Turkey: Massacre of Mine Workers in Erzincan

As the crisis of capitalism deepens and the world drifts towards another war, more dangerous and brutal working conditions are making massacres of workers in the workplace commonplace.

In Erzincan, nine workers were buried under cyanide-laced soil in a landslide that occurred as a result of the stacking and clustering of mined soil in a mine. This was caused by the Anagold mining company's negligence and avoidance of maintenance and repair costs. Although some sub-contracted workers warned their supervisors, no measures were taken and the mine continued to operate. The cyanide-laced soil, landslides and rains will not only poison the environment and swallow the workers, but will also seep into the Euphrates River basin, making the entire hinterland uninhabitable. The state, the biggest partner and protector of the capitalists, has turned a blind eye to this disaster for both workers and the environment.

Anagold and other international conglomerates, using the cheapened labour of the Anatolian hinterland and the unlimited freedom granted to them for the plunder of nature, have again shown us how imperialism functions in the 21st century. There are no laws, rules, local or central administrators, opposition or ruling party bodies standing in the way of these international capitalists. This international company has been suppressing the wages of workers for years, cannot tolerate any workers’ resistance to the extent of preventing them from joining even collaborative unions, and does not hesitate to threaten workers to keep silent and not to disrupt the integrity of the company.

While the agenda of the capitalist left and the bourgeois opposition to which they are linked is the discussions on who will sit in which local council seat, the agenda for the proletariat of Anatolian hinterland, and the proletariat of all nations, remains death, hunger and misery. The temporary interest of the politicians will fade in a few days, but the cyanide has already burned its way into the body of the working class in such a way that it will not come out.

Condolences, sorrow and laments from various wings of the establishment are only one more example of their hypocrisy. As if they were not the ones who not only offered Anatolia on a platter of gold for international companies to plunder, but also encouraged the whole world to help themselves to a piece of the cake. They are now shedding crocodile tears for the lives lost and the lands poisoned by a preventable accident. This crude form of exploitation manifested itself in this case in a mine in Erzincan, but disasters like this or worse are happening all over the world, every day, every second.

The reason for this is clear: capitalism, in its highest, imperialist stage, is shaping and destroying every corner of the world for its own interests. The perpetrators of the war in Ukraine, the massacre in Gaza, the migrant hunting on the border with Texas and this mining disaster are clear, as is the way to fight it. There is a world to be saved, an order waiting to be destroyed, and the only force that can do this is the internationalist proletariat!

Enternasyonalist Notlar
15 February 2024
Tuesday, February 20, 2024