1917: Russian Revolution

Date Publications Title
2022-09-12 Documents The Meaning of Workers' Councils in the 21st Century
2022-03-08 Documents International Working Women's Day Led the Fight Against Russia's War 105 Years Ago
2021-09-09 Books Russia: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, 1905-1924 - A View from the Communist Left
2021-07-05 Documents A Communist Left Critique of Platformism (Part I): The Makhnovshchina
2021-06-04 Documents Lukin on the Orthodox Church and the Russian Revolution
2021-03-01 Aurora (en) The Kronstadt Revolt: One Hundred Years of Counter-Revolution
2021-01-04 Documents Party and Class in 1918: Vladimir Sorin on Soviet Power
2020-12-14 Documents Vladimir Smirnov's Contribution to the Debate on the Soviet Economy
2020-11-05 Documents Stukov and the Nature of Revolutionary War
2020-08-29 Documents Domski on the Polish-Soviet War (1920)
2020-08-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Bukharin on State Capitalism and Imperialism
2020-08-18 Revolutionary Perspectives The Battle of Warsaw and the Defeat of the Revolutionary Wave in Europe
2020-05-11 Documents Kritsman on the Economic Policy of Soviet Russia in 1918
2020-04-04 Documents The Infantile Disorder of Leftism... and the Senile Weakness of Rightism
2020-04-02 Documents A New Imperialist Threat to the Russian Revolution?
2019-12-06 Documents Miasnikov's 'Draft Platform' for the Communist Workers' International (1930)
2019-10-21 Documents Stukov on the Military Capability of Soviet Russia in 1918
2019-09-28 Aurora (en) Workers' Democracy is the Only Real Democracy
2019-09-11 Documents Ossinsky on Bukharin's Imperialism and the World Economy
2019-05-13 Documents Lomov's Economic Notes
2019-04-30 Documents A Different May Day in 1918
2019-03-13 Documents Ossinsky's Demand for Clear Answers (April 1918)
2019-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Bukharin's Review of Lenin's The State and Revolution
2019-02-11 Documents The Formation of the Red Army 1918
2019-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives Introduction to Bukharin's Anarchy and Scientific Communism
2018-10-29 Documents Radek on the "Defeat" of Brest-Litovsk
2017-12-30 Documents Bukharin on the "Socialist" Opposition to Soviet Power
2017-10-06 Aurora (en) The Significance of the Russian Revolution for Today
2017-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives N. Ossinsky’s Critique of State Capitalism in Russia
2015-01-21 Documents Lenin's Legacy
2011-12-27 Documents The Russia We Love and Defend
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives The Bolshevik Left and Workers’ Power
2009-11-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Learning from the Revolutionary Experience in Russia
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The First Years of Soviet Rule in Petrograd
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Ninety Years On: The Lessons of the Russian Revolution for Today
2007-11-01 Internationalist Notes October Revolution - Ninety Years On
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - Introduction
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - February: The Working Class Against Imperialist War
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - Dual Power: First Step on the Road to International Revolution
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - The July Days - “The Party Must Remain with the Masses”
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - The Kornilov Affair Mobilises the Masses
2007-11-01 Pamphlets 1917 - The Proletariat Takes Power
2007-10-28 Documents Ninety Years Since the October Revolution
2003-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part VIII): The Decline of the Russian Revolution and the Cult of the Party
2002-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part VII): Party and Class in the Revolutionary Wave of 1917-21
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist 1921: Beginning of the Counter-Revolution?
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