Domski on the Polish-Soviet War (1920)


As an appendix to our recent article on the Polish-Soviet War(1), which sees its centenary this year, we present here for the first time in English a “controversial” article by Domski, originally published in Die Rote Fahne (No. 136, 22 July 1920), the paper of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). To understand its significance a brief note on the context is required.

The Disappointed of 1968: Seeking Refuge in Utopia

Communisation theory has attracted many from the fringes of left-communism and anarchism and its positions have even been taken up by groups within the left-communist milieu itself.(1) There is no single platform or manifesto of this school; instead a number of organisations, groups or isolated theoreticians have developed elements of the theory and, of course, there are disagreements between the...

Belarus: Between Imperialist Feuds and Class Movements


(The following is a translation of a piece by our Italian comrades, a follow-up to the two articles we have recently published about the situation in Belarus.(1) Since it was written, a number of developments have occurred. The body of yet another young man was found, 28-year-old Mikita Kraucou from Zhodzina, whose corpse was discovered with marks of beatings in a forest near Minsk after over a...

Bukharin on State Capitalism and Imperialism

CWO Introduction · The latest in our series of translations from the journal Kommunist of 1918 goes under the unpromisingly dry title of “Some Fundamental Concepts of Modern Economics”. This though belies its importance and interest. · As we have noted previously, the contributors to Kommunist came together largely over two issues.

The Lebanon Disaster: A Metaphor for Modern Capitalism


There is now “a state of emergency” in Beirut. No, not to deal with the devastating explosion in its port which left 200 people dead or missing, over 6,000 injured and 300,000 homeless. The “state of emergency” is to protect the political and economic elite from the anger of the Lebanese population who were already on their knees before the explosion on 4 August.

The Battle of Warsaw and the Defeat of the Revolutionary Wave in Europe


August 2020 marks the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw, a turning point in the Polish–Soviet War. The failure of the Red Army to spur on revolution among the Polish and European working class corresponded with the gradual closure of one chapter in the development of the revolutionary wave in Europe, and the opening of another: that of the reintegration of Soviet Russia into the imperialist world...

Workers' Strikes in Iran: A New Wave of Struggle


In December 2018 we wrote an an article entitled Workers' Strikes in Iran: This Time it is Different ( (1) about the end of the magnificent strikes and demonstrations of the Haft Tapeh(2) sugarcane factory workers. The promises which were made to the workers then were once again broken, and when they had not been paid since March 2020 they resumed their strike on 15 June.

Strikes in Belarus Escalate as Lukashenko's Power Wavers


Recently we have written about the background and escalation of the current opposition movement in Belarus(1), but in the days that followed the situation has already changed by quite a bit – with various developments in the struggle against Lukashenko’s regime. Particularly interesting are the news on the industrial action front.

Covid Crisis or Capitalist Crisis


(Revolutionary Perspectives 16 Editorial) · Our last issue (January 2020) included the perspectives agreed by the CWO Annual General Meeting in November. ( We repeated in them our long-standing position that capitalism has basically been in a crisis of accumulation since the 1970s but that this crisis was now accelerating.

Some Clarifications on Roberts' Idea of the Falling Rate of Profit


(Roberts (in tandem with the likes of Carchedi and Maito) frequently makes decent critiques of the existing trends in the capitalist crisis. However, despite criticising others on the capitalist left for their neo-Keynesianism, he offers little more than the suggestion that nationalisation would solve capital’s problems. The brief article here reveals a fairly fundamental error.

"Class Power on Zero-Hours": Learning the Hard Way?

(A review of the recently published book by the Angry Workers of the World "Class Power on Zero-Hours" published by PM Press.) · Introduction · On the back cover of Class Power on Zero-Hours, the Angry Workers of the World (AWW), a group based in West London, and heavily influenced by operaismo and syndicalism, make the bold claim that “it is essential reading for anyone who is grappling with the...

Winds of Change in Belarus: Neither Dictatorship Nor Democracy Offer Anything for the Working Class


Alexander Lukashenko(1) has been President of Belarus uninterrupted since 1994; in those 26 years of rule, only his first victorious election was declared by observers as “fair and lawful”. Each and every election since then has been tampered with and falsified in Lukashenko’s favour. No surprise then that he has managed to keep an iron grip on his power in a country which has often been referred...


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