Date Publications Title
2024-06-13 Documents Revolutionary Defeatism Today: Some Questions Answered
2024-03-27 Documents The Houthi Dynasty, like Hamas, is in the Hands of Imperialism
2023-12-06 Internationalist Notes US Capital on the World Imperialist Chessboard
2023-10-29 Documents Radek's Theses on Imperialism (1915)
2023-10-11 Documents The Latest Butchery in the Middle East is Part of the March to Generalised War
2023-09-12 Documents Considerations on the New State Capitalism
2023-09-08 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part III)
2023-02-28 Revolutionary Perspectives Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part II)
2023-02-24 Documents One Year Since the Invasion of Ukraine: On the Road to World War Three?
2022-11-02 Documents Iran: Imperialist Rivalries and the Protest Movement of "Woman, Life, Freedom"
2022-10-22 Documents Russia's Annexations in Ukraine are Another Step Towards Global Imperialist War
2022-08-27 Documents Nancy Pelosi's Visit to Taipei Opens a New Episode in the US-China Crisis
2022-06-10 Documents The Ambivalence in Russian-Chinese "Friendship"
2022-05-04 Documents From Ukraine to the South Pacific, Capitalism is in a More Dangerous Phase of Imperialist Confrontation
2022-04-17 Documents The New World Disorder, Wars And Pacifism
2022-03-29 Documents Nationalism and Internationalism
2022-03-21 Documents Some Considerations on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
2022-03-17 Documents War in Ukraine: The Internationalist Position
2022-02-27 Documents War in Ukraine: Imperialist Rivalry in a Global Economic Crisis
2022-02-25 Documents Ukraine: Neither NATO nor Putin! No War but the Class War!
2022-02-13 Documents Internationalists Fight Against the Movements Towards War of "Their" Governments with Class Struggle
2022-02-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Ukraine and Taiwan: Flashpoints in an Uncertain Imperialist World
2022-01-12 Documents The Crisis in the Taiwan Strait
2021-11-11 Aurora (en) Global War: The Other Existential Threat
2021-10-19 1919 Ice Breaker Imperialism
2021-10-02 1919 AUKUS: Another Preparation for Imperialist War
2021-09-30 Battaglia Comunista The Inexorable Crisis of Capitalism Spreads Misery and War
2021-09-18 Revolutionary Perspectives China-Iran Accords, the Silk Road and Some Other Imperialist Manoeuvres
2021-08-24 Documents Afghanistan: The USA and its Allies Retreat
2021-05-27 Documents Ceuta: The Divisions of Class and Nation are at the Root of the Descent into Barbarism
2021-05-20 Documents Neither Israel, Nor Palestine: No War but the Class War
2021-04-09 1919 Left Nationalism and Support for Imperialist War in the United States
2021-04-02 1919 Vaccine Nationalism
2020-11-09 Documents Turkey's Imperialist Aggression Threatens to Set More than the Mediterranean Alight
2020-10-15 Documents Nagorno-Karabakh War: For Workers the Real Enemy Lies at Home
2020-09-10 Documents On the Anniversary of the US Bombing of Bosnia
2020-08-21 Revolutionary Perspectives Bukharin on State Capitalism and Imperialism
2020-08-01 Documents The New Imperialist Alignments in Libya
2020-06-14 Documents The Global Pandemic and Imperialist Competition
2020-04-02 Documents A New Imperialist Threat to the Russian Revolution?
