Update: More Manoeuvres by the Greek Stalinists

Yesterday, the Administration of the Trade Union of Elliniki Halivourgia (Aspropyrgos) issued a disgusting statement about the visit of the Nazis of Golden Dawn to the factory (who had entered with their approval and their welcome of course).

In that text they

denounce the attempt of the Golden Dawn and several other groups to provoke, to slander and discredit our heroic struggle.

And they conclude saying that:

We declare that the steel-workers are beyond the reach of “Golden Dawn” and several other alleged revolutionaries. The steel-workers are part of the organized class movement, which was and remains the main supporter of their cause. It is no coincidence that all these groups, inside and outside of Greece, made accusations against PAME, which from the beginning remains the main supporter of our struggle.

At the same time, Rizospastis (“The Radical”), the central organ of the KKE, on Tuesday 21 February writes:

Golden Dawn found the opportunity to stage a provocation against the KKE, the class workers movement and the strikers of Elliniki Halivourgia.

So, these guys brought the Nazis into the factory (they wouldn’t have dared to do this without their approval), gave them the microphone, applauded and welcomed them, and then they talk about a “provocation”. At the same time, they clearly identify Nazis cutthroats with “several other groups” and “several other alleged revolutionaries”, implying the far-left and especially many anarchist groups, who stood by the strikers and expressed their solidarity from the outset and throughout the period of strike whilst after 110 days the union leaders welcome the Nazis, and try to discourage them.

So the KKE trick is simple: first we bring in the Nazis, and then we wait for the reactions of the “enemies of the Party and the class movement” and thereafter we talk about “provocation” and identify all of them as “provocateurs”.

In my opinion, the “united front” between Stalinists and Nazis is neither accidental nor temporary. The situation in Greece is very serious. I don’t want to play the Oracle, but I think that a massive, violent and uncontrolled social uprising is likely to break out. Riots from December 2008 till now are only a prelude. In that case neither KKE nor anyone else could control that event in order to exhaust it within a loyal and parliamentary context. Because of the low level of political and the blind violence, that uprising will be prone to bloody state provocations that the state can use as a pretext in order to justify brutal suppression and to gain the support of “peaceful citizens”. The KKE would denounce the whole event as an organized state provocation, giving their approval foro the state to intervene (like December 2008). At the same time, Nazi paramilitary squads would collaborate with special police and army forces.

For the time being, the leadership of KKE is trying to keep their people under control, denouncing whatever stands on their left as “provocateurs” They are afraid especially of their youth, because in 1989, they lost the great majority of their youth organization (KNE), because they formed alongside with other leftists a coalition government with New Democracy. That’s the reason for the violent confrontation outside parliament between KKE and anarchists. The anarchists were the only who could dare to react in practice. So, they rose to the bait of KKE. The confrontation was very violent and there could be deaths. The leadership of KKE succeeded in presenting to their membership the anarchists (including all the “enemies of the party”) as state provocateurs who tried to kill them.

In the picture at the head of this article you see the “skinhead” Kasidiaris, who made the speech on the part of Nazis, standing by Giorgos Sifonios (the man with the microphone), president of the trade union, member of PAME, the KKE union.



The stalinists and the Nazis are two sides of the same disgusting bourgeois coin. Down with both the loathsome pair. You may not be an oracle comrade - are you from Delphi by any chance? - but I hope what you write comes true. "....I think that a massive, violent and uncontrolled social uprising is likely to break out. Riots from December 2008 till now are only a prelude.". And when they do break out let's hope the class see what the real proletarian golden dawn is, as opposed to the phony leftist or rightist one!