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Article The Self-Organised Struggle of Liverpool Couriers Highlights the Difficulties of Organising in the 'Gig Economy' Dyjbas (editor) Lun, 2019-12-02 13:54
Forum topic la televisione e il marxismo Gian 1 Sab, 2019-11-30 15:51
Article Every Vote for Labour is a Vote for Capitalism Dyjbas (editor) Ven, 2019-11-29 11:09
Pubblicazione Aurora #2019-11-17 Dyjbas (editor) Mer, 2019-11-27 21:24
Article Sobre la Fundación del Grupo Emancipación Cleishbotham (editor) Mar, 2019-11-26 13:37
Advert Jour fixe am 12.12. ikt (editor) Lun, 2019-11-25 18:31
Pubblicazione Germinal #17 ikt (editor) Lun, 2019-11-25 18:18
Article France: Following the SNCF Mechanics' Struggle, The Fight in the Hospitals Shows the Way Dyjbas (editor) Lun, 2019-11-25 15:14
Article Protestations mondiales: La crise capitaliste implacable exige le renversement du système Cleishbotham (editor) Lun, 2019-11-25 13:36
Article Namelifting: GIS wird GIK ikt (editor) Dom, 2019-11-24 18:36
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Article Perspectives for the Coming Period Dyjbas (editor) Mer, 2019-11-20 18:24
Article L’Ilva, l’acciaio e il capitale webmaster Lun, 2019-11-18 16:57
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Article The Shadow of September 2008 Continues to Lengthen Dyjbas (editor) Ven, 2019-11-08 13:02