May Day 2023: There is no "Right Side" in an Imperialist War, No War but the Class War!


(2023 May Day Statement of the Internationalist Communist Tendency) · The continued existence of capitalism demands an increasingly higher price. Whether through rapidly rising living costs, rising interest rates, collapsing banks, environmental disasters, or on people who are forced to flee for their very survival.

Sweden: The Wildcat Strike on the Commuter Trains Shows the Way Forward


On Monday, April 17, the train drivers on the commuter trains in Stockholm went on a wildcat strike. The strike was already announced on the Saturday before, where it was also announced that it would last until midnight on Wednesday 19 April. The goal of the strike was said to be to keep train guards on the trains, something that the company that runs the commuter trains, MTR, wants to abolish.

Pension Reform in France


The balance sheet below is an initial reflection(1) on the wave of struggles against the pension reform introduced by the government. It may, on first reading, come across as pessimistic. However, while on the one hand only the truth is revolutionary, and that’s what we describe, on the other hand, given the movement’s size and the anger it has demonstrated against the current living conditions...

Gondolkodó Antikvárium: Solidarity Call for Aid


(We reproduce here an appeal from Gondolkodó Antikvárium, an internationalist bookshop and archive in Budapest, which is being evicted from its current premises.) · For comrades, sympathisers, capitalist haters, revolutionaries, proletarians, working class people and those who hate capitalism in general - not from the right! · Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop has been operating for 30 years now in...

The Invisible Slaughter: Study on Work-Related Deaths in France


(Review of Matthieu Lépine's book, L’Hécatombe invisible : Enquête sur les morts au travail, by a CWO sympathiser.) · It is often said by people disconnected from reality in the UK that ‘we are not in a Dickens novel’. The saying in France is that ‘we are not in Zola’s times anymore’.

East Palestine Chemical Disaster: Capitalism Goes Off the Rails


Years of deregulation, decaying transportation infrastructure and increasingly unsafe working conditions led to the conditions that created the East Palestine chemical spill. The means used to clean up the spill initially involved burning the chemicals off. The immediate objective for the company was to get cargo moving on the tracks as fast as possible, and burning is faster than pumping.

The Death of Sheila Seleoane: Another Capitalist Housing Scandal


The tragic death of Sheila Seleoane tells us a lot about modern capitalism. Sheila was a medical secretary who lived alone in a housing association flat. She was an agency worker, so when she died, sometime in 2019, she wasn’t missed at work. In fact the only people who realised something was wrong were her neighbours. One of them recalls being alarmed by the ‘strong smell of death.

Warsaw Ghetto and the Real Cost of Imperialist War


In September 1939 Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany from the West and Stalinist Russia from the East. Warsaw – a city with a large Jewish population which was further swelled by Jewish refugees fleeing or being expelled from other cities and towns – came under the control of the Nazi administration.

No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Miami


(We publish here the founding statement of NWBCW Miami ( You can follow their activities: @MiamiNwbcw ( · Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a clear outgrowth of a decaying economic system, whose ever frequent crises oblige states to seek out scarce profits by going to war. Predictably, the ruling class has mobilized all its media and other propaganda apparatuses to drag workers the whole world over...

Two Comments on Recent Bus Strikes in the UK


A Week on the Buses... · British strikes are very much like British buses. You hang around for ages for one to turn up, then three arrive, you turn away for a minute to sort out your change but when you look up, they’ve all disappeared! · This scenario will have been extremely familiar to bus passengers in the West Midlands over the last week.

No War but the Class War: Statement from NWBCW Chicago


(We publish here the founding statement of NWBCW Chicago ( You can follow their activities: @NWBCWChicago ( · How is this war different from all others? · It has been just over a year since the initiation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and in that time, as always, the highest price has been paid by the working class: sacrificed as cannon fodder, state oversight suffocating worker...

The "Good War" of WWII: Class Struggle


Capitalist society is marked by the fundamental antagonism between two classes: the working class and capitalist class. Often, however, especially in times of crisis, the capitalists’ politicians and pundits make appeals to “social peace” to dupe the workers into falling behind the “national” effort.


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