2020-02-27 Aurora (en) US/Iran Rivalry: What No War But the Class War Really Means
2020-02-07 Revolutionary Perspectives The Current Crisis and the Tasks of Communists
2020-01-31 Documents The Merchants of Death
2020-01-18 Documents Against Pacifism
2020-01-04 Documents The US Attack on Baghdad
2019-12-19 Documents Latin America Burns between Revolt and Repression
2019-11-20 Documents Perspectives for the Coming Period
2019-11-06 Documents The Real Cause of the Beginning and End of WWI
2019-10-12 Documents The Turkish Invasion of Syria
2019-10-05 Documents Zimbabwe: Still a Capitalist Hell
2019-09-25 Aurora (en) Capitalism's Other Threat to the Planet
2019-09-17 Documents "Learned Considerations" on the Future of Capitalism "after" the End of the Current Crisis
2019-09-11 Documents Ossinsky on Bukharin's Imperialism and the World Economy
2019-08-26 Documents Imperialism and the Amazon
2019-07-29 Documents OPEC, Iran, and the Libyan Civil War
2019-07-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Drums of War in the Gulf
2019-06-17 Battaglia Comunista The Attack on Two Oil Tankers in the Gulf of Oman
2019-05-30 Documents Iran and the USA on the Warpath?
2019-05-20 Documents 1980-1: Class Struggle in Poland
2019-05-10 Documents Civil War in Venezuela: An Economic and Human Catastrophe
2019-04-26 Aurora (en) Crisis, War and Environmental Catastrophe: There is No Alternative to the Social Revolution!
2019-04-16 Documents Libya: A War as Long as a Pipeline
2019-04-03 Documents The Bombing of Belgrade: Twenty Years On
2019-03-26 Aurora (en) No War But The Class War (NWBCW)
2019-02-10 Documents Humanitarian Aid... for War
2019-02-04 Documents The Venezuelan Crisis
2019-01-28 Documents Against All Capitalist Factions! For Proletarian Independence!
2019-01-14 Documents The Sorry Spectacle of “Marxists” in Defence of Chinese “Collective Capitalism”
2018-11-06 Aurora (en) Lest We Forget: Workers Stopped Capitalism’s First World War
2018-10-21 Documents The Imperialist Manoeuvring Behind the Khashoggi Affair
2018-10-15 Documents Ireland and Brexit – Workers Need a Hard Border Against Bosses' Politics!
2018-09-17 Revolutionary Perspectives US Power and the New Course Towards War
2018-09-10 Documents John McCain – War Hero or Racist War Monger?
2018-09-06 Revolutionary Perspectives Are We Going Back to the 1930s?
2018-08-30 Documents Trotskyism and the War in Syria
2018-08-17 Aurora (en) No War But the Class War
2018-08-02 Documents Yemen’s “Forgotten War” Re-Ignited
2018-06-24 Documents Palestinian Workers Continue to Die for a Capitalist State
2018-06-17 Documents Protectionism and “globalisation” have the same mother: the crisis of capital
2018-05-30 Documents Against Imperialist Massacres: No War but the Class War!
2018-05-17 Documents What’s going on in Argentina?
2018-05-15 Documents The Horror, the Horror of World Imperialism
2018-05-10 Documents Iran: Class War against Imperialist Pretensions
2018-04-25 Documents Against Nationalism and War!
2018-04-16 Documents Syria: The Real Significance of the US Bombardment
2018-02-16 Documents Syria: The Long War that Never Ends
2018-02-13 Revolutionary Perspectives China: Long Held US Fears Becoming Reality?
2017-12-16 Documents Trump and Jerusalem
2017-12-14 Documents From the Heart of Darkness: Anatomy of a March in Poland
2017-12-05 Documents Zimbabwe – Crawling Between Imperialist Masters
2017-11-14 Documents The Hidden Scramble for Africa’s Resources
2017-11-09 Documents The Imperialist Hypocrisy Behind 11/11
2017-11-04 Documents China Openly Declares its Imperialist Ambitions
2017-09-02 Revolutionary Perspectives Autonomism – Cutting the Ground from under Marxism
2017-08-19 Documents Syria – The Final Chapter?
2017-08-14 Revolutionary Perspectives The War in Syria and Shifting Imperialist Positions
2017-08-08 Internationalist Notes Russo-phobic Propaganda and US War Aims: the Bourgeois Left Takes Sides
2017-07-26 Revolutionary Perspectives A Crisis of the Entire System
2017-06-30 Revolutionary Perspectives The USA, Qatar and ‘New’ Imperialist Alignments
2017-05-29 Aurora (en) Nation or Class?
