Unite the Strikes


On the first of February, 2023, over 500,000 workers walked out in what was the biggest strike day for over a decade. On pickets and rallies across the country, teachers, university lecturers, civil servants, and train drivers all made the same calls for better pay, higher staffing, and an end to the looting of public services by the government.

Capitalism's Economic Foundations (Part II)


(Part I ( – Part II ( – Part III ( – Part IV ( · As explained in our previous issue ( we have decided to re-issue a serialised and updated version of an article which appeared almost 50 years ago in only the second edition of the first series of Revolutionary Perspectives, when the group that was to become the CWO was setting out its Marxist political analysis.

One Year Since the Invasion of Ukraine: On the Road to World War Three?


(Statement of the Internationalist Communist Tendency.) · One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, nothing has happened to in any way change our view that this is more than a war over Ukraine. It is the next step in the growing imperialist rivalry for economic control of the resources of the planet which capitalist production has so degraded over the last two centuries.

Syndicalism: Then and Now

The period between the 1830s and the 1880s saw the working class arrive on the historical stage as a class-for-itself properly speaking. This was the era when workers began to successfully form the first political parties and trade unions; this is when the First International was founded in an attempt to unite the political and the economic struggles of the working class.

There is No Such Thing as a "Natural" Disaster in a Capitalist World


The declaration above may sound paradoxical and a product of ideological fanaticism, but it is now a self-evident truth, established by numerous scientific studies which link the disasters that increasingly strike the planet to human activity. It is no accident that many scientists now talk of the Anthropocene, i.e.

The War in Ukraine, the Working Class and the Future International

War is a constant fact of capitalism today. The operation of the capitalist system inevitably leads to the competitive struggle to appropriate the surplus value produced by the world’s working class — in other words an imperialist struggle. As the amount of surplus value relative to existing capital declines, this struggle becomes more violent eventually leading to war.

Inequality is a Symptom - Capitalism is the Disease - Revolution is the Cure


(A comment from a CWO sympathiser.) · According to the recent 2021 census, the UK is no longer a majority Christian country.(1) However, this does not seem to deter our earthly lords and masters from trying to turn scripture into reality. At least those aspects that coincide with the interests of the dominant capitalist class.

Capitalism Takes One More Step Towards Our Extinction

The twenty seventh UN Conference of the Parties (COP 27) was held in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, in November. ‘Parties’ refers to the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a treaty that came into force in 1994. There are now 193. The Egyptians dubbed it “the conference of implementation”.

Cost-of-Living: The Other War on Workers


Since the last issue of Revolutionary Perspectives the political and economic turmoil in the United Kingdom has surprised the rest of the world.(1) It began in late September with the ill-fated ‘mini-budget’ of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng which, by proposing a £45 billion tax cut and spending increases, temporarily crashed the pound, destroyed investor confidence in UK treasury debt, and added a...

Report on NWBCW Paris


The first meeting of the committee took place in December. 30-35 internationalists met and were able to discuss the drive towards generalised war and our possible responses. The meeting was split into two parts. The first dealt with the international situation, and the second asked what the committee could do about the war.

Are They Going Back to Gold to Preserve Money (And the Rouble)?


The survival of capitalism in the imperialist phase brings its own logic. Moscow, for instance, is driven towards pursuing the establishment of parity between the rouble and gold in an attempt to recover the value of the rouble and thus re-establish a more favourable exchange rate with the dollar. The prospect of a monetary system made up of currencies based on states that produce and control...

The Outlook for 2023

(Editorial for Revolutionary Perspectives 21 ( (Series 4).) · There is no point pretending that the prospect for 2023 is anything other than dismal. Inflation has come back to haunt capitalism and wage workers throughout the world are facing sharp cuts in their standard of living, if not outright penury.


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