The Line of Conduct of the Revolutionary Party

From the outline of a motion presented by the Executive Committee in the National Congress of the Partito Comunista Internazionalista, 5-6 January 1958

The strategy, entrusted today in the history of the revolutionary vanguard, does not consist in the futile game of discriminating between imperialist powers in struggle. It does not consist in aiding or "taking sides" among the new forces most recently breaking on the scene of capitalism.

This would not allow us to take a step forward neither to the ideas nor to the forces of the revolution, but would end up favouring, even theoretically, any one of the contending forces thus reinforcing imperialism on the whole.

The problem consists rather in working from the perspective of a concrete class-based initiative of the revolutionary international proletariat, that will bring even the struggles of peoples of colour onto a class terrain, keeping in mind the admonishment of Lenin that:

if the bourgeoisie of the oppressed nation stands for its own bourgeois nationalism, we stand against them.