Inflation, Pensions, War Spiral: Only Open Mass Struggle Can Stop the Descent into Hell Promised by Capitalism

Leaflet distributed by Bilan et Perspectives during protests against pension reform in France.

While for months, proletarians have seen their real wages decrease due to inflation, and after a reform of the unemployment insurance which considerably restricts access to it, reduces the amount and duration of compensation, the government is once again attacking our living and working conditions by moving back the retirement age to 64 and by extending the duration of contribution. Their objective is clear: to reduce pensions!

This attack comes in a context of a major economic crisis, aggravated by the direct and indirect consequences of the war in Ukraine. As a result, all over the world, the bourgeoisie is trying to squeeze the proletariat even more and to make them pay the price of the crisis in order to safeguard its profits.

With this counter-reform, the bourgeoisie is trying not only to save money, but also to strike a blow to the proletariat, to break its willingness to revolt and to reduce it to the state of worker-citizen identifying with the interests of national capital and ready to sacrifice themselves for it.

Comrades, proletarians,

We don't have to show why it is imperative to reject this new attack, nor is it up for us to propose a more just reform. The balance of the budgets of the bourgeois state, the health of the companies or that of the national economy are none of our business! The concessions, rights or advantages obtained in the interest of the workers are determined by the struggle, the balance of power between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie whose interests are radically opposed. Nothing is secured, as long as capitalism lasts, it will try to take back what it was forced to give up. Instead, we must think about organising our fightback!

We can only rely on ourselves. The experiences of past struggles have shown that there is nothing to expect from the union leaderships and their practice of class collaboration. They sabotage struggles by isolating them and organizing harmless days of action, while they negotiate in our name with our class enemy.

  • From tomorrow, let's renew the strike. Let's organize ourselves at the grassroots, let's constitute committees of struggle and let's decide on the follow-up to our movement.
  • Let's organize delegations to extend the fight to other companies and administrations nearby.
  • Let’s regroup, form connections and push forward the discussion. Let's affirm that beyond this important stage of struggle, only a communist perspective can ensure the survival of humanity and life on Earth in the face of the chaos of capitalism.

Only a mass struggle uniting all sectors, breaking with union practices, and defending only our class interests, can push back the bourgeoisie and mark the beginning of an offensive struggle against capitalism.

Bilan et Perspectives
Internationalist Communist Tendency
Monday, March 20, 2023