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Comrade, the Internationalist Communist Tendency has no other source of support but the donations of members, supporters and subscribers. Help us to strenghten it!


  • The Platform of the Internationalist Communist Tendency - In English, French, Italian, Farsi and Spanish versions. Revised English version - 50 p.
  • For Communism - An Introduction to the Politics of the Internationalist Communist Tendency - £3
  • South Africa's New Turmoil - Marikana and the ANC's Century of Service to Capitalism - £2
  • Spain 1934-9 - From Working Class Struggle to Imperialist War - £3
  • Platform of the Committee of Intesa 1925 - With an introduction explaining the fight of the founders of the Communist party of Italy against the manoeuvres of Stalinism and the confusions of Gramsci - £3
  • Class Consciousness and Revolutionary Organisation - The relationship of party, class and consciousness on the road to proletarian emancipation - £4
  • Trotsky, Trotskyism, Trotskyists - Examines the course of how Trotsky who made such an enormous contribution to revolutionary practice ended up giving his name to a movement which returned to the errors of Social Democracy - £2
  • Revolutionary Perspectives (Third Series) - Numbers 1-63 (Quarterly Magazine of the CWO) are all still available - Each copy - £2

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BM CWO, London, WC1N 3XX, UK - email


  • Italy, Ass. Int. Prometeo - Via Calvairate, 1 - 20136 Milano
  • UK, CWO, BM CWO - London, WC1N 3XX
  • Canada,
  • USA, IWG, P.O . Box 14485, Madison, WI 53708
  • Germany, GIS c/o Rotes Antiquariat - Rungestr. 20 - 10179 Berlin
  • Bilan&Perspectives (produces a quarterly journal of the same name), ABC-LIV, 118-130 Av. J. Jaures, 75171 Paris Cedex 19