Party and class

Date Publications Title
2019-09-14 Documents On the Establishment of the Group “Emancipación”
2019-08-14 Revolutionary Perspectives The 1919 Platform of the Communist International: A Milestone in Revolutionary History
2019-08-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Welcome to Klasbatalo as Canadian Affiliate of the Internationalist Communist Tendency
2019-03-18 Documents An Initial Response to the Comrades of the IGCL
2019-02-28 Documents Founding of the Comintern - Then and Now
2019-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives A Hundred Years Since the Murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht
2018-12-22 Documents The Fraction-Party Question in the Italian Left
2018-12-05 Documents The Class Party in the Light of the Struggles in Iran
2018-11-23 Documents The Significance of the German Revolution
2018-11-09 Documents A Hundred Years On: Lessons of the German Revolution
2018-07-14 Documents Welcome to Intransigence
2018-07-10 Documents Welcome to “Emancipación” (Spain)
2018-06-30 Pamphlets Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation
2018-06-22 Documents On the Future International
2018-05-04 Aurora (en) 200 Years On Marx Still Haunts Capitalism
2018-02-28 Revolutionary Perspectives On the Future International
2018-02-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Autonomism – “Many Flowers Little Fruit”
2017-10-06 Aurora (en) The Significance of the Russian Revolution for Today
2017-06-07 Documents Anarcho-Corbynism and Support for Labour
2017-03-21 Documents Two Comments on Recent Events around SiCobas in Italy
2017-01-31 Prometeo In the Tradition of the Communist Left on the Path of International Revolution
2016-12-09 Documents A Memoir of Onorato Damen
2016-10-13 Documents The Party Question
2016-08-28 Revolutionary Perspectives The Revolutionary Party and the Working Class
2016-05-16 Documents Swimming Against the Stream, the Challenge for Revolutionaries
2016-02-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Theses on the Role of Communists in the Economic Struggle of the Working Class
2015-11-22 Documents In Memory of Sandro Saggioro
2015-06-04 Documents Vercesi, the Italian Fraction Abroad and the Internationalist Communist Party
2015-04-28 Aurora (en) Every Vote Is a Yes For Capitalism
2015-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Our Task Today
2015-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Bologna 1919: A page from history
2014-11-12 Battaglia Comunista The Titan Works and the Struggles of “Labour”
2014-10-13 Revolutionary Perspectives You Can’t Build the Party Playing with Paradoxes
2014-10-06 Prometeo Are Communists “Outside” the Class?
2014-04-17 Battaglia Comunista Against the Exploitation, Poverty and Barbarism of Capitalism
2014-03-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Onorato Damen and the Italian Left
2014-03-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation - A Reply to the Commune
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives The Internationalist Communist Party of Italy
2013-08-13 Revolutionary Perspectives ON THE UNION QUESTION
2012-06-11 Revolutionary Perspectives Report on the Manchester Meeting of the CWO
2010-03-17 Documents Centralised Party, Yes - Centralism over the Party, No!
2009-04-21 Documents China 1925-1927
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Ninety Years On: The Lessons of the Russian Revolution for Today
2007-10-28 Documents Ninety Years Since the October Revolution
2003-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The decline of the Russian Revolution and the cult of the Party
2002-12-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Party and class in the revolutionary wave of 1917-21
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist 1921: Beginning of the Counter-revolution?
2001-08-01 Internationalist Communist The New International will be the International Party of the Proletariat
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