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Revolutionary Perspectives #34

Winter 2005 (Series 3)

US Election – Four More Years of the Same
Iraq: War, Elections and Class Struggle
Middle East: New Palestinian President, Old Problems Remain
China: Growing Economy, Growing Tensions
Ukraine: A Case of Imperialist Confrontation
"A Majestic Prologue" – The Russian Revolution of 1905
Gruppe Internationaler SozialistInnen Berlin Meeting
Correspondence: Communist Consciousness and Democracy
Tsunami: The Disaster is Capitalism

Revolutionary Perspectives #33

Autumn 2004 (Series 3)

European Social Forum – How do we Fight Capitalism?
Sudan: Genocide Today, Oil Tomorrow
Iraq: US Strategy in Tatters
Saudi Arabia About to Explode
Beslan: Another Episode of the Great Game
Class Struggle
Towards a German Section of the IBRP
A Built-in Failure: Capitalism and the Housing Question
The Matteotti Murder and Oil
Review: Fahrenheit 9/11

Revolutionary Perspectives #32

Summer 2004 (Series 3)

Class Struggle in Britain
IBRP Statement: Terrorism is a Weapon of Imperialist War
Terrorism, Imperialism and the Working Class
The USA and Islamic Terrorism
Quagmire in Iraq
Iranian Elections: The Hopelessness of Reform and the Capitalist Nature of the Islamic Republic
Israel: Sharon Rips Up the Road Map
No Solution to the Crisis in 2004
The Conecept of Decadence
EU Imperialism

Revolutionary Perspectives #31

Spring 2004 (Series 3)

Editorial: Middle East
Strikes in Britain – The Spectre of Class Struggle
Strike in Italy – First Sign of a Revival
Rail Strike in Austria
Africa: Showcase of... Capitalist Decline
Under the Banners of Imperialism – The Anti-Globalisation Movement at Cancun
Parmalat: Same Comedy of Errors
University Top-Up Fees: Labour Shows its Class
RESPECT Unity Coalition – More Bourgeois Politics
Hutton and the BBC

Revolutionary Perspectives #30

Autumn 2003 (Series 3)

Iraq: US Imperialism Bogged Down
Iraq: The Hutton Enquiry
Middle East: Workers Begin to Act
The Spectre of Class Struggle
Trades' Unions and Left-Wing Leaders
Review: Toynbee's Hard Work
US: Claims of Recovery While Dollar Slides
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part X): Towards the World Proletarian Party
Class and Education – The Preservation of Inequality
A Hot Autumn for Pensions

Revolutionary Perspectives #29

Summer 2003 (Series 3)

Iraq: War and Imperialist Occupation
Galloway and Luxemburg
The Road Map – Yet Another Peace Plan for the Middle East
September 11 – Green Light for State Terror
Firefighters' Strike – A Postmortum
Pensions and Social Benefits Under Attack
The Euro, Britain and US Imperialism
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part IX): The Idealism of Bordigism
On Class Composition and Recomposition in the Globalisation of Capital (Part II)

Revolutionary Perspectives #25

Spring 2002 (Series 3)

Fascism Reinforces Democratic Illusions
Palestine: Nationalism Against the Working Class
Palestine: Leaflet
Post Office Workers Fight Back
Italian General Strike
Council Housing: Are Reports of its Death Exaggerated?
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part V): Luxemburg and Lenin
The Agonising Death of Little Steel
Zimbabwe Crisis and Western Imperialism
Venezuela: The Chávez Con
Afghanistan: US Imperialism Advances

Revolutionary Perspectives #24

Winter 2001 (Series 3)

Editorial: War, Crisis, Class Struggle
Argentina: From Miracle Economy to Bankruptcy
IBRP Statement: Crisis and Economic Liberalism Have Brought Argentina to its Knees, The Proletariat Raises its Head
The Meaning of the Uprising
Argentina: Letter
Post Office Workers Fight Back
Railworkers Must Defend their Interests
Sterling, the Euroe or the Dollar: All Mean Attacks on the Class
The Euro is Here, but it Doesn't Pay Wages
Enron: The Shape of Capitalism Today
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part IV): Social Democracy and Revisionism
Immigrant or Italian: Same Class, Same Struggle
Revolutionaries and the "War on Terrorism"
War and the ICC
The West Bank in Ruins... And so is Israeli Policy

