Iran: Towards a General Strike?

After more than 75 days of protests, the regime's barbaric repression has resulted in over 450 deaths and more than ten thousands arrests. Yet the working class in Iran continues to fight back. The regime's alleged disbandment of the “morality police” seems to have had little effect, as sectors of the oil workers have already begun to strike and many workers are now preparing for a general strike.

The two statements translated below were issued in support of three days of action and strikes commencing on 5 December.

The Council for Organising Protests by Oil Contract Workers supports the call for the three days of protest on 5, 6 and 7 December

Calls for protest have been given out for three days on 5, 6 and 7 December.
Teachers, medical staff and doctors, truck drivers, market shopkeepers and people in different cities have expressed their solidarity with this call.
This is a protest against repressions, against continued arrests, against the shooting of protestors, against martial law for the youth, and actually for all of us who are crushed by poverty and insecurity.
They have attacked schools, arrested students to be then tried by the court and sentenced to death, they have killed children, men and women, they have shot the 10-year-old Kian Pirfalak and his parents inside the car. Tens of thousands of people who have legitimate demands have been arrested and imprisoned and heavy sentences have been imposed on them.
We, the contract workers of the oil project, along with all the people of the country, support these three days of protest.
All imprisoned workers, detained teachers and students and all tens of thousands of recent detainees must be released.
The religious decree of Moharebeh(1) and prison should be dropped and rejected.
For us, there is no other way out but united struggle to defend our lives.
We all have the common slogan: Woman, Life, Freedom

Council for Organising Protests by Oil Contract Workers, 4 December 2022

Joint statement of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Workers’ Syndicate, the Coordinating Committee to Help Build Workers’ Organisations and the Retired Union Group

Long live the union of students and workers!
We are on the eve of Student's Day.(2) This great day, which has been the manifestation of students' bravery and demand for their rights, has become a symbol of students' freedom struggle in a long process, for nearly seventy years. A day when, despite the oppression of autocratic and anti-freedom regimes, the flag of struggle has always been raised in the stronghold of the university and society on the shoulders of passionate, conscious and fighting young people.
16 Azar has, for several decades, been a special day for the protest by a large section of freedom-loving students and young people in struggle for democracy and independence throughout the country. The prominent feature of this day in the past regime was the protest against the tyranny of the oppressive and puppet Pahlavi regime, against inequality, discrimination, oppression and exploitation in the society.
The continuation of student struggles on the anniversary of this day after the fall of the monarchy in Iran is a sign of the continuation and intensification of inequality, the increase of sexual oppression and humiliation of women, the tortures and beatings, the imprisonments and killings of freedom-loving and right-seeking women and girls, the intensification of severe religious discrimination, national, ethnic and class, suppression of the most basic wishes of the people and the religious and military tyranny of the Islamic Republic system.
This feature of the students' struggle has put their movement as a lever to serve the interests of the workers and the toilers and the oppressed. Students all over the country with the emergence of the protest, as well as protesting against the suffocating conditions and the presence of the repressive forces within the universities and student dormitories, have tried to hoist the banner of the struggle for freedom and democracy. They continue to protest against the various discriminations and financial issues, for a suitable student life and free education, free from censorship, to get rid of the reactionary subjects in curricula, to stop the dismissal of students and professors having different opinions, etc.
During all the protests of recent years, in particular during workers' protests and strikes, militant students have presented themselves as supporters and allies of workers and toilers with the slogan of "We are workers' children, we will stand by them". Also, students, where a large number of them are female students, with hard work, dedication and sacrificing their lives have fought and are still fighting for women's rights, against all kinds of discriminations and oppressions and humiliations, including the imposition of forced hijab and interference of the “morality police” and similar institutions in their private life.
These are the outstanding and revolutionary characteristics that in the process of class struggle have practically placed the student movement in a united position with the working class. In defence of their children, the workers, toilers and other deprived sections of the society condemn the arrest and imprisonment of students as well as the stationing of repression forces in university campuses.
Against any attack on students and universities, the workers and the toiling masses must and will react.
The signatories of this statement, in defence of the students and to keep the memory of 16 Azar Student Day alive, demand the unconditional release of the imprisoned students, the withdrawal of anti-riot forces from universities and student dormitories, and the free return of all students to the classroom, and the removal of deprivation and all various judicial, security and financial obstacles and all existing discrimination that exists in the way of continuing students' education.

Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Workers’ Syndicate, Coordinating Committee to Help Build Workers’ Organisations and the Retired Union Group, 4 December 2022


Image: middle placard says "Bread, Jobs, Freedom – Soviet Power!"



Tuesday, December 6, 2022