If you want the sack, wave the bosses flag

Tens of thousands are threatened with job losses due to the planned cutbacks at Rover. This is just part of the bosses attacks as they rearrange production on a worldwide scale. At this moment there are also job losses threatened at Ford, particularly Dagenham, Goodyear tyres in Wolverhampton and throughout the shipbuilding industry.

Many workers marched through Birmingham in April but they were sidetracked by the usual trades union leaders and Labour MP's. Those

wind bags are not on the side of workers fighting for their own interests. The Labour Party and trades unions are part of the problem. Their job is to manage capitalism. That means they have to find ways and means of getting workers to accept everything that is thrown at them. The fact is that capitalism is in deep crisis and however much we put up with job losses, declining health and social services, harder work for lower wages, they're going to be back for more. Workers are going to have to start fighting on their own account for something new and better. That means organising across industry, trade union and national divisions.

Left nationalists against the working class

The rhetoric of Tony Woodley, a “left wing” trades union leader, and the rest of the Labour/trades union bandwagon - including their little helpers in the SWP - has all been about defending “our” British industry against those nasty Germans. The Union Jacks on the Birmingham march were a direct result of that stupidity.

Many marchers were misled into a futile and dangerous blind alley. It's a complete lie that “British capitalism” can survive on its own and an even bigger lie that British firms care more about their workforce than “foreign” ones. Such an exercise can only boost the bosses' belief that workers can still be conned by the old patriotic clap-trap.

The bosses of all countries are thrashing around to screw profits out of workers the world over. The British bosses work hand in glove with their national equivalents elsewhere to restructure industries and destroy welfare provision. They have built special organisations like the WTO and the IMF to help in part of this process.

Workers have no country

Nation states are the bosses structures for building and defending their factories and other institutions by which they make their profits from our labours. No state in the world is any different and the same applies to the newer transnational state bodies like the European Union.

Workers' interests are totally different. We have no interest in making more sacrifices to keep up the profits of the businesses and finance houses which leech off our labour. The national bosses' club - the United Kingdom parliament, the civil service, local governments, the legal system - which Labour and the trades unions help to run, all claim to be democratic but they all exist to defend the system where profits come before everything else. They are there to resist any idea that the majority of us can take over and run things for ourselves.

Workers in Britain, France, Germany, the Far East, South America or anywhere else are being forced backwards by their “own” national ruling classes. Every Union Jack (or English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish banner) on workers' demonstrations is a sign of how we are being divided against each other.

Workers don't own the factories - we have no national interest. Workers of all countries unite!

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