Canada, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Date Publications Title
2024-05-28 Documents The Housing Crisis in Canada
2024-03-05 Mutiny / Mutinerie No Fees, No Squeeze!
2023-05-16 Documents Montreal: Why are the BAnQ Workers on Strike?
2023-03-31 Mutiny / Mutinerie The "Good War" of WWII: Class Struggle
2023-03-29 Mutiny / Mutinerie The Terrace Mutiny of 1944
2023-03-27 Mutiny / Mutinerie Trenches of the Tundra
2022-12-14 Documents Ontario Education Strike: No Union Wants to Walk the Picket Line!
2022-12-07 Documents Report on NWBCW Montreal
2022-10-28 Mutiny / Mutinerie Tighten Your Belts and Forward March!
2022-10-19 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Montreal
2022-10-08 Documents No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Toronto
2022-09-08 Documents Don't Let Them Deal You a Bad Hand!
2022-06-29 1919 "If we can show them, we're capable of anything": The 1972 Québec General Strike in Retrospect
2022-03-19 Mutiny / Mutinerie The Bosses' Response to Being Socially Useless is Social Crisis
2022-02-16 Documents Trudeau and the "Freedom Convoy" Wrestle over the Means of Incompetence
2021-10-21 Documents The Generalized Crisis Requires a Generalized Struggle
2021-10-19 1919 Ice Breaker Imperialism
2021-05-04 Documents The Bosses' Assault is the Bosses' Recovery!
2020-05-16 Documents Domestic Violence: The Hidden Pandemic
2020-05-08 Documents Austerity for the Essential: The Struggle of Personal Support Workers
2019-08-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Welcome to Klasbatalo as Canadian Affiliate of the Internationalist Communist Tendency
2015-03-27 L'Internationale Springtime in Québec
2014-06-05 L'Internationale Anarchism in the Rear-View Mirror
2014-05-08 L'Internationale What Common Front?
2014-02-12 Documents Canada Post: Victory comes through the extension of our struggle
2013-10-27 L'Internationale Why Do We Lose All the Time?
2013-07-12 Documents Against Repression: Solidarity with our Canadian Comrades
2013-06-22 Notes Internationalistes Quebec Construction Strike: Let’s Stop the Employers for Good
2013-04-07 Notes Internationalistes Quebec: We have to stand up to fight to win
2012-05-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Red Squares in Quebec
2009-01-12 Internationalist Notes October 14th Canadian Elections Not a single vote for capitalism!
2008-07-01 Documents On Certain Recent Developments in Canadian Trade-Unionism
2007-11-01 Internationalist Notes Canadian Economy - The Capitalists’ Share Grows While the Workers Share Falls
2007-04-20 Internationalist Notes Canada - Work Related Fatalities on the Rise
2006-10-01 Internationalist Notes Canadian imperialism’s new offensives
2000-01-01 Documents Capitalism's Global Crisis Kills
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