Revolutionary Perspectives #23

Autumn 2001 (Series 3)

Editorial: Capital Causes and Recession
Afghanistan, the War on the Working Class Continues
Imperialism, Oil and US National Interests
The American Recession
SWP, Trotskyism and Allah – A Study in Leftism
Islamism and Capitalism
Call Centres Moving to India
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part III): Marx, Engels and Proletarian Organisation
Railtrack and the Crisis of Capitalism
The Capitalist Pensions Fraud
Ulster: Imperialism's Settlement Lurches Forward
Review: Monbiot's The Captive State

Revolutionary Perspectives #22

Summer 2001 (Series 3)

Editorial: Deepening Crisis Means Sharper Attacks
After Genoa: The Battle Lines are Clearer
After Genoa: A Drift to the Right Prepared by the Left
Before Genoa: Italian Engineering Workers' Strike
Blair's Britain: The Crisis as Before
Riots: Fighting Racism or Fighting Capitalism
American Imperialism's New Arms Race
Ireland: Elections Change Nothing
The International Nature of Argentina's Crisis
Zimbabwe on the Brink
Autism: Capitalism's Cinderella Syndrome
Papering Over the Cracks in Capitalism
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part II): How Working Class Consciousness Develops
Chronicles of the Prehistoric
Obituary: Bertrand Desaulniers

Revolutionary Perspectives #21

Spring 2001 (Series 3)

Editorial: Riots and Recession
Foot and Mouth, a Crisis Caused by Capital
Capitalist Elections Change Nothing
Racism – A Weapon Against the Working Class
Middle East, Still Imperialism's Battleground
Iraq: The Horrific Price of Imperialism
Class Consciousness and Working Class Political Organisation (Part I): Idealism and Bourgeois Materialism
The Balkans: Still the Powder Keg of Europe
Ukrainian Leaflet
Spies over China
USA: Unions Oversee Workers' Defeats
Mexico: A Social Timebomb

Revolutionary Perspectives #20

Winter 2001 (Series 3)

Vauxhall, Another Casualty of the Capitalist Crisis
Post Office – Unions Divide, Bosses Rule
Byker Incinerator: Labour's "Transparency of Government"
The Discrete Tolerance of the Bourgeoisie
Socialist Alliance – A Stale Act in the Capitalist Circus
Review: "Imagine. A Socialist Vision for the 21st Century"
US Election: What Counts in the USA
His Fraudulency, George W. Bush
The Palestinian Proletariat is Spilling Blood for a Bourgeois State
Bolivia: The Rebellion Continues
Russian Leaflet
French Leaflet
New Pamphlet: Trotsky, Trotskyism, Trotskyists

Revolutionary Perspectives #19

Autumn 2000 (Series 3)

Middle East
Yugoslav Elections
Peru and the Decadence of Capitalism
Colombia, the Squandering of the Workers' Movement
Strikes in Los Angeles
Women's March Against Poverty
The German Communist Left (Part VI): A Bitter Harvest – The 1923 March Action
Trivial Pursuit – Wheen's Biography of Marx
Marx and Capitalist Development
OPEC Summit – Imperialist Clashes on the Terrain of Petroleum
Slavery and Child Wage Labour
The British Ruling Class and the Euro
The Petrol Blockade – A Victory for the Bourgeoisie

Revolutionary Perspectives #18

Summer 2000 (Series 3)

Our Anti-Capitalism
Capitalism's Global Crisis Kills
Sierra Leone: British Imperialism, Second Time Around
UN – Peacemakers or Peacefakers?
Zimbabwe: Rival Capitalist Gangs
Middle East – The Mirage of Peace
Vietnam: Last Remnants of "Real Socialism"
The Crisis Gripping Ecuador
Tottenham Election – Disaster for the Left
Northern Ireland: The Anglo-American Charade
"Living" "Marxism" – Leftism in Action

Revolutionary Perspectives #17

Spring 2000 (Series 3)

