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Revolutionary Perspectives #10

Spring 1998 (Series 3)

Akers McNulty Strike Shows Whose Side Union Are On
Attacks on Students
One Hundred and Fifty Years of Class Struggle
The German Communist Left (Part IV): The Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands
In the Firing Line
Imperialist Games in the Gulf
Another Episode in the Global Imperialist Struggle
Imperialism's New Great Game

Revolutionary Perspectives #9

Winter 1997 (Series 3)

Labour Steps Up Attacks
SE Asia: Harbringer of Future
Ireland and Britain
South Africa: Bitter Lessons of National Liberation
Middle East Shapes Up for New Conflicts; Barbarism in Algeria
Parliamentarism and Communism (Part II): The Struggle Inside Social Democracy Before World War One
The German Communist Left (Part III): The German November Revolution
USA 1943-44: Strikes Against Second World War
Life of the Organisation: Defending the October Revolution
Epitaph for a Comrade

Revolutionary Perspectives #8

Summer 1997 (Series 3)

Nation or Class
Five Years Hard Labour
Why UPS Strike Was No Victory
Asian Tigers Reel Before the Power of Global FInance Capital
Middle East War Process Continues
The October Revolution and the Working Class Today
The German Communist Left (Part II): Breaking from German Social Democracy in the First World War
Readers' Letters: Appeal for Indian Workers

Revolutionary Perspectives #7

Summer 1997 (Series 3)

Labour: Victory for Capitalism
Labour Attacks Council Workers
Theses on Organisation
VI Congress of the Internationalist Communist Party
1st May – A Balance Sheet
Growing Poverty in the USA
Murder of the MRTA Guerillas
Italian Imperialism in Albania
US Imperialism in Afghanistan
Sordid Reality in Palestine
Against Work or Against Wage Labour

Revolutionary Perspectives #6

Spring 1997 (Series 3)

Capitalism in the Mire
Is International Class Struggle on the Increase?
Vote Labour? 50% of Bosses Can't Be Wrong
Parliamentarism and Communism (Part I): The Revolutionary Ideas of Marx and Engels
The German Communist Left (Part I): Social Democracy
China After Deng
The Great Power Struggle in Central Africa
Racism and Communism

Revolutionary Perspectives #5

Winter 1996 (Series 3)

CWO Annual General Meeting
Perspectives of the Communist Workers' Organisation
Labour, Tories and Attacks on the Working Class
BT and Monopoly Capitalism
The WTO and Imperialism
Sects, Lies and the ICC's Lost Perspectives
Once More on the French Strikes
Revolutionaries and Ireland

Revolutionary Perspectives #4

Autumn 1996 (Series 3)

Welfare State and Capitalist Crisis
Unemployment – Inevitable Curse of Capitalism
Labouring for Capitalism
Imperialism: The Thieves Fall Out
Middle East Peace Process Death Toll Mounts
Ireland: The National Question Can Only Be Answered by the Working Class
Our "Leninism" and Theirs
Racism, Sexism and Communism
Readers' Letter

Revolutionary Perspectives #3

Summer 1996 (Series 3)

Capitalism's Crisis and Disasters
The Difficult Path to the Revival of Working Class Struggle
Germany, the Crisis Bites... Workers Pay the Costs
Middle East: If This is Peace Who Needs War!
Russia: Another Case of Capitalist Barbarism
Spain 1936: Leftist Legend and Workers' Reality
Elections Against Workers
Italy: The Left in Power
Readers' Letters


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