for Austerity—A More “Flexible” System of Layoffs in the Offing for Workers
2013-01-20 Internationalist Notes Michigan Protests: A Defeat Led by the Unions
2012-11-15 Documents Class Struggle Recognises no Borders: We Win Internationally or We Lose Patriotically
2012-10-29 Aurora (en) Unions and the Labour Movement: The Enemy Within
2012-10-02 Documents Wildcat South Africa: Marikana Miners Return - Other Miners Come Out
2012-09-17 Documents It’s Time to Open a New Season of Proletarian Struggle
2012-08-20 Documents Platinum and Lead Kill South African Miners
2012-06-19 Documents The Struggle of the Asturian Miners
2012-05-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Workfare: A Scroungers Charter
2012-04-19 Documents Open Letter To Our Fellow Workers in Germany
2012-03-06 Documents Solidarity with the Greek Proletariat
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Communist Intervention in the Workplace
2011-12-31 Documents Solidarity with the Kazakh Working Class!
2011-12-11 Documents Unilever Workers Isolated by Unions
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) To Really Fight We Have to Unite
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) November 30: Unions Follow the Rules while the Bosses and Government Tear up the Rule Book
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) Don’t Kid Yourself This is One Crisis that Will Not Go Away
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) And for those without a job ... The Work Programme
2011-11-18 Documents The Oakland General Strike
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives 30 November: One Off Protest or Working Class Reawakening?
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives On the October 15 Riots in Rome: violence, non-violence, class struggle
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Greek General Strike - The Stalinists line up with the State
2011-10-02 Aurora (en) Solidarity and the Sparks
2011-09-14 Documents The plight of workers in Romania
2011-09-06 Documents Their Crisis and Ours
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) There is an Alternative - It is Anti-Capitalist
2011-06-30 Aurora (en) In UK and elsewhere, global resistance has to be based on working class struggle
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Wisconsin: Workers Protests Get Stuck in the Electoral Swamp
2011-03-24 Documents Only the beginning of their offensive
2011-03-11 Documents An update on events in Wisconsin
2011-02-25 Documents Appeal for Korean Internationalists
2011-02-21 Documents State Workers Protests Continue in Wisconsin
2011-02-19 Documents Egypt: After Mubarak
2011-02-01 Documents Beyond Bourgeois Barriers - For the Class Autonomy of the Egyptian and Maghrebian Proletarian Masses
2011-01-25 Aurora (en) Students - Capitalism Offers No Future
2011-01-25 Aurora (en) Tunisia: Stirrings of Revolt - and Not Just in the Arab World
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Uprising in Maghreb - Solidarity with the proletarians in struggle
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Wildcat Strike in Algiers Docks
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Open Letter from the Workers of FIAT Mirafiori
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Lets Get Out of the Student Ghetto. Carry on the Struggle. Build Autonomy!
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The Struggles against Pensions “Reform” in France
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives AG-IP Paris - They have struggled against the kind of world the capitalists are preparing...
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bangladesh: Workers Struggle for a Living Wage
2010-11-20 Documents GM, Unions and Bosses Face Workers Resistance
2010-10-24 Documents The French working class in struggle against the attacks of the capitalist state and … the pensions “reform”
2010-10-23 Aurora (en) In France the Struggle Intensifies
2010-10-23 Aurora (en) Chilean Miners: The Real Story
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Global Crisis Will Have to be Fought Globally
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Real Class Fight not The Unions’ Phoney War
2010-06-17 Documents From Poland, a letter to FIAT workers
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Class War at BA: Solidarity not Legality
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Chinese Workers Show Their Class


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