2017-05-23 Documents Manchester Arena Atrocity: An Initial Response
2017-04-28 Documents Against Exploitation, Crisis and War - No War But the Class War!
2017-04-15 Documents With Europe, Against Europe? For Class Struggle and Organisation!
2017-04-08 Documents It’s War
2017-04-06 Documents USA: Unions Welcome the New Boss
2017-04-02 Documents Radek on the International Situation in Spring 1918
2017-03-22 Documents By the bullet or by the ballot – McGuinness's nationalism part of the capitalist order
2017-02-03 Revolutionary Perspectives Russia, China and the USA’s New World Disorder
2017-01-06 Documents Imperialist Hypocrisy over Aleppo
2016-12-21 Documents Some Quick Observations on the Events in Berlin
2016-12-15 Documents Castro’s Legacy
2016-11-27 Documents Fidel Castro’s Death Leaves the Path of History Unchanged
2016-11-13 Documents Lest We Forget, 1916 And All That: What has it got to do with us?
2016-10-04 Prometeo The Turkish Imperialist U-turn in Syria
2016-09-26 Documents Against All Nationalisms
2016-08-13 Documents Hinkley Point – Ruling Class in Disarray after Brexit Vote
2016-07-29 Revolutionary Perspectives Sanders’ Electoral Campaign in the US
2016-07-18 Documents Nice: Barbarism Continues and it is No Joke in Turkey Either
2016-07-02 Documents The Istanbul and Dhaka Attacks
2016-04-30 Aurora (en) Against Exploitation, Crisis and War
2016-04-16 Battaglia Comunista The Libyan Tragedy is not Over
2016-03-29 Documents The Class Composition of the Islamic State
2016-03-23 Documents Ireland: The 1916 Easter Rising 100 Years On
2016-03-18 Aurora (en) Migrants: Welcome to the Class Struggle
2016-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The 1944 Manifesto of the Internationalist Communist Left
2016-02-12 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Interests and Ideology in the Struggle for the Middle East
2016-01-08 Documents Crisis, War and Migration: Capitalism’s Real “Hunger Games”
2015-12-05 Documents British Parliament Votes to Bomb in Syria
2015-11-27 Documents Turkey Downs a Russian Warplane
2015-11-16 Documents European Union Referendum – More Capitalist Choices to Reject
2015-10-27 Documents Greek Conscripts: "We Won't Take Part In Fighting Migrants"
2015-10-13 Documents Putin’s Latest Move in Syria
2015-09-08 Documents Zimmerwald: Lenin Leads the Struggle of the Revolutionary Left for a New International
2015-08-31 Prometeo Turkey, ISIS, Gas and the Shifting Imperialist Balance
2015-08-06 Revolutionary Perspectives 1915 to 2015 - A Century of Genocide
2015-08-02 Documents Of Migrants and Mariners: What’s Really Going On in Calais?
2015-05-23 Documents May 1915: Italian Entry into World War One and Internationalist Opposition
2015-05-18 Documents Saudi Arabia, Religion in the Service of Imperialism
2015-04-30 Aurora (en) The Only Perspective is International Class Struggle
2015-04-28 Documents The Armenian Genocide 1915
2015-04-24 Documents Tragedy at Sea or the Barbarism of Profit?
2015-04-04 Documents Yemen’s Proxy War: From Failing State to a Failing System
2015-03-21 Documents The Tunisian Attacks
2015-03-16 Documents Greek Internationalists on the SYRIZA Climbdown
2015-02-27 Documents LIBYA: How Far Has Imperialist Barbarism Gone in Gaddafi’s Old Empire?
