North Sea Oil and Gas Fields: The Struggle Continues!

As mentioned in our recent article on wildcat strikes in the UK, back in May it was reported that over a thousand offshore oil and gas workers in the North Sea walked out across 19 rigs demanding their wages match inflation.(1) And now, according to a statement circulating across social media, more action is being planned for 8 September. Not only is this being organised outside the unions, which have been deliberately dragging their feet, it appears that the workers have formed their own strike committee to lead the struggle. Although only limited information is available so far, if true, this is an encouraging step which deserves the solidarity of all workers. In that spirit, we reproduce here in full the statement signed by the Offshore Oil and Gas Workers Strike Committee.(2)

To whom it may concern,
This is an address to all concerned regarding the offshore unrest and the reasons we have come to the conclusion we have regarding a wildcat strike.
Since 2001 our wages have been hit extremely hard. We are currently around 22-23% behind inflation with our wage. Couple that with the last decade of unsettling and unpredictable oil price the oil companies have ransacked our terms and conditions. They have forced rota changes, cut up to 15% out of our take home pay and created an environment where it feels like we are racing to the bottom.
Being forced into longer rotas for less money has had a huge impact on the mental health of all in the North Sea. Even after it was recognised that these rotas were detrimental to our very existence and they agreed they weren't good for all concerned they still have subcontractors on these rotas.The collapse of the OCA (Offshore Contractors Association) was nothing but a power grab by the oil companies. They decimated our terms and conditions then dressed up the new terms under the ESA (Energy Services Agreement) as a game changer. Total and utter rubbish.
We have had derisory pay offers which give us nothing but the equivalent of a hard slap in the face.
We then started to talk about striking since big oil and raking in grotesque profits. They came back, without discussion and said as a goodwill gesture they will implement a 3% pay increase. Again, derisory since the profits are so huge. We are in constant discussions with our employers, unions and ESA signatories but it is taking far to long. We know they are dragging it out in order to try to defuse the situation. All this is doing is making the situation worse.
Our unions say they haven't got the numbers currently to ballot for strike. We say that's rubbish as the whole North Sea are absolutely livid and our treatment.
The wildcat strikes that are being talked about and planned are a result of years of inaction from the unions and our employers and have made us feel like we can only get things done by taking things into our own hands.
We have went through the whole due process when it comes to raising our grievance. We used the proper channels but feel we are being led down the garden path.
The whole of the UK is up in arms about the cost of living. We are no different.
We provide the energy to keep everyone's lights on yet seem to be the last to have our say.
The time for action is now. So at 1pm on the 8th of September 2022 across all assets all trades and disciplines all companies. We will be holding a strike no work action untill we are met with some sort of respect. We have stood by the rules now for to long and now we do it our way.
Our terms have been put forward you know what we want and we do not want to wait untill next year to get it. Give the oil and gas workers what they deserve.

Offshore Oil and Gas Workers Strike Committee


(1) Wildcat Strikes in the UK: Getting Ready for a Hot Autumn

(2) At the time of writing this latest development has made it to only one news source:

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


North Sea workers begin wildcat cost-of-living strike action: