Date Publications Title
2019-08-02 Documents Reflections on the Student Movement in the UK
2019-04-16 Documents Libya: A War as Long as a Pipeline
2013-09-14 Documents Lehman Brothers 5 Years On: The Emperor Still Has No Clothes
2013-05-21 Documents Some Basic Programmatic Theses
2012-08-08 Documents The Libyan Elections
2012-05-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Red Squares in Quebec
2012-05-15 Revolutionary Perspectives The Eurozone Crisis: There is an Alternative but it is not on Any Electoral List
2012-03-06 Documents Solidarity with the Greek Proletariat
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Occupy Movement – Just Another Diversion?
2012-03-01 Revolutionary Perspectives Murder and Manoeuvre in the Middle East
2012-02-23 Documents Update: More Manoeuvres by the Greek Stalinists
2012-02-21 Documents A Stalinist welcome to a Nazi intervention into a workers strike in Greece
2012-01-20 Documents Occupy Atlanta: An Insight into the Occupy Movement
2011-11-21 Aurora (en) To Really Fight We Have to Unite
2011-11-18 Documents The Oakland General Strike
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives “Occupy the World” – Fertile Soil for Revolutionary Intervention, but No Solution to the Capitalist Crisis
2011-11-01 Revolutionary Perspectives The Predictable Course of the Egyptian "Revolution"
2011-09-10 Documents The Truth behind NATO’s Victory in Libya
2011-08-10 Documents The Unfinished Business of the Arab Spring
2011-06-13 Documents Syria: So Many Deaths, So Many Illusions to be Shattered
2011-04-17 Revolutionary Perspectives Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan
2011-04-02 Documents Neither Gaddafi nor NATO but on the side of the working class
2011-03-26 Aurora (en) Revolts in the Arabic-Speaking World - A Capitalist World in Crisis
2011-03-19 Documents The Libyan Crisis: Imperialism Prepares New “Democratic” Bombs
2011-03-17 Documents From Hiroshima to Fukushima
2011-03-03 Documents Libya: A Preliminary Statement
2011-02-19 Documents Egypt: After Mubarak
2011-02-01 Documents Beyond Bourgeois Barriers - For the Class Autonomy of the Egyptian and Maghrebian Proletarian Masses
2011-01-25 Aurora (en) Tunisia: Stirrings of Revolt - and Not Just in the Arab World
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Uprising in Maghreb - Solidarity with the proletarians in struggle
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Wildcat Strike in Algiers Docks
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Student Protests: Capitalism has Nothing to Offer
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives From London to Rome young people’s protests are exploding against the cuts, against the crisis
2011-01-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Lets Get Out of the Student Ghetto. Carry on the Struggle. Build Autonomy!
2010-09-15 Revolutionary Perspectives Another Futile Capitalist Education ‘Reform’
2010-06-09 Revolutionary Perspectives Financial Crisis Engulfs the Eurozone
2010-05-17 Documents Greece: A Valuable Struggle
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