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  • Platform of the Internationalist Communist Tendency - In English, French, Italian, Farsi and Spanish versions - £1
  • For Communism - An Introduction to the Politics of the Internationalist Communist Tendency - £3
  • Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation - The relationship of party, class and consciousness on the road to proletarian emancipation - £4
  • Capitalism and the Environment - Translated from Prometeo, these articles by Mauro Stefanini were written some time ago but show that our late comrade was ahead of his time in analysing the unsustainability of capitalist production. English version originally published 2011, reprinted 2021 - £2
  • Platform of the Committee of Intesa 1925 - With an introduction explaining the fight of the founders of the Communist Party of Italy against the manoeuvres of Stalinism and the confusions of Gramsci - £3
  • 1921: Beginning of the Counter-Revolution? - Kronstadt, adoption of the NEP, banning of factions, the failure of the March Action in Germany and the adoption of the united front policy, made 1921 a highly significant year in the degeneration of both the Russian and international revolution - £1
  • Spain 1934-9: From Working Class Struggle to Imperialist War - Reprint of key CWO articles long out of print and translations of contemporary documents from the Italian Left in exile - £3
  • Imperialist Barbarism in Palestine: Publications on the War in Palestine, 2023-2024, by the Internationalist Communist Tendency - pamphlet containing all of the ICT's publications in English during the latest round of imperialist barbarism in Palestine, sparked by the October 7th massacres carried out by Hamas against Jewish, Arab, and migrant workers, before becoming a ceaseless barrage by the state of Israel on the dispossessed and proletarian masses in Gaza; all playing out in the period of capitalism's march towards generalized imperialist war, opened in February 2022 with the war in Ukraine. - $3
  • Bordiga Beyond the Myth - The originality and importance of this volume – in a expanded edition including new documents and editorial notes, from the two previous editions: 1971 and 1977 – mainly lies in the documents that throw permanent light on the distinctive development and perspectives of the “Italian Left” over decades (among the most tragic in modern history) in the history of international communism - £5
  • Gramsci between Marxism and Idealism - The present volume is the product of Damen’s considerations on Gramsci’s shortcomings as an analytical and practical Marxist which he evidently wrote over a period of years. The structure is loose because he died before he completed it and the draft chapters were only discovered posthumously and eventually published in 1982 - £7.50
  • Russia: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, 1905-1924 - A View from the Communist Left - The Russian Revolution remains a landmark event in history. For the bourgeois historians, the October Revolution is thought to be a tragedy that set back the achievements of the “democratic” February Revolution, and allowed the Bolsheviks to wreak havoc on their citizens and the world. For the Stalinists, the events of 1917 paved the way for the birth of the USSR, which they point to as a prototypical example of “socialism in one country”. In reality, the February and October Revolutions were both part of the same proletarian revolution - £12
  • Revolutionary Perspectives (Third and Fourth Series) - Journal of the Communist Workers' Organisation - Each copy - £4
  • Aurora - Free bulletin of the Communist Workers' Organisation

Out of Print

  • Trotsky, Trotskyism, Trotskyists - Examines the course of how Trotsky who made such an enormous contribution to revolutionary practice ended up giving his name to a movement which returned to the errors of Social Democracy
  • South Africa's New Turmoil - An analysis of class relations in the period after the fall of apartheid thrown into relief by the strike wave which followed the Marikana massacres
  • The ltalian Left and the Formation of the Communist Party of ltaly - On the origins of the Communist Party of Italy
  • 1917: Party, Class and Soviets in the October Revolution - The Russian Revolution of October 1917 was unique. It was the only time in history when workers themselves took over the running of the state in a conscious attempt to build socialism. The fact that it eventually failed does not diminish its power to inspire
  • The Year 1956 - Articles which our comrades in the Internationalist Communist Party (Battaglia Comunista) published during and after the events in Hungary and Poland in 1956
  • Holocaust and Hiroshima - Examines how the nature of imperialist warfare comes to inflict mass murder on the world through an examination of these seminal events
  • Stalin and Stalinism - The lie that the former USSR was “really existing socialism” remains a potent weapon against the working class. This pamphlet not only examines the origins of the regime that emerged from the defeat of the October Revolution but also explains the motivations of Stalinism
  • Sylvia Pankhurst's Revolutionary Years - Pankhurst’s time in the East End (1912-24) spanned some of the most traumatic years of capitalism’s existence
  • Onorato Damen - A collection of articles by and about Onorato Damen
  • South Africa: Class War not Race War - Selection of articles written over 15 years starting in 1980. These years saw the growth of the political fight against the apartheid regime
  • Socialism or Barbarism - An Introduction to the Politics of the Communist Workers’ Organisation
  • Platform of Factory Groups - In the 1980s the CWO intended to create factory groups which would carry the lessons of past struggles into future ones, oppose the unions, as well as propagandise for communism. Today, adapting to the new composition of the working class, it makes more sense to talk of workplace and territorial groups
  • Internationalist Communist - Central Organ of the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party (1984-2005)
  • Revolutionary Perspectives (First and Second Series) - Journal of the Revolutionary Perspectives group (1974-1975), journal of the Communist Workers’ Organisation (1975-1986)
  • Workers Voice (Second Series) - Paper of the Communist Workers’ Organisation (1980-1995)