Base Unionism

Date Publications Title
2023-05-06 Documents Base Unionism: Political Struggle or Struggle Against Politicians?
2022-12-17 Documents Notes on the Union Demonstration of 3 December in Rome
2022-11-26 Documents On the 2 December Strike in Italy: Especially In Times of War "Normal" Strikes Are Not Enough
2022-07-20 Documents Class Solidarity with the Arrested Workers in Piacenza
2022-02-15 Documents Italy: The Lions of Piacenza Have Been Caged
2021-10-17 Documents The Italian General Strike
2021-06-24 Documents A Victim of the Bosses, A Victim of Capitalism
2021-06-17 Documents Italy: Class Solidarity with the FedEx and Texprint Workers
2021-03-16 Documents Italy: The Capitalist Attacks Are Already Beginning
2021-02-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Working Class Emancipation
2021-01-13 Documents Wealth Tax: Expropriation of the Rich or Capitalist Smokescreen?
2020-08-12 Revolutionary Perspectives "Class Power on Zero-Hours": Learning the Hard Way?
2020-06-12 Documents The Virus is Capitalism, the Revolutionary Proletariat is the Cure
2020-03-11 Documents Demonstration and Strike of Peroni Workers at Tor Sapienza (Rome)
2019-12-02 Documents The Self-Organised Struggle of Liverpool Couriers Highlights the Difficulties of Organising in the 'Gig Economy'
2018-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Autonomism – “Many Flowers Little Fruit”
2018-02-10 Documents Solidarity with the GDN Logistics workers
2017-03-21 Documents Two Comments on Recent Events around SiCobas in Italy
2016-02-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Theses on the Role of Communists in the Economic Struggle of the Working Class
2016-01-11 Documents Italy: Solidarity with the Workers of Bormioli di Fidenza
2015-06-24 Documents A German-style Strike, Don’t Hold Your Breath ...
2013-03-29 Documents Migrants And Italians United In Struggle - Why Not a Strike?
2011-10-27 Documents The Unions, the Class Struggle and Communists
2009-07-01 Revolutionary Perspectives FIAT - The Anti-Union Protest in Turin
2008-09-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Political Significance of the Strikes at FIAT Pomigliano
1997-06-01 Internationalist Communist Communist Work and the Trades Unions Today
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