2015-02-22 Battaglia Comunista Ukraine: Torn Apart by Imperialist Conflict
2015-02-09 Documents August 1914 – When Social Democracy Went to War
2015-02-05 Revolutionary Perspectives Oil and the Shifting Sands of Imperialism
2015-02-03 Battaglia Comunista MARGINAL NOTES ON THE PARIS EVENTS
2015-01-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Crisis is Not Going Away
2015-01-23 Revolutionary Perspectives The Aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo Murders
2015-01-10 Revolutionary Perspectives The Charlie Hebdo Massacre
2014-12-10 Documents The Price of Oil Collapses Whilst Imperialist Competition Rises
2014-11-26 Documents TTIP: Trade Wars and Imperialist Manipulation
2014-10-31 Documents The Bloodbath in Syria: Class War or Ethnic War?
2014-10-30 Documents IS – Imperialist Barbarism Continues
2014-10-30 Documents In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War
2014-10-22 Aurora (en) “The Only War Worth Fighting is the Class War”
2014-10-15 Prometeo Iraq, The New Caliphate, IS and the Wider Imperialist Manoeuvres
2014-09-24 Revolutionary Perspectives Economic Crisis, War and Revolution
2014-09-17 Documents 75 Years Since the Soviet Invasion of Poland: The Nightmare of Imperialist History
2014-08-10 Documents Iraq and the New Caliphate of the Islamic State (ISIS)
2014-08-08 Documents In Palestine and Israel: The Only War Worth Fighting is the Class War
2014-08-06 Documents Another War for Oil on Libya’s Battered Soil
2014-07-16 Aurora (en) Their First World War Commemorations and Ours
2014-07-14 Documents The Ongoing Barbarism of Two Nationalisms: Hamas and Israel exploit their mutual weaknesses to revive their national agendas within the increasingly critical Middle East region
2014-06-09 Prometeo Ukraine’s Crisis – Local Players and Imperialist Games
2014-05-27 Documents The Imperialist Legacy of Boko Haram
2014-05-01 Aurora (en) Capitalism Means War: The Only Alternative is Class War
2014-04-08 Battaglia Comunista A Century Since the Massacres of the First World Imperialist War
2014-03-21 Documents War Games — Ukraine as the Focus of Imperialist Conflict
2014-02-27 Aurora (en) Remembering the First World War: Ruling Class Battle for Hearts and Minds
2014-02-03 Documents Ukraine - A Nationalist Dead End
2013-12-05 Documents Imperialist Tensions Shift to the Far East
2013-11-15 Documents Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc in the Philippines: as usual the poorest pay the highest price
2013-09-12 Documents Syria: Another Unending Imperialist Agony
2013-05-27 Prometeo Syria: The Story of A Civil War Foretold
2013-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Bordiga: Beyond the Myth: Five Letters and An Outline of Disagreement
2013-04-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Imperialist Rivalry in the Pacific
2013-02-03 Documents Niger: Act Two of French Imperialism’s Campaign in West Africa
2013-01-22 Documents Western Imperialism Pulls the Strings in Mali
2012-12-18 Documents Egypt: Caught Between Internal Tensions and International Manoeuvring
2012-11-24 Documents Another Crisis in the Middle East
2012-05-26 Revolutionary Perspectives Syria: Caught in the Vice of Imperialism
2012-05-24 Documents Sudan: Open War for Oil Breaks Out Again
2012-03-16 Revolutionary Perspectives Falklands War = War Against Workers
2008-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives US Imperialism’s Hundred Years War?
2007-11-20 Revolutionary Perspectives Turkey, Pakistan and Iran: Squaring the Circle of US Imperialism
2005-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Economic Role of War in Capitalism's Decadent Phase
2005-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Terrorism and Class Politics - London bombings
2005-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Holocaust and Hiroshima - Imperialism and Mass Murder in the Twentieth Century
2005-08-01 Revolutionary Perspectives History and Empire
2005-06-01 Internationalist Communist Refining the Concept of Decadence
2005-06-01 Internationalist Communist Terrorism and Democracy: Imperialism's Final Frontier
2003-12-01 Documents For a Definition of the Concept of Decadence
2000-01-01 Internationalist Communist War and Revolutionary Politics
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