The Death of Rover
Rover Leaflet
Hypocrisy and Guilt in the EU
The Haider Affair
GIK Leaflet
New Immigration Law
100 Years of Labour
Welfare Blitz
Oil and the New US Economy
US Leaflet
Russian Capitalism Changes the Guard
The Dollarisation of Ecuador
Unions and Struggle: Dispelling Misconceptions

Revolutionary Perspectives #16

Winter 2000 (Series 3)

Capitalism 2000 – Is the End Nigh?
In the Margins of the BT Strike
The Conditions of the Working Class in England: A Modest Addition for the Year 2000
Nationalisation and Privatisation – Twin Pillars of Capitalism
Leaflet: United We Fight
The German Communist Left (Part V): The Second Congress of the KAPD
The Caucasus – Imperialism's New Battleground
The War in Daghestan
The World Trade Organisation in Seattle
Correspondence on the WTO
Correspondence with the ICC: The Electricians' Strikes

Revolutionary Perspectives #15

Autumn 1999 (Series 3)

Is the Class War Over?
Sparks of Hope? The Electricians' Strikes
The Biggest Disaster is Capitalism
Stalemate in Northern Ireland
East Timor – Another Pawn of Imperialism
Barbarism in the Caucasus
The Wages System is Legalised Robbery
Iran From a Revolutionary Perspective
Whither China?
Sylvia Pankhurst: Labour and SWP Falsify History
Capitalism or Communism for Russia (Workers' Dreadnought 1924)
Letters on Rosa Luxemburg's Economics

Revolutionary Perspectives #14

Summer 1999 (Series 3)

Capitalism Means War and Misery
Uneasy Peace Hides New Imperialist Rivalry
Asylum Bill and Crocodile Tears for Kosovan Refugees
Police Brutality in the USA
Trade Wars Continue
Canadian Revolutionaries
London Bombings: Who is the Hidden Enemy?
Yugoslavia: Nationalism Against the Working Class
Another Imperialist War in the Balkans
Why Was Opposition to the War in Yugoslavia so Weak
Global Debt Crisis: Capitalism Offers No Solution
Rotten Food in a Decaying System
Nigeria: Civilian Rule Demanded by US and Europe
South Africa: Bourgeois Democracy at Last
Zimbabwe: Class Struggle Threatens Regime
National Liberation: Half a Century Against the Working Class
Colombia: A Souvenir From Hell

Revolutionary Perspectives #13

Winter 1999 (Series 3)

New Labour, Old Corruption
The Pinochet Affair
Cuba: Forty Years of State Capitalism
Cuba is Capitalist
Cuba: Pawn of Imperialism
Brazil: Speculators' Carnival
After the Venezuelan Elections
The World Capitalist Crisis Deepens
Capitalist Crisis and Globalisation
The Economic Contradictions of the ICC
Iraq: Bombing Us Back to Barbarism
US Attack on Iraq: Leaflet of Los Angeles Workers' Voice
Iran: Twenty Years Since the Fall of the Shah
Death to the Shah or Death to Capitalism?

Revolutionary Perspectives #12

Autumn 1998 (Series 3)

Labour – Sinking the Unsinkable
Globalised Finance Capital vs. The International Proletariat
Russia: No Solution Within Capitalism, Workers Must Shape their own Destiny
Two Texts from Russia
Democratic Republic of the Congo: Natural Paradise Made Capitalist Inferno
The Greatest Robbery in History; Or How the US Government is Looting the Social Security Pension Fund
Parliamentarism and Communism (Part III): Proletarian Democracy and Bourgeois Democracy – The Revolutionary Wave After World War I
US Imperialism on the Move
The Legacy of May '68 and the Course of History – A Brief Response to the ICC
Correspondence with Kamunist Kranti

Revolutionary Perspectives #11

Summer 1998 (Series 3)

Cracks Widen in Capital's Global Economy
Indonesia – An Open Case of the Global Crisis
Kosovo: A Hunting Ground for Nationalism and Imperialism, A Graveyard for the Working Class
New Labour, New Deal, New Attacks on the Working Class
Ireland – A Settlement for Global Capital
In the Firing Line
Israel: US Imperialism's Protégé Reaches 50
The Crisis in Russia: From Bad to Worse
Appeal for a Revolutionary Publishing Project in Russia
Correspondence with Kammunist Kranti
Letter to